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A Guide To Physical Smartphone Security: Keep Your Phone Safe

Physical Smartphone Security
Written by Editor N4GM

Everyone talks about the internal security of Smartphones, whether it is Android or iOS, there are many security features, apps, password protections, and many more things. But have you ever thought about securing your phone externally?

If you have ever thought or not, then in this article you will know that physically securing your phone is as important as internal security. So through this blog post, you will learn about Physical Smartphone Security.

Why Should You Consider Physical Smartphone Security?

As much care as you take to keep your smartphone’s data safe and protect your phone from viruses or anything else, you should equally protect your phone from any kind of external damage, from getting into the water, or from all kinds of wear and tear.

Your phone’s value remains as good as new in your eyes and the eyes of others as long as you take care of it externally. If your phone dives into the toilet, or maybe it goes for a surprise vacation out of your pocket on the bus.

Now that fancy fingerprint scanner and facial recognition are useless –  because the phone itself is toast. All those photos, messages, and even your banking info?

Stuck on a device that’s more paperweight than a smartphone.  Sure, data security is important, but without the phone itself, those fancy features can’t do their job!

How To Secure Smartphone Physically?

1. Always Careful While Using Your Phone

The most important thing to keep in mind while using your phone is how you use it. If you are not careful while using your phone, it may fall out of your hand or someone may snatch it from your hand and run away, then you will not be able to do anything except regretting after this.

So always remember that whenever you use your phone, hold it carefully in your hand and be careful so that you do not have to regret it later and your phone remains safe.

2. Use Case

Imagine your phone is like your favorite outfit – you want to keep it looking sharp and protect it from the unexpected. That’s where phone cases come in, like little suits of armor!

They don’t just give your phone a cool new look, they can seriously boost its toughness by a few notches. Think of it this way: clumsy fumble?

Case saves the day.  Surprise rain shower? Case to the rescue!  A good phone case is your phone’s best friend.

3. Tempered Glass Or Screen Protector

Call it tempered glass or screen protector, always remember that it is the most important thing for your smartphone, it protects the most important thing of the phone, the display.

This is a protector of a glass layer that sticks to your mobile display so that whatever impact occurs if your phone falls or hits something, this tempered glass takes it upon itself.

But even after this, you need to be careful while using the phone because it can protect your phone only to some extent and cannot withstand any major impact.

4. Do Not Sleep With It

In today’s time, the number of people is such that they do not leave their phones at any time, whether it is night or day.

But you should not do this and especially when you sleep, you should keep your phone away from you and in a good place.

When you keep your phone close to you while sleeping, then after sleeping you do not know when you are above the phone or when the phone is below you.

When there is pressure on the phone, there are chances of it getting damaged like the display getting damaged, the screen going completely black, the phone getting bent, or the touch controls getting damaged, etc.

So always remember that you should also sleep peacefully and keep your phone away and let him feel a little peaceful.

5. Keep It Away From Water

Even though in today’s time many good smartphones have started coming with better security and some even provide complete protection from water, still you should keep your phone away from water.

As you know water is the biggest enemy of any electronic thing and within a few moments, it destroys any electronic structure.

If this water enters inside your phone for any reason, it can cause many different types of damage such as display damage, charging port damage, sensors getting damaged, camera shutting down, or the phone becoming completely dead, etc.

So from now on, whenever you get wet in the rain or while swimming, do not keep your phone with you, this will keep it safe.

6. Keep It Away From Dust

Consider your phone to be a new high-end watch. You wouldn’t just leave it in a dusty toolbox, right?  The same goes for your phone! 

Those little dust particles may appear harmless, but they can get into your phone’s nooks and crannies, causing serious problems. They can interfere with your charging port, making it difficult to charge your phone. 

Worse, they can scratch your stunning screen, transforming it into a spiderweb of tiny lines.  So, keep your phone away from dust bunnies and treat it like the valuable technology treasure it is!


Just as we wouldn’t leave our valuables lying about, protecting our phones from physical damage is critical.

A shattered screen or water damage can render all of the fancy security safeguards worthless, trapping your valuable images, messages, and information in an unusable gadget.

By using a case, keeping it free from dust and water, and simply being cautious when handling it, you may avoid unintentional harm and keep your phone healthy and accessible for years to come.

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