Amazing Things to Do in the USA as a Tourist

Amazing Things to Do in the USA as a Tourist

The United States is huge, meaning that as a tourist, you could spend a lifetime exploring the vast land – and still only scratching the surface. Put simply – there is plenty in the USA that will keep you busy as a tourist.

You might be looking for some outdoor adventure – you could also plan a relaxing getaway to one of the best beaches in the USA – or – you could simply explore places to dive into American history and culture.

If you plan to access the fantastic nightlife in the USA, you will find amazing clubs in philly where you can dance to modern EDM beats or groove to classic soul. You get the point – you are least likely to run out of options in the USA as a tourist.

There are countless things to do and see here. 

Read on to learn more!

1. Enjoy the Vibrant US Cities

Vibrant US Cities

You can visit the most exciting and vibrant US cities for your urban fix. Step out in the exciting lights of New York City – if you are looking for something more picturesque, the hills of San Francisco look like your next destination.

The State’s urban centers are throbbing with energy, diverse restaurants, incredible museums, and so much culture. For instance, if you are into literature and the crucible of revolution, you will want to visit Boston – this city occupies an ineradicable place in American culture and history.

The list of American cities worth visiting is endless – you have Philadelphia, New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago, and many more.

2. Have a Wildlife Adventure

Wildlife Adventure (1)

America is well-known for wildlife in the form of reserves and national parks. For instance, Rocky Mountain Park is a popular destination for sighting wildlife animals, such as moose, bears, and bison.

By visiting Alaska, you are all set to see wildlife nearly everywhere. There are about 60,000 moose in Maine. The Great Smoky Mountains house over 1500 black bears. Go boating in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia to spot real alligators.

The San Juan Islands in Washington is home to countless marine mammal species. In Florida, Alaska, and Massachusetts, you can sight humpback whales. You get the point – if you are into wildlife and want to take pictures of them, you will want to plan your trip accordingly.

3. Go on a Road Trip

Do you know that the US invented the automobile – which means that the USA also created the modern, adventurous road trip? The USA has an exciting network of highways and crisscrosses, allowing countless exploration routes.

You can choose the route according to what you would like to explore. For instance, you could take the car on Route 66 – this highway is one of the most famous roads for road trips that run from Chicago to California.

You might as well want to take the road trip across the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains to trace the historical aspect of the 19th-century migrants. If you are a sucker for beautiful towns and the countryside, you will want to explore the Eastern side of the USA – especially when you are visiting the Stats in autumn.

In the South side of the States, you can drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the captivating scenery of the local American culture.

4. Enjoy a Baseball Match

Baseball Match

For an authentic American experience, you will want to be a part of a baseball game. No – we aren’t asking you to participate in a baseball game – but you will want to watch it with other baseball fans at some legendary ballpark.

By choosing a legendary ballpark, you can enjoy the actual sport experience by enjoying great stadium food, including classic peanuts and other gourmet offerings. The Wrigley Field in Chicago and the Fenway Park in Boston are some of the best legendary ballparks.

You will truly indulge in the baseball experience by enjoying the game’s ambiance. The ambiance will enable you to absorb the history and tradition of this cultural game of the States. You can get scenic views of the baseball game if you visit one of the following parks where baseball matches are held:

  • Petco Park (San Diego)
  • PNC Park (Pittsburgh)
  • Oracle Park (San Francisco)
  • Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles)

5. Climb the Mountains

climb the Mountains

The United States is home to many breathtakingly beautiful mountains, meaning you can admire the view of gorgeous mountains, including the glacier-studded Rockies, the ancient Appalachians, the Cascades, and the Sierra Nevada.

If you are on board for some fantastic picturesque clicks, you simply cannot miss out on the stunning peaks of Alaska. The possibilities of hiking are countless – you could also opt for ascending via the road – depending on the hiking sites that you are interested in.

Nonetheless, suppose you are planning a hiking trip. In that case, you will want to plan thoroughly by wearing appropriate footwear, moisture-wicking apparel, a hat for sun protection, non-perishable food, a portable water bottle, and first aid supplies.

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