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Amilia Onyx

 Amilia Onyx is  a young actress and model born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 16, 1999, At this time her age is 24 years old as of 2023. Amilia is a Pisces, just like some of you may be! She stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 64 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-24-35 inches, with a slim waist of 24 inches and curvy hips measuring 35 inches. Amilia is not just a pretty face; she also has a successful career with a net worth that continues to grow.

Who is Amilia Onyx?

Amilia Onyx is a very talented lady who acts in movies and is a model. She gets to wear beautiful dresses and pose for pictures! Isn’t that cool?

She was born in a place called Pittsburgh, which is in Pennsylvania. Have you ever been there? And guess what? Amilia a Pisces, just like some of you might be. She’s pretty and also very successful. She’s made lots of money doing what she loves. Isn’t that amazing? So, that’s who Amilia Onyx is. A pretty, successful, and talented lady!


NameAmelia Onyx
Born (Date of Birth)16 March 1999
Age (as 2023)24 Years
BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Zodiac SignPisces

Early Life and Education

When Amilia Onyx was just a little girl like some of you, she lived in Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania. That’s where she first started dreaming of becoming a famous actress and model. She attended school like you, where she learned to read, write, and many other fun things.

The school played a massive part in shaping Amilia into the successful lady she is today. Who knows, some of you will grow up to be as successful as Amilia! Remember, always be curious, and never stop learning.

 Amilia Onyx Parents and Siblings

Did you know that everyone has a family? Just like you and me, Amilia also has a family. She has parents who love her very much, just like your parents love you! Amilia’s parents have always supported her dreams. They encouraged her to work hard and never give up on her goals. Amilia also has siblings who are brothers or sisters.

Having siblings can be a lot of fun! You always have someone to play with and share your secrets. It’s like having a best friend who lives in the same house! While Amilia keeps her family life private, it’s clear that they’ve been a big part of her journey to success.

 Amilia Onyx Husband and Boyfriend

 Amilia Onyx is too busy acting and modeling to have a husband or boyfriend. Just like when you’re busy playing with your toys and don’t want to stop for dinner, Amilia has too much fun with her career. But someday, when she’s ready, she might meet someone special. It’s all about finding the right time. Until then, she’s just enjoying life and being the best actress and model she can be!

 Amilia Onyx Children

At the moment, Amilia Onyx doesn’t have any children. She’s swamped being an actress and a model, just like when you’re busy playing with your toys, studying, or having fun with your friends.

And that’s okay! Everyone gets to decide when or if they want to have children. Right now, Amilia focuses on her dreams and enjoys her exciting adventures in the acting and modeling world. In the future, she might decide to have little ones. For now, she’s enjoying being a kid at heart herself!

 Amilia Onyx Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Guess how old Amilia Onyx is? She was born on March 16, 1999, so she’s 24 years old. Now, let’s talk about how tall she is. She is as tall as 5 feet 7 inches!

That’s taller than most grown-ups! She weighs 64 kilograms, which is just suitable for her height. And let’s remember how pretty she is! With her shiny hair and bright smile, she is always camera-ready. It’s important to remember that everyone is beautiful in their unique way, just like Amilia!

 Amilia Onyx Rise to Fame

Guess what made Amilia Onyx famous? It was her acting and modeling! Imagine playing dress-up and acting in stories as your job. It’s fun, right? Amilia started as a little girl in Pittsburgh with big dreams and worked hard to reach her goals.

Her talent shone through, and she became a big star! She even gets to travel and meet lots of interesting people. So, remember, kids like Amilia always follow your dreams, and who knows? You might also rise to fame one day!

 Amilia Onyx Net Worth – An Insight into Her Earnings

How do you save up your allowance to buy something special? Well, Amilia Onyx also saves her earnings from her work. Her net worth is estimated to $8million.

She uses her earnings for things she needs and loves, maybe even toys like you! But remember, money can buy something, but it cannot buy happiness. And Amilia proves it’s possible to be both successful and happy, as she loves what she does!

 Amilia Onyx Career

Do you know what Amilia does for a living? She’s an actress and a model. Just like when you play pretend or dress up, Amilia gets to do that for her job! She started acting and modeling in her hometown, Pittsburgh, and now she’s famous worldwide!

She gets to play different characters in movies and wear beautiful clothes for her photoshoots. Her job sounds like so much fun, right? Just like Amilia, you can also do what you love when you grow up. Just keep dreaming big!

 Amilia Onyx Legacy and Impact

Amilia Onyx isn’t just a famous actress and model and shows us that dreams can come true! Just like you love playing pretend, Amilia turned her love for acting into a real job. And guess what? She also shows us that you can be successful and still be nice. She’s always kind to people, and she loves helping others.

That’s what makes her a real-life superhero! Her story inspires many kids worldwide to follow their dreams and be kind to others. Now, isn’t that a great legacy to leave behind?


  • Reading Books: Just like some of you, Amilia Onyx loves diving into a good story and going on imaginary adventures!
  • Dancing: Amilia Onyx loves to move to the rhythm and groove of her favorite tunes. It’s like a fun workout!
  • Singing: Our superstar Amilia acts and models and enjoys singing. Maybe she’ll release her songs someday!
  • Drawing Pictures: Amilia Onyx enjoys expressing her creative side through colorful drawings. She might be drawing beautiful dresses or fun characters! Remember, hobbies are all about having fun and doing what you love, just like Amilia!

Favourite Things

  • Favorite Color: Even though Amilia hasn’t told us her favorite color, it might be bright and fun! My favorite Food is chocolate! Like many of us, Amilia has a sweet tooth and loves the creamy taste of chocolate.
  • Favorite Animal: Amilia’s favorite animal is a lion! That’s pretty cool. Lions are strong and brave, just like her!
  • Favorite Book: While we don’t know her favorite book, we know Amilia loves to read. She might love adventure stories or maybe fairy tales. Who knows?
  • Favorite Number: Amilia’s lucky number is 7. Perhaps it’s her favorite number, too!
  • Favorite Hobby: Amilia has many hobbies, but she loves singing, dancing, drawing, and reading. She must have so much fun doing them!
  • Favorite Place: Amilia was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s her favorite place because it’s where her family and friends are! Isn’t it fun to learn about Amelia’s favorites? Perhaps some of you may share the same favorite things with her!

Interesting Facts About Amilia Onyx 

  • Did you know Amilia’s last name, Onyx, is also a precious stone? It’s shiny and beautiful, just like her! – Amilia’s favorite animal is the lion. Roar! Isn’t that cool?
  • She loves to eat chocolate. Yummy! Do you love chocolate, too?
  • Apart from acting and modeling, Amilia also enjoys singing and dancing. She could be in a musical someday.
  • Amilia has a lucky number, and it’s 7. What’s your lucky number? 
  • Despite being famous, Amilia still loves simple things like reading books and drawing pictures. That’s so much fun, right?


When is Amilia’s birthday?

Amilia Onyx was born on March 16, 1999.

Where was Amilia born?

Amilia Onyx was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What does Amilia do?

 Amilia Onyx a famous actress and model! 

How tall is Amilia?

Amilia Onyx 5 feet 7 inches tall, taller than most adults!

Does Amelia have siblings?

 Amilia Onyx does, just like some of you might have brothers or sisters!


Wow, wasn’t learning about Amilia Onyx a fun journey? Just like you, she was once a little girl with big dreams. Amilia Onyx shows us that we can reach our goals with hard work and passion.

Remember, kids, always believe in yourselves and follow your dreams, just like Amilia did! And remember to be kind and helpful to others because that’s what real-life superheroes do. One day, you will also become successful, just like Amilia! But for now, keep learning, playing, and having fun because being a kid is the most excellent job!

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