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A Short Guide to Audio and Video Transcription

Audio And Video Transcription

Converting speech from audio and video files into text offers tremendous benefits for SEO. Search engines cannot index a video. However, that’s not the case for transcripts. 

All About Audio and Video Transcription

Transcription adds time stamps for easy video content navigation. Furthermore, it allows users to access and engage with your content in noisy environments where listening is inconvenient. You can transcribe audio and videos by yourself or hire transcription agencies. The second option saves time and money while guaranteeing top quality.

Characteristics of a Good Transcript

There are several things a transcriber cannot ignore. Overlooking them is a catastrophe that compromises quality. It defeats the very goal of transcription. To ensure a quality transcript, check these points:

  • Make sure the transcript is at least 99% accurate.
  • Identify the speakers so that readers know who is speaking.
  • Write a clear transcript. You achieve clarity through correct punctuation and spelling. Remember to capture the non-speech sounds in the transcript if necessary.
  • Your content should be as close to verbatim as possible. If you want to focus on readability, you may omit false starts, stutters, filler words, etc.

How Do You Produce a Good Transcript?

Audio And Video Transcription

Producing a transcript that meets industry standards requires the right moves. Here are a few things to start you off:

  • Assemble the right tools

Transcription requires adequate preparation and the right tools. Being ready will save you time and energy throughout the process. By assembling what you need in advance, you will reduce distractions that undermine your transcript’s quality.

Invest in good noise-canceling headphones, a foot pedal, and a comfortable desk and chair. Also, ensure that you have a good media player and text editor.

  • Determine the type of transcription

Transcription is broad-based and multidisciplinary. Each field has its inclusion and formatting rules. Understanding this in advance will ensure that you do the right thing. Determine if the transcription needs to be in full or clean verbatim. 

  • Approximate the total transcription time

Working with a timeline is vital when transcribing audio and video files. It will keep you focused on the goal. The timeline you set depends on the file’s complexity and your expertise level

Step-By-Step Guide to Transcribing Audio and Videos

Essentially, producing a transcript isn’t a complicated process. You just need to play a file and type out what you hear. However, you can approach the job in a smarter way. Here’s how:

  • Listen to the entire audio or video: Doing so will help you to identify the speakers and understand the flow of the conversation. Listening provides context and clarity before you start transcribing.
  • Create the first draft: This is the start of the transcription process. Play the audio or video file and type what you hear without minding the spelling or missing words. You will fix your work during the second round. Abbreviations and shortcuts will speed up the typing process and save you a lot of time.
  • Proofread and edit the draft: Play the audio or video file as you read the draft while polishing it up. Include missing words and correct the mishears. Attribute the speech to the right speakers.
  • Format the transcript correctly: Break the text into paragraphs for readability. Here, you may include time stamps for every new speaker or according to set intervals. 
  • Produce the final transcript and conclude the process: Listen to the audio or video file again while reading the transcript. Confirm the document is accurate and save your work.

The Takeaway

Transcription is essential for users to understand audio and video files better. It boosts the SEO aspects of your content, increases engagement, and drives inclusivity. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Hire one of the top agencies in the market by clicking

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