Add Fun with Snapchat AR Lenses On Google Chrome: The Future Of Video Conferencing

Snapchat AR Lenses On Google Chrome
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Say goodbye to boring video calls with awkward silences and bland backgrounds! Google Chrome and Snapchat have partnered to change the game.

This wonderful collaboration adds Snapchat’s well-known AR Lenses to Chrome video conversations, bringing fun and creativity to virtual meetings.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about utilizing Snapchat AR Lenses on Google Chrome. We’ll explain how they work, how they may add excitement to your video conversations, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to utilize them.

Snapchat AR Lenses

Ever heard of Snapchat? It’s a super popular app where people share photos and videos, but the coolest part is their silly filters! These filters, also called lenses, use your phone’s camera to add fun stuff to your pictures and videos.

Imagine turning yourself into a puppy for a laugh, or wearing virtual sunglasses that aren’t even real! Some lenses can even make it look like you’re having a party with dancing flames.

Snapchat AR Lenses On Google Chrome: How It Works?

Until now, those funny Snapchat filters were only meant for playing on the app. But here’s the fun part: this new Chrome Thing (called an extension) lets you use those same silly filters during video calls on your computer! Now you can spice up your chats with friends and family, no phone needed.

Let’s see how it works:

  • Get the Snapchat Camera Extension: First, you’ll need a Chrome plugin called “Snapchat Camera.” Simply search for it in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your browser.
  • Use your Snapchat account to log in: Once installed, launch the extension and log in using your regular Snapchat account. This connects it to your Snapchat, allowing you to use all the fun lenses.
  • Turn on the Snapchat Camera within the video-conferencing application: Open your favorite video call app (like Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams). Find your camera options and select “Snapchat Camera” as your new video source.
  • Select the filter: You’ll now see your live video feed with a number of interesting AR lenses to choose from. Pick the one that makes you laugh the most!

Future Of Video Conferencing

Forget just staring at faces on a screen – video calls are about to get way more interesting! This Snapchat and Chrome team-up with AR lenses is just the first step, and here’s why it’s gonna be awesome:

  • Increased Interactivity: Video calls are gonna feel like playing a game. Imagine using AR to draw on whiteboards together, virtually toss ideas around the table, or even play some quick mini-games during breaks – all while on a call.
  • Virtual Workspaces: AR could create virtual workspaces where you can see and interact with 3D objects.  Imagine a conference call where everyone’s looking at the same 3D model of a new product design, or architects using AR to virtually walk through a building they’re designing – all from their home offices.
  • Improved Connectivity: Sometimes words just don’t cut it. AR lenses could allow you to add visual effects to explain your ideas in a way that’s way cooler than a boring presentation. Imagine showing a 3D model of a new marketing campaign or using AR to draw out a complex problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Better Accessibility: AR can even help people who speak different languages communicate better. Imagine real-time translation lenses that automatically subtitle your conversation, making video calls truly global.

Benefits Of Using AR Lenses In Video Conference

1. Increase Fun & Engagement

  • Ditch the awkward silence! Throw on some silly AR sunglasses or a funny hat to lighten the mood and spark conversation.
  • Make presentations more interactive! Use AR to highlight key points with visuals or even create a mini-game to keep everyone focused.

2. Breathe Life Into Remote Work

  • Overcome the limitations of video calls! AR could create virtual workspaces where you can interact with 3D objects like colleagues in the same room (even if you’re miles apart!).
  • Boost creativity! Imagine brainstorming sessions where you can virtually toss ideas around the table or explore 3D prototypes together.

3. Improve Interaction & Teamwork

  • Break down language barriers! Imagine real-time translation lenses that translate conversations on the fly, fostering better communication across borders.
  • Visualize ideas like never before! Use AR to share 3D models, virtual whiteboards, or even collaboratively sketch out ideas in real-time.

4. Increase The Accessibility Of Video Calls

  • AR can be a powerful tool for inclusivity. Imagine using lenses with real-time audio captions to help people who are hard of hearing or those who speak different languages.

Privacy & Security Concerns

AR lenses used in video conferencing offer new opportunities for fun applications, but also potentially related privacy and security concerns.

There are several things to consider:

1. Privacy

  • Data Being Collected: AR lenses can capture information about your facial features, the environment around you, and possibly even your emotions. Make sure you understand what data is being collected and what it will be used for.
  • Accidental Exposure: The possibility of sensitive information being leaked through the background of your video chat accidentally becomes apparent when using AR filters on public video conversations.

2. Security

  • Hacking Vulnerability: As the AR tech is in a very nascent stage, it is open for a possibility for a hacker to break into your video feed or hack the lenses themselves.
  • Phishing Attacks: When fake AR lens extensions come out, they might try to phish for your login details or personal data.

How To Stay Safe While Video Conferencing?

  • Use official extensions: Only download AR lens extensions from trusted sources, like the official Chrome Web Store.
  • Review permissions: Carefully review the permissions requested by AR lens extensions before granting them access to your webcam or microphone.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Consider your background and what might be visible during a video call before using AR lenses.
  • Stay informed: Keep yourself updated on potential security risks and best practices for using AR lenses.

Tips For Using Snapchat AR Lenses In Professional Settings

Sure, Snapchat’s AR lenses are a blast, but video calls for work are a different story. Here’s how to strike the right balance and keep things professional:

  • Pick Professional lenses: Pick lenses that are more subtle and work-appropriate. Think fun glasses or a light touch of color, not a full-on dragon mask (unless you’re a party planner, maybe).
  • Test:  Before your big meeting, take a moment to play around with the lens and see how it looks. Make sure it doesn’t glitch out or turn you into a blurry mess.
  • Less is More:  AR lenses are like sprinkles on a cupcake – a little goes a long way. Don’t go overboard; you want to enhance the call, not distract everyone with your ever-changing virtual headwear.
  • Read the room (virtually):  Consider who you’re meeting with. Some clients or colleagues might not be huge fans of virtual butterflies flitting around your head. Use your best judgment and keep it classy.


Snapchat AR Lenses are adding a new dimension of fun and creativity to video chatting. Using these glasses, you may make your video calls more interesting and pleasurable.

As AR technology advances, we may expect even more exciting developments in how we communicate online. So, the next time you’re in a video conversation, why not try a Snapchat AR Lens and see how it affects the experience?

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