Top 4 Add-Ons to Assist with PvE Dungeons

Top 4 Add-Ons to Assist with PvE Dungeons
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It won’t be an understatement to say that WoW wouldn’t be what it is now but for its PvE aspects.

The player versus environment part of its gameplay has been attracting numerous ambitious fans who can’t resist the challenge of conquering yet another location.

And, of course, it’s part and parcel of many players’ favorite entertainment in World of Warcraft, dungeons. That’s why improving this aspect is a must aside from ordering a WoW boost service.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing four brilliant add-ons to augment your PvE performance no matter your skill.

1. Exorsus Raid Tools

Not exactly dedicated to PvE as such, Exorsus Raid Tools is arguably one of the most-famed WoW add-ons, and for a good reason. For starters, it’s an insanely complex tool that covers nearly every aspect of raiding and dungeon encounters.

It is a full-fledged raid manager in itself, but it’s also intuitive enough to save you time and effort. To put it simply, look no further if you need an all-in-one solution to help you stay in control.

Here are some of its highlights:

This add-on will rightfully inform your decisions based on your band’s makeup. It offers endless useful information regarding band cooldowns and available skills, all within fully customizable frameworks. It also keeps meticulously detailed fight logs so you can revisit your combat encounters.

Raid Inspect is the perfect tool for making sure your team is ready to do some damage while fighting off enemies. It keeps you informed of each player’s equipment, including pieces that aren’t optimized or don’t meet the average level for the party, specialization, talents, glyphs, and much more. Additionally, you can use the Raid Check functionality to make sure your colleagues are carrying all the required resources.

Indeed, Exorcus’s features are nearly infinite. Add the extremely flexible interface that enables you to make notes, and you get a great in-depth PvE tool.


2. MaxCam

Unsophisticated as it might sound, especially when compared to the mega add-on above, MaxCam is an essential little tool not to be missed. As the name promptly suggests, what it does is change the maximum camera distance. Benefits?

You can enjoy a much wider, revealing view to never miss a stealth attack due to limited vision. It makes keeping track of what’s going on a lot easier.


3. OmniCC

Another dedicated solution on the list, OmniCC is a clever add-on that will add extra clarity to your PvE encounters. When installed, it adds little cooldown timers to every item subject to cooldown.

This way, you’ll always know how soon this or that spell or ability will be available again. Seeing the actual figures has every chance of bringing your planning to a whole new level.


4. Details!

Details! is an advanced yet ridiculously lightweight and easy-to-navigate damage meter.

It won’t consume too much of your CPU’s capacity, but it will store loads of useful heal-and-damage data from your runs, track your party members’ talents and levels, and help your daily PvE enterprises in many more little ways.

The icing on the cake is that the add-on’s API enables you to build custom displays.


Skill + Tools: The Recipe for Success

It might be tempting to dismiss add-ons altogether as unauthentic, but let’s face it: doing something the smart way is usually the best way to do it.

This is not to say you should start gathering an immense add-on collection in hope of automatically improving your PvE performance.

Still, a balanced combination of easy-to-navigate add-ons to meet your needs in fighting the game’s monsters has every chance of helping you along the way as you polish your skill through practice.

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