5 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Locks

Locks Can Only Start From Short Hair
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As with any other form of natural hair care, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions floating around making, caring, and maintaining locks.

Believing in these misconceptions can discourage and negatively impact your journey of growing beautiful and healthy locks.

Luckily, this article sets the record straight on some of the most common myths you’ll come across when starting your dreadlock journey.

1. Locks Can Only Start From Short Hair

Most people who love and would like to rock dreadlocks often hold back because they think they have to cut their long hair. This myth crops from the fact that a majority of those who had long dreadlocks initially did the big chop.

However, it’s important to note that this is a choice. Most of them do so because they want to begin their dreadlock journey afresh.

Others cut their hair because it is chemically straightened and can’t lock easily. Therefore, if you have long natural hair and would like to join the dreadlock squad without cutting it, feel free to take the plunge.


2. Only Black People Can Have Dreadlocks

This is a popular one, but like all the others on our list, it’s also not true. While their kinky 4C hair makes it easy for their hair to lock, this doesn’t mean the style is limited to them only.

There are plenty of Asians, Caucasians, Indians, and recently whites who rock locks and look pretty good. If you’ve been holding back because you don’t want to end up being subject to criticism, you now have the green light.


3. Dreadlocks Are Less Work

 Hair Locks

If you’re thinking of joining the dreadlocks gang because it is maintenance-free, then you better stop in your tracks and go back to your regular hair.

Just like any other form of natural hair, dreadlocks call for natural hair care as well. It takes as much commitment to maintain a head full of beautiful, healthy locks as it does to maintain loose natural hair.

If long, beautiful locks are what you are after, then you need to keep them moisturized with a quality moisturizer. This will boost growth and prevent breakage.

You also need to keep your dreadlocks clean by washing them at least once a week and deep-conditioning them. A dirty and oily scalp, as well as locks, will only slow down the growth process.


4. Once You Go The Dreadlocks Way, There Is No Turning Back

Most people will often refrain from going the dreadlocks way because they think locks are permanent. They’ve been told many times that the only way to get rid of dreads is to do the big chop. But luckily, this is a big lie.

Similar to cutting your hair to start your dreadlocks, cutting your hair to get rid of them is also a choice. Even though it’ll take some time to unravel them, there are various techniques you can use to remove your dreads without ever touching clippers.


5. You’ll Be Limited To One Style

If you’re adventurous with your hair and love to change it from time to time, chances are this myth has been holding you back – but it is false. Once your hair becomes fully locked, there is a wide array of styles you can try out, from space buns to bangs and a host of many others.

What’s even better is that nowadays, you can even have box braids braided on your locks! This sounds interesting, right? But if you are still not convinced but would like to dip your feet into the world of locks, faux locs are a great alternative.

The above are just a few of the myths and misconceptions that have been making rounds regarding dreadlocks. Be on the lookout for others, and stay updated on crucial natural hair care tips

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