Adobe Launches Photoshop Web Version To Win The Competetive Market

Adobe Launches Photoshop Web Version
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As you might have been hearing from web designers “You need a powerful laptop or computer for web designing”.

In which your heavy web designing applications like Photoshop, Android Studio, etc. can run easily. But for that, you have to pay a pretty hefty price to buy your laptop or computer.

Adobe Photoshop has launched its new Adobe Photoshop Web Version on 28 September 2023. Which will prove to be very beneficial for the people. However, Adobe will keep the Photoshop web version paid.

Through this post, we will try to explain to you what is going on in the market these days. Why are all the companies preparing to bring their tools online?

Why Did Adobe Launches Web Application?

After the introduction of Chat GPT, new online photo designing websites or tools have come into the market. Which processes the image through artificial intelligence and creates the image of your choice.

Since 2020-21, such websites and tools are contributing at least 40 to 50% in the field of designing and which is continuously increasing. Due to which Adobe Photoshop started incurring significant losses. Because before 2020, Adobe Photoshop was the uncrowned king in the world of designing & editing.

Ultimately, after losing, Adobe Photoshop had to launch its own web tool.

People need the web version of Adobe Photoshop for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most common:

1. Accessibility: 

Photoshop on the web is accessible to anyone with a web browser, regardless of the device they are using. This means that creative professionals can access their Photoshop projects from anywhere, even if they don’t have a powerful desktop computer or laptop.

2. Collaboration:

Photoshop on the web makes it easy to collaborate on Photoshop projects with others. Users can invite others to view and edit their projects, even if they don’t have a Photoshop subscription. This can be helpful for freelancers, remote workers, and teams of creative professionals.

3. Portability: 

Photoshop on the web can be used on any device with a web browser. This means that users can edit their photos on their laptop, tablet, or even their phone. This can be helpful for people who need to edit photos on the go.

4. Ease of use: 

Photoshop on the web has a streamlined user interface that makes it easier to learn and use than the desktop version of Photoshop. This can be helpful for beginners and casual users.

Features Of Photoshop Web:

The web version is available to all paid subscribers of Photoshop, and it includes a number of new features, including:

  • Generative Fill and Generative Expand: These AI-powered tools allow users to expand an image beyond its original dimensions and fill in the edges, or remove objects from an image.
  • Streamlined user interface: The web version has a redesigned layout that makes it easier to find and use the tools you need.
  • Collaboration features: Users can now invite others to collaborate on their Photoshop projects, even if they don’t have a Photoshop subscription.

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