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5+ Annoying Text Subscriptions Free Platforms

Annoying Text Subscriptions Free
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Everybody adores a good prank. A well-executed prank can brighten someone’s day, and what better way to spread the joy than through text messages and annoying text subscriptions for free? Text pranks may pose a challenge in terms of preparation and execution, but the rewards are well worth it.

Pranking is a means of entertaining oneself or others without causing any real harm or lasting damage. It’s all about playful jests and delightful surprises. Pranks frequently serve as conversation starters at social gatherings or as a means of grabbing someone’s attention.

Texting serves as a fantastic mode of communication with friends and family, but occasionally, we yearn for a bit more excitement beyond the usual exchanges. It is where text pranks come into play. These pranks are ideal for those who enjoy playfully teasing their friends and family through text messages. Since everyone carries a phone, you’re in luck—everyone is susceptible to a classic text message prank.

The art of pranking has evolved significantly with the advent of technology. Gone are the days of prank phone calls or fart noise apps. I hate to break it to you, but the old jokes just won’t cut it anymore.

Nowadays, text pranks require a touch of subtlety to catch your target off guard. You don’t need to resort to digitally cloning yourself to become a master of text message pranks. Thanks to smartphones, everything you need is right in your pocket. With just a few seconds of planning, you can become the text message prankster you’ve always aspired to be.

Annoying Text Subscriptions Free Platforms

Pranking friends can be a barrel of laughs, but there’s one particular prank that turns the tables in a mischievously clever way. Ever wondered how to prank a friend and have them receive annoying text subscriptions for free?

It’s quite a playful challenge! By navigating the fine line between humor and annoyance, you can create a memorable prank that leaves your friend both perplexed and entertained. Just remember, while it’s all in good fun, ensure your friend has a good sense of humor and a tolerance for a bit of harmless irritation.

After all, the best pranks are the ones that end with laughter and a good story to share.

1. PrankDial: Eavesdrop on Hilarious Prank Calls with Your Friends


Prank phone calls never seem to lose their charm, and the App Store is teeming with a multitude of prank call apps. However, our top pick for comical phone shenanigans is PrankDial. This app comes pre-loaded with an extensive selection of prank calls, sparing you all the intricate planning.

Peruse the available prank options, input some essential details, and hit the “Go” button! The app will initiate the call using a voice that sounds remarkably authentic. It actively listens for your target’s responses and knows precisely when to deliver the next line from the prank script.

2. The Prank App: Your Go-To for Endless Pranks

The Prank App

The Prank App is your comprehensive solution for all your prankster desires. While not every prank within it might be a guaranteed winner, this app boasts over 10 built-in pranks, with the option to acquire even more through the in-app shop. It’s a one-stop shop for a diverse range of pranks, all conveniently packed into a single app.

Among the assortment of pranks, you’ll find options that compel quick decision-making, noise-making pranks like mimicking razors and whips, and spine-tingling, hair-raising ones designed to send shivers down the spine. Everything you need is neatly bundled into one user-friendly app.

3. FAKE ALL: Create Fake Messenger for WhatsApp or Messenger


Phoney phone calls are still funny, but these days, more folks are texting and messaging rather than making phone calls. Fake All can still pull off a fake phone call that looks almost dead on the real iOS call screen, but I love this app for its ability to recreate text conversations.

Beyond crafting these imaginary dialogues, you can even simulate incoming messages. Compose the content of your message and schedule it for a specific date and time.

Then, when the moment arrives, you’ll receive a convincing notification, complete with the correct icon corresponding to Apple’s iMessage app, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more.

This feature provides you with the perfect exit strategy from awkward conversations or a surefire way to amaze and astonish your friends.

4. Voice Changer: Transform Your Voice for Free!

Voice Changer

This straightforward, no-cost voice changer app empowers anyone to transform their voice effortlessly. Through the app’s integrated recorder, users can capture their voice saying virtually anything and then apply a wide array of filters to give it a unique twist.

With this versatile app, you have the freedom to modify your voice to sound more masculine, more feminine, robotic, higher-pitched, lower-pitched, faster, slower, and beyond. While this app doesn’t boast an extensive feature set, its simplicity is part of its charm. It streamlines the user experience, ensuring ease of use.

Furthermore, it leverages Apple’s Share Sheet functionality, making it a breeze to share your altered voice via various platforms such as iMessage or email. All your recordings are conveniently stored within the app, allowing you to revisit and access them whenever you like.

Prank Sites to Fool Your Friends

5. Blowupthephone


As the name suggests Blowupthephone, could be –

  • To cause a phone to explode. This is a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. It can happen if a phone’s battery overheats or is damaged. But in our case, it means you’re bombarding someone’s phone with prank messages.
  • To call or text someone incessantly. This is a colloquial expression that means to send a lot of messages or calls to someone’s phone, often without their consent.

Blowupthephone works simply but can be fun; just select how many messages and at what frequency the receiver’s phone should receive them! Plus it’s outrageous!

This app gives users the power to block calls and messages from people attempting to play pranks, making it a useful solution for anyone hoping to avoid unwanted surprises.

Unfortunately, it’s only available to mobile phone users in the USA and Canada.

6. SendRandomFacts – Pick a Topic From the List!


SendRandomFacts is a website that enables users to send random facts directly to friends and family as an easy prank tool but can also serve as a useful platform to share interesting and educational facts with one another.

SendRandomFacts offers over 100,000 random facts that cover a range of subjects – guaranteeing something suitable for every taste! As they’re randomly sourced, no two facts will ever be exactly alike!


Did you know the human brain can store up to 2.5 petabytes of information - that's equal to 300 years of HD video!?

SendRandomFacts can be an entertaining way to tease friends and family or share fascinating and informative facts – but use it responsibly; sending too many facts at one time may upset some recipients!

Think About These Factors Prior To Sending Prank Texts

Factors Prior To Sending Prank Texts

Before embarking on a prank texting spree with your friends, it’s essential to consider a few key factors to ensure the experience remains light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone involved:

Know Your Friend’s Reactions

Understand your friends’ personalities and reactions to pranks. What might be funny to one person could be distressing to another. Be mindful of your friends’ sensitivities and preferences, and tailor your pranks accordingly.

Prepare Before the Prank

Planning is crucial when it comes to prank texts. Decide whether you’ll send the text on the same day or have it prepped in advance, especially if your friend doesn’t immediately respond. Well-thought-out pranks are often more effective and less likely to cause unintended consequences.

Avoid Harming Feelings

The goal of pranking is amusement, not hurt feelings. Always consider your friend’s emotions, even if they seem to find your joke amusing. Keep the pranks light-hearted and avoid anything that could genuinely upset or offend someone.

Be Considerate

Consider your friends’ boundaries and preferences when it comes to pranks. If someone has previously expressed discomfort with pranks, it’s important to respect their wishes. Pranks should be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved, so be considerate of your friends’ feelings.


Prank texts should always aim to be enjoyable and entertaining for both the prankster and the recipient. A poorly executed prank can range from being unsettling or unkind to being so unoriginal that it becomes cringeworthy, and everyone has likely experienced such pranks at some point. It’s perfectly fine not to appreciate a prank played on you, but sometimes it’s all in good humor, meant to elicit laughter.

Text-based pranks offer an economical and convenient way to place people in amusingly awkward situations that can result in shared laughter. If prank texts aren’t your cup of tea, we understand. That’s why, here, we offer an annoying text subscription free that allows you to maintain your anonymity during your next prank call session with friends. Feel free to give it a try today!

As always, happy prank texting, fellow prankster!

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