Alien Object Detected On Android: What It Means & How To Fix It

Alien Object Detected On Android

Having trouble charging your phone? Do you see an “Alien Object Detected” message (or something similar) when you connect the charger, and then the charging stops?

We will talk about this problem completely in this article, so if you want to get rid of this problem then stay on this post till the end.


Your phone’s dead! No worries, it’s not aliens. You plug it in, expecting to see the charging symbol, but instead, you get a weird message:

“Alien object detected.”  Hold on, this isn’t a sci-fi movie! It probably means there’s some dust, water, or gunk stuck in your phone’s charging port or even the charger cable itself.

But don’t panic, we’ll figure out how to fix this “alien object” problem and get your phone charged up again in a flash!

Why Do I See The Error While Charging?

Error “Alien Object or Liquid Detected” when charging your phone has an earthly cause: there may be intruders inside of its charging port! Such intruders could include:

  • Dust Bunnies: Over time, tiny dust particles may clog the charging port and lead to poor connections or error messages in the device.
  • Liquid Invaders: Water, sweat, or other liquids may enter your port through raindrops, spills, or humidity-inducing environments and disrupt charging processes.
  • Cable Problems: At times, the issue might lie within the charger cable itself. If it has frayed or been damaged in some way, improper contact between it and your phone may not occur, leading to error messages.

Can This Error Also Occur Due To Some Software Glitch Or Bug?

Actually, in most cases, this “alien object” error is all about physical stuff like dust bunnies or rogue water droplets. But hey, technology can be quirky sometimes, right?

Here’s the thing: I once faced this problem myself. Cleaned the charging port with a flashlight, and double-checked the cable for any damage – the whole nine yards.

Still, my phone refused to budge! It made me wonder if there could be a software gremlin lurking in the background.

How To Fix?

1. Deep Clean The Charging Port

Daily use can mean dust and gunk loves to hide in those tiny phone holes, especially the charging port. Before you panic, here’s a quick and easy fix you can try yourself!

Think of it like a dust bunny convention in there!  So, the first thing to tackle is cleaning.  Grab a clean, dry cloth and gently give the charging port a good swipe.

If you have one, a blast from the cool setting on a hairdryer can help chase away any lingering moisture. Remember, we want both dust and moisture out of there for a happy charging reunion!

2. Check The Charging Cable

Your charging port has been thoroughly cleaned of any dust, water, or dirt; yet your phone still refuses to charge. What could be going on here?

Next, inspect your USB cable. Frayed or damaged USB cables may prevent proper connectivity between your phone and its charger.

To properly test your USB cable, closely inspect it for signs of damage such as fraying, cuts, or other visible indicators of wear. If there is evidence of fraying or cuts that require replacement of your cable.

Try switching out USB cables to see if that helps solve the issue. If your phone starts charging with one cable and not another, that would indicate the original one was the source of its failure to charge properly.

3. Restart Your Device

Frustrated after cleaning the charging port and trying a different cable? Don’t give up yet! Sometimes, the fix for tech woes can be surprisingly simple.

Just like a good night’s sleep can work wonders for us humans, restarting your phone can often clear up minor glitches and get things back on track.

So, if that pesky “Alien object or liquid detected” message is still haunting you, give your phone a quick restart.

Put it on charge again, and cross your fingers! It might just be the digital magic bullet you need to get your phone juiced up and ready to go.

4. Factory Reset Your Device

Some problems arise in the smartphone due to any glitch or bug or due to some such reasons which are difficult to identify and due to this it becomes equally difficult to resolve them.

So in such times, only one solution is available which proves to be effective to a great extent and that is to factory reset the device.

Hopefully, after doing a factory reset, the charging problem of your device will be completely resolved and with this, you will also get a new look at your device.

 Follow the tips given below to factory reset your Android device:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Navigate to the System or General Management section. (This might vary depending on your device’s model and Android version.)
  • Look for options like Reset, Reset options, or Backup & reset.
  • Tap on Factory data reset or a similar option.
  • You might see a warning about data being erased.
  • Read carefully and confirm if you’re sure you want to proceed.
  • You may be prompted to enter your PIN, pattern, or password to confirm.
  • You might also see an option to erase internal storage. This wipes everything, including downloaded content and apps. Choose based on your needs.
  • Finally, tap on Erase Everything (or similar) to start the reset process.

5. Customer Support

Tried everything and still stuck? Don’t panic! Sometimes tech problems require human assistance and there are skilled technicians out there who can diagnose these complex issues quickly and effectively.

Opening your phone yourself can be risky business. Opening it is like performing intricate surgery on a miniature computer; one wrong move could bring on all kinds of new issues that are hard to control.

Your best option for solving phone issues is visiting a reliable service center, where skilled experts possess all of the tools and know-how needed to quickly diagnose and repair it.

But your odds may be in your favor! In most instances, visiting a service center will resolve the issue up to 99% of the time.

“Alien Object Detected” – Myth Or Reality?

Let’s step away from sci-fi for a second! When your Android phone displays “Alien Object Detected,” don’t take it as an alarm about an alien invasion.

This message is just your device trying to tell you something is affecting its charging process – perhaps dust bunnies or water droplets could be responsible instead!

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