Advantages Of Using Phenolic Duct Board

For making the air channel for the focal cooling framework, the phenolic duct board material is suitable.

The customary air duct for air-sending arrangement focal cooling is made up of a metal or glass steel layer. Warm protection material is also covered outside. External foil winding makes the wind sending duct lighter.

It is difficult to set up, has a poor appearance, and high energy use. The advantages of the phenolic composites duct over the traditional air conduit are numerous. You can also find phenolic boards disadvantages at the link.


1. Protecting Yourself Is Acceptable And Can Significantly Reduce The Heat Loss From Cooling

The phenolic board has an average warm conductivity of 0.0160.036W/m. K, the warmth move coefficient and a glass fiber-built-up plastic air conduit high have many.

The unique associations of phenolic composite air conduits ensure that the ventilation framework provides phenomenal air snugness. You will feel the same warmth.


2. It Sounds Great

The interlayer of aluminum foil composited Phenolic Air conduit has an interconnected permeablephenolic froth board, which is able to present a good presentation of clamour drop. The focal cooling framework is affected by the noise from the cooling unit’s activity in the range of 50 79dB.

Indoor clamour develops when the air supply conduit is cut. The aluminum foil-composited Phenolic air conduit is a good line type of dissipative suppressor. You don’t have to set the suppressor or suppressor elbow until then.

  • Good establishment and less structure load can be achieved by using lighter weight.

Aluminum foil-composited Phenolic air conduit weighs light at 1.4kg/m2. Aroused steel sheet air duct is 0.8mm. The mass thicknesses of the glass fiber-supported plastic air duct (3mm thick) were 7.08 kg/m2 15 20kg/m2.

This can dramatically reduce the structural load and make the air duct installation extremely profitable. A stent is sufficient to support power for most 4 m plans.

The section, hanging parts, and the bearing limit are extremely low. It is helpful to have the establishment and transportation.


3. Extended and Robust Support Life

Glass steel can be easily harmed by stirring steel plates in damp climates. Conventional breeze tube administration lives only 5-10 years.

The customary duct protection layer is rethought to be a protective layer. For example, the life expectancy of the glass fleece is just five years. Aluminum foil composited Phenolic Air conduit can last for 20 years.

This is how aluminum foil can be composited. The phenolic air duct life span is the same as that of ordinary breeze tubes, but it can be used multiple times. Furthermore, customary breeze tubes and phenolic aluminum foil air ducts cannot be reused up to 60% 80 percent.


4. Lower Story

The aluminum foil composited Phenolic conduit does not require on-location protection development. This means that there is no reason to hold development space that could reduce the structure’s height.


5. Can Abbreviate the Development Time Frame

Aluminum foil composited. Phenolic air duct weight is light, introduced than customary breeze tube advantageous. Air conduit lifting, primary holder, the amount is less, basically no apparatus. Simplifying, totally get through the regular cycle, and incredibly abbreviate the development time frame, the scene changes are exceptionally advantageous.

As per an assessment, Aluminum foil composited Phenolic air duct establishment every labourer daily can introduce 20.0 ~ 30.0 m2. While the conventional air duct just 4.0 ~ 5.0 m2/day. The customary breeze tube contrasted and fabricating. Phenolic air duct creation proficiency improves the four ~ multiple times.


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