2024 Presidential Odds At Betfair For Obama Vs Hillary

Obama Vs Hillary
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The presidential race is fast approaching and many political pundits, pollsters and handicappers are trying to get into the Beto O’Rourke ring and bet on the wrong candidate.

They are following the numbers which say that there is a high possibility of a Trump victory in the 2021 Presidential Election.

There are other pollsters who have put the odds at low for the Republican ticket and high for the Democrats one. So why are they so out? Well there is more at work here than meets the eye.

Presidential Odds

Let’s start with the most obvious factor, the popular vote. It is widely accepted that if no one receives a majority of the popular vote then that person doesn’t win the election.

It is highly unlikely that Joe Blum will win the governorship over Maryanne Russow or Eliot Spitzer.

This is why you see the presidential odds taking a dip around every four years when it comes to the popular vote outcome.


Presidential Election Odds 2021 Facts:

Now, let’s discuss why the presidential election odds are what they are and why the media is ignoring Joe Biden’s chances at winning the election.

  • The fact is that media bias is alive and well and fully capable of influencing the American people’s choices.
  • Yes, you read that right. Many of the most respected journalism organs and journals have a liberal slant and they are often quite hostile to conservative thought in this country.
  • Many are openly hostile to Donald trump and his supporters.

This slant against trump has been proven over many weeks with several major publications, including the New York Times.

One of the reasons they have been attacking Trump and his supporters is because they know that the media is in desperate need of content and they will go to any length to get their stories out. The fact is that there are many mainstream reporters who are openly hostile to Donald trump and his supporters and that is perfectly ok as long as they get their stories out.

It is important to understand that there is no bias in these reporting pieces because they are there to report the news. The slant toward left-leaning thinking in the media is not a commentary on any candidate, but rather they are reporting the news as it unfolds. It is amazing that the major publications and journalism organs still cling so tightly to the No-Center Politics philosophy that they would put politics as the lead story on their Presidential Odds Charts. Their reasoning is quite simple: If the presidential election is close then the media must report a win or loss – period. As long as the odds are good for the Democrats they feel no pressure to do anything other than that.

Another interesting point made regarding the presidential election odds is that many of the publications that report these odds have very high standards for their point spreads. They set these standards so that there will be only the most certain types of bets involved and their definition of “certain” does not include the popularly used underdogs. Many of these outlets actually list only the highest rated underdogs in the race, which would include Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, as their top two choices. That is interesting because if you do not know that the likely Democratic candidate is indeed ahead in most of the states that they are leading in, you may as well just pick any old loser, because you will likely lose more points betting on them at betfair. There is also a strange anomaly with the underdogs at betfair – they are listed as the top two choices in the morning line after the final primary results come in, but in reality none of them have been declared the clear favorite.

For example, in the evening, the Miami Herald gave Donald Trump the highest odds in the race, yet in the morning there was still barely any mention of him in the news. In fact there was very little that anyone could write about because he had essentially tied the biggest win of his entire campaign to whether he won the debate in Florida. No matter what you read in the newspapers or what you see on television, the odds makers at all of the sportsbooks tell you that it is almost impossible for either one of them to win in Florida today. So why do they offer such high odds on Trump versus Joe Biden? It seems that the people who write the handicapping reports are not that worried about whether or not either of them can actually win and they would rather keep their exact numbers to themselves.

It is interesting that the Miami Herald and the CBS Evening News offer such unbelievably low odds on a relatively obvious favorite like Hillary Clinton, yet they are more than happy to give her odds of winning the Kentucky Derby. The people at betfair must be doing something really unethical, because if they did it would not be possible for most people to actually win money at betfair. The people who write the sports books are probably taking a much better chance at getting paid when they offer Trump such insane odds, but it is still not right to advertise something this outrageous. Please consider all this and think on it.


2024 Election Odds

Candidate (Party) Odds
Joe Biden (Dem)+388
Kamala Harris (Dem)+388
Donald Trump Sr (GOP)+683
Nikki Haley (GOP)+1167
Mike Pence (GOP)+1467
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Dem)+1950
Jeff Bezos (TBD)+2000
Ivanka Trump (GOP)+2250
Michelle Obama (Dem)+2400
Ron DeSantis (GOP)+2567
Dwayne Johnson (TBD)+2650
Michael Flynn (GOP)+2800
Ted Cruz (GOP)+2950
Pete Buttigieg (Dem)+3000
Elizabeth Warren (Dem)+3200
Tucker Carlson (GOP)+3300
Josh Hawley (GOP)+3550
Cory Booker (Dem)+3575
Ben Carson (GOP)+4000
John Kasich (GOP)+4000
Tom Cotton (GOP)+4250
Donald Trump Jr (GOP)+4667
Mike Pompeo (GOP)+4667
Marco Rubio (GOP)+5000


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