122 Most Prettiest Korean Names Of Girls With Meaning

prettiest korean names

Everyone wants to name their baby a name which represents their region along with a beautiful meaning. If you are in search of a Prettiest Korean Names for your baby girl, you are in the right place. We have researched and collected the most popular Korean female names with meanings which will help you to find a good name for your newborn girl.

Take A Look At Our A To Z Collections Of Korean Baby Girl Names

1. Names Start With ‘A’

prettiest korean names

  1. A-Yeong: It means “Refined”
  2. Ae-Cha: A loving daughter
  3. Ae-Ri: Advantage
  4. Ae-sook
  5. Ae-young
  6. Aera: Aera means Love
  7. Ah-In: Humanness
  8. Ara: It means “beautiful”


2. Names Start With ‘B’

  1. Bada: Ocean
  2. Bae: Inspiration
  3. Baram: It means Wind
  4. Bitna: Shining
  5. Bo-young Bom Springtime
  6. Bon-Hwa: Bon-Hwa means Glorious
  7. Bong: Mythical bird
  8. Byeol: Star


3. Names Start With ‘C’

  1. Chin-Sun: The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything
  2. Choon-Hee: A girl born at the time of spring.
  3. Chun Hei: Justice and grace
  4. Chung Cha: Noble and daughter
  5. Chung-Cha: A righteous and chaste
  6. Cho: Beautiful
  7. Chul: Firmness
  8. Chun-Ae: Righteous love


4. Names Start With ‘D’

prettiest korean names

  1. Doh: It means “Accomplished”
  2. Dong: east
  3. Doo-ri
  4. Du: Head
  5. Da-young
  6. Dae: It means “The great one”
  7. Da: to attain
  8. Da-som


5. Names Start With ‘E’

  1. Eui: Righteousness
  2. Eun: Silver
  3. Eun Ae: Grace with love
  4. Eun Jung: It Means “Grace and affection”
  5. Eun Silver
  6. Eun: Eun means “silver”
  7. Eun-Byul
  8. Eun-Kyung: A graceful gem


6. Names Start With ‘G’

  1. Ga-Yeon
  2. Geun-Hye
  3. Gi: Gi means “Brave one”
  4. Goo: Complete
  5. Gook: Nation
  6. Gyeong: Gyeong means the resected one.
  7. Gyunghui
  8. Gyungmi


7. Names Start With ‘H’

prettiest korean names

  1. Hei Ryung: Means “Grace and brightness”
  2. Hei-Ran: A graceful orchid
  3. Ho: Goodness Lake
  4. Ho-Sook: It means “A clear lake”
  5. Hoe: Garden Tool Used to Loosen Soil
  6. Hwa-Young: It means “A beautiful flower”
  7. Hye: Intelligent
  8. Hyo: It means “One with a filial duty”


8. Names Start With ‘J’

  1. Jee: Jee means to know or the wisdom
  2. Jeong : silent and chaste
  3. Ji: Wisdom
  4. Jae: Respect.
  5. Jin: Jin means jewel truth
  6. Jin Ae: Truth
  7. Joo: Joo means jewel
  8. Jong: Silent


9. Names Start With ‘K’

  1. Ki:Ki means “The One who has Arisen”
  2. Kwan: Strong girl
  3. Kyong: Brightness
  4. Kyung: It Means respect
  5. Kyung Mi: Honored and beauty
  6. Kyung Soon: Honored and mild
  7. Kyung-Hu: Girl in the capital
  8. Kyung-Soon: Honored and gentle


10. Names Start With ‘M’

prettiest korean names

  1. Mee: Mee means Beautiful
  2. Mi Cha: Beautiful daughter
  3. Mi Kyong: Beauty and brightness
  4. Mi Sun: Beauty and goodness
  5. Mi Young: Mi Young means “Everlasting beauty”
  6. Mi-Cha: A beautiful girl
  7. Mi-Hi: Beauty and joy
  8. Mi-Ok: Beautiful pearl


11. Names Start With ‘N’

  1. Na-ra
  2. Na-rae
  3. Na-ri
  4. Na-yeon
  5. Nam South
  6. Nam Kyu: Southern
  7. Nam-jin
  8. Nari: Nari means Lily flower


12. Names Start With ‘O’ And ‘R’

prettiest korean names

  1. Ok-hee
  2. Ok-hwa
  3. Ok-sun
  4. Ri-na
  5. Ryung: Brightness


13. Names Start With ‘S’

  1. Sam: Third in order
  2. Sang: Sang means aways
  3. Sang Hee: Benevolence and pleasure
  4. Seo-Yun: Felicitous
  5. Seung: It means victorious
  6. Shik: planting
  7. Shin: One who Believe
  8. So: So means Smile


14. Names Start With ‘T’ And ‘U’

prettiest korean names

  1. Tae-mi
  2. Tae-seon
  3. Tae-yeon
  4. U Gentle
  5. Uk Sunrise


15. Names Start With ‘W’

  1. Whan: Always growing
  2. Whan: Enlargement
  3. Won
  4. Wook: It meansSunrise
  5. Woon
  6. Woong: Grand and magnificent
  7. Yon: Lotus blossom
  8. Yong: Perpetual and brave


16. Names Start With ‘Y’

prettiest korean names

  1. Yoora Enough silk
  2. Young Valient
  3. Young II: it means “Most prosperous of all”
  4. Young Mi: Prosperity
  5. Young: Valient
  6. Young-Soon: Mild and flowery
  7. Young-hee
  8. Young-ja

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