Alicia Amira self-proclaimed Professional Bimbo Girl

Aalisha Amira
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Alicia Amira is a 34-year-old, self-proclaimed professional bimbo Girl. She was born and raised in North Zealand, Denmark. Now she is living in England And she is a professional bimbo doll. She uses her body to look like a sex doll.

Alicia Amira says – “It’s always been my dream to look like a sex doll.”

sex doll

She’s on a mission to reclaim the world from the word bimbo and destroy the stigma surrounding female sexuality. She said that being a bimbo embraces everything, she has to say that she thinks it is sexy to be a woman – bimbo, Femininity, sexuality, and a porn-like appearance.

About Herself

Alicia Amira has to fuck a doll tattooed under her bum. It’s up to post to be a reality pain, but it will be worth it.


  • She has two dogs with her, She has a boyfriend, Roblake. She used to her bedroom at her office.
  • Amira called her bedroom Pink Jungle Because She designed her bedroom in a pink theme.
  • She’s a woman with large breasts, long blonde hair, artificial nails, big lips, and big hips.
  • She used her Sexuality, to make porn for earning money. She has a lot of fans who make private content.
  • She started her own production company, Where there will be a whole new category of bimbo porn. Right now she is using Redtube take over.

She has to have fucked all tattooed onto her bum. It’s supposed to be really painful but she thinks it would be worth it for her. She is a big digger bum and her Wider hips to get that extreme hourglass figure.

Mission To Reclaim ‘Bimbo’


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Alicia Amira is a woman, who is on a mission to reclaim the word ‘bimbo’ and destroy the stigma surrounding female sexuality. She is a girl power activist and she said that A bimbo is stupid, stupidity, being a bimbo is empowering because you are fighting back against the system that has been demoted and they motivate and sanction women’s lives like me so far long time.


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Alicia wants to change the rumor around sexuality and particular cities and should support women who are working in the sex industry. Alicia was involved in the sex industry when she was 26, recently Barcroft TV Followed Alicia to Los Angeles to meet the woman who is part of her bimbo family.

Alicia met Angel, Rachel, Jasmine, and Alex and took part in the photo shoot for the “Be A Bimbo” clothing line. The girls were inspired by the message she was sending out to the World they discussed the judgment they face daily and the importance of inclusivity When it comes to female sexuality.

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