702 SW 8th St Charge on Credit Card-Is it Legit?

702 SW 8th St Charge on Credit Card
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Numerous individuals on online forums, Facebook pages and Reddit have reported being charged by 702 SW 8th St on their credit cards.

Are You Seeking Answers on What the 702 SW 8th St Charge Means and Should Do about It?

Here Are Your Solutions:

Read this article carefully as it provides a detailed guide for charging 702 SW 8th St on credit cards. Click through for full articles!

What Is 702 SW 8th St

702 S.W. 8th Street in Bentonville is home to Walmart store located here: 72716-0350.

Walmart is an enormous superstore selling general merchandise and groceries at great prices – providing everything for all your household needs! Walmart is currently the biggest retailer worldwide.

However, our Finclash team discovered that 702 SW 8th St was also home to Sam Clubs which is part of Walmart.

Sam Clubs is an exclusive membership warehouse club offering their members high-quality goods at prices unmatched in today’s retail marketplace.

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702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72716702 SW 8th ST


Walmart’s contact information is listed below:

  • Walmart Address: 702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72716 USA
  • Walmart Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278
  • Walmart Website:
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Why 702 SW 8th St Charge Appearing on My Credit Card

Have you recently made purchases at Walmart or SamClubs located at “702 SW 8th St”, thus creating charges on your credit card statement or bank statement?

But, if you live far from a Walmart store and do not make any purchases there, charges from this retailer might still appear on your credit card statement.

Your issue could be related to something you ordered via Walmart app; its shipping location could have been “702 SW 8th St”.

Is It Scam?

Many users reported receiving charges from “702 SW 8th St” without actually purchasing anything there, yet still seeing charges appear on their credit card statement from that store.

All transactions that do not receive authorization from users constitute scams.

Also, We discovered online reports by people indicating charges ranging from 10 dollars up to 499.45 dollars even without them having made purchases of anything. This amount seems outrageous!


Sam’s Club recently issued a notice regarding a security breach which clearly indicates users’ data was exposed and leaked into public view.

According to reports, your data has been exposed through leakage to third parties – specifically your name, phone numbers, postal code and membership ID were compromised and shared without your knowledge or approval.

So It could be possible that scammers used your data or credit card, and this explains the charge appearing on your statement.

As an aid to you, we have included a notice link at the end of this article for easy reference.

Note that any charges from 702 SW 8th St on your credit card as part of Walmart fraud could only ever be seen as illegal transactions.

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How Can You Deal with 702 SW 8th St Unauthorized Charges?

Report this incident to both your credit card issuer and bank immediately.

If your credit card was charged without authorization and it seems suspiciously high, be sure to notify and question your bank immediately for clarification on what has occurred.

Contact Walmart support immediately upon reporting a credit card issuer for blocking of the card in question and explain their policies before adhering to them.

Guide on “How to Take Care of 702 SW 8th St Charges on Credit Card”:

Here is our Step by Step Guide on How to Take Care of 702 SW 8th St Charges on Credit Card.

1. Review Your Statement:

Review your credit card statement carefully to confirm if the charge is truly unauthoritarian.

Contact Your Card Issuer: As soon as you notice an unauthorized charge on your statement, call the number listed on its back for customer service immediately.

2. Dispute the Charge:

Notify your credit card company of your intent to contest this charge and ensure they know you are disputing it.

3. Monitor Your Account:

While investigation takes place, continue monitoring your credit card account for any additional unapproved charges or transactions that might appear unexpectedly on it.

4. Follow-Up:

Be in regular touch with the credit card company so they can update you on how the dispute is progressing, ensuring a speedy resolution is obtained.

Can I Recover My Money from Fraudulent Charges?

Yes, your money may often be recoverable in cases of fraudulent charges made on your credit card account. Most card issuers have procedures in place that enable them to investigate and resolve such situations quickly and efficiently.

If the charge was indeed illegal, you are due a refund for it.

To improve the likelihood of a satisfactory solution, take quick and decisive action; follow established processes; and communicate openly with your credit card company.


Verify whether or not you’ve purchased anything with Walmart; otherwise report this matter both directly to them and your credit card issuer.

Your credit card issuer can help in such instances, and we have provided an in-depth guide about “702 SW 8th St Credit Card Charge”, so we hope all your doubts have been cleared up.

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