5 Things You Can Do To Enjoy The Quarantine!

Enjoy The Quarantine
Written by James Smith

So the worlds on fire and everyone is told to stay inside to be safe. For some of us, that’s as great as free spins! Us introverts love that everyone has a legal obligation to keep the hell away. However, for the more well-adjusted members of society, it can be hard to suddenly adjust to this somewhat limited lifestyle.

After all, our house is just a house- not a waterpark, cinema, or zoo (depending on how you categorize your kids). So to help you pass the time, here are five free activities that YOU can do in your home, with nothing other than what you already have at home!”Idle hands are the devils playthings” and all that.

1. Learn An Instrument

Learn An Instrument

This is the only one that will depend on the type of person you are.

If you’re already a music person, you probably already have an instrument that you can play. Some of us, however, just have these random instruments lying around that we dream of eventually playing… if we can ever be bothered to learn how.

Well, now, there’s no excuse! We’re all locked away for weeks on end, so pick up that drum set, or that recorder you’ve had since first grade, or heck- even a toy harmonica and try learning how to play off YouTube!


2. Write A Story

I love writing. That’s why I’m a blogger instead of changing the world.

I’ve always liked creating stories, but I remember the first time I actually created a story I was proud of. It was back in 8th grade. We were given the assignment to write a short story that somehow connected to the prompt, “New Year’s Eve.” I remember how I just sort of started writing and ended up with this murder mystery with cyborgs in the Empire State Building.

I started typing and didn’t stop until the story was over. I’ve only ever recreated that feeling with a few stories since then, but when it’s happened, it’s always created something amazing. Maybe you’ll discover something similar for yourself, eh?


3. Draw / Paint

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, except for your own art because let’s be honest- we all are own worst critics.

Drawing and painting is a skill like any other. It can be learned and improved with practice. Some people will start out more talented than you, absolutely, but everyone can succeed if they really want to.

And learning how to draw or paint for a novice is easier than ever! There are plenty of tutorials online. You don’t even need amazing or expensive art supplies to create something awesome. Check out the YouTube channel “Jazza” if you want to see someone who can create awesome art and sculptures out of literal garbage and junk.


4. Bake Something Tasty

Bake Something Tasty

“Baking is more art than science;” which is only kind of true. Anyway, food is one of the best things ever. It’s literally a necessity to live, and having the ability to pull out a specialized recipe will always impress guests because literally, everyone likes good food.

You don’t even need to pick something incredibly difficult to make. I myself have been spicing up my diet recently by creating some A D V A N C E D omelets. Did you know that you can buy precracked eggs in milk cartons?

Mind. Blown.


5. Develop A Video Game

Yes, you can really do this on your computer. By yourself. For free. You don’t even have to be that much of a programming wizard, depending on how you tackle it. Game engines, like Unity, Unreal, and Godot are available for free to handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Programs like Blender are powerful tools that let you design 3d models- again, for free. Better yet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of assets published online by creators for free! Even on the programming side, thousands of people upload tutorials, resources, and answer questions on forums.

So what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and get creating!

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