7 Apps For Instagram Story Downloader with Music

Apps For Instagram Story Downloader
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You’ve taken the perfect Instagram Story – great lighting, a sweet filter making everything pop just right, and an awesome song playing in the background. But how do you save that mini-masterpiece to keep enjoying later, music and all?

Turns out it’s tricky to download an Instagram Story complete with its audio, but we’ve got you covered. We tracked down the very best apps that make saving Instagram Stories with music a total breeze.

Get ready to never lose another gem of a Story again. Let’s dive in and get downloading!

Best Apps to Download Instagram Stories on iPhone

Nowadays, Instagram Stories are the fury. The short, vanishing posts let you share moments from your day without clogging your regular feed.

Yet, consider the possibility that you need to save or download an Instagram Story you like.

Fortunately, there are the top 7 convenient apps that let you do precisely that.

1. Storydownloader


This famous app makes downloading Instagram stories a breeze. Simply log in along with your Instagram account, find the story you want to save, and touch the download button. Your video or image will be stored properly in your camera roll. Storydownloader is free to download and use.

2. StorySaver


StorySaver works similarly, allowing you to log in and download any public Instagram Story to your iPhone. It saves the media with all effects, captions and backgrounds intact. The app itself has no ads and is free to use.

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3. FastSave – Save Instagram Stories


FastSave is one of the simplest Instagram Story saver apps. It’s ad-free, free to download and gets the job done quickly. Log in, find the Story you want to download and tap save. Your video, photo or boomerang will be saved to your camera roll right away.

4. Instore – Instagram Story Saver

Instore - Instagram Story Saver

Instore is another solid option for downloading Instagram Stories to your iPhone. Like the other apps, just sign in with your Instagram account and save any public Story with one tap.

Instore saves your media with all effects and captions. The app itself is free, with optionally available in-app purchases to remove commercials ads or unlock extra features.

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5. Instant Save Instagram Downloader

Instant Save Instagram Downloader

This popular free app lets you download Instagram stories, posts and IGTV videos – with music included. Just tap the download button on any story, and it will save to your camera roll with the audio intact. You can then view it whenever you want and the music will play automatically.

6. Aloinstagram


Another great option, Aloinstagram allows you to download Instagram stories, posts, reels and IGTV videos with music. To download a story with audio, just tap the download icon at the bottom of the story while it’s playing. Your downloaded story will have a little musical note icon so you know the sound is included.

7. Instagram downloader

Instagram downloader

The Instagram downloader lets you download Instagram stories, posts, reels and live videos – music and all. Just tap the download button on any story to save it to your camera roll with audio. Your downloaded stories will display a little music icon in the Repost app so you know the soundtrack was included. Tap to view and the music will play automatically.

Using any of these handy apps, you’ll be able to save and cherish your favourite Instagram Stories forever. Never miss an important story or amusing moment again! Let the downloading commence.

Instagram Story Downloader Extensions

1. Story Saver

Story Saver

Story Saver is a popular Chrome extension for downloading Instagram stories. Once installed, a download button will appear under each story on Instagram. Just click it to save the story to your computer. You can download stories from public profiles or accounts you follow.

Downloaded stories are saved as MP4 video files that include any text, stickers, or music added to the original story. The extension is free to use and download, though the developers do accept donations.

2. StorySaver for IG

StorySaver for IG works similarly to StorySaver but is available for Firefox as well as Chrome. After installing the extension, you’ll see a download icon under each story on Instagram. Click to download the story as an MP4 video file. The extension will save stories from public profiles or accounts you follow.

3. IGDownloader


IGDownloader takes things a step further by allowing you to download not just stories but also IGTV videos, posts and highlights from Instagram. The Chrome extension adds download buttons below each piece of content on Instagram. Click to download whatever you want to save.

IGDownloader lets you download public content as well as content from accounts you follow. Downloads are saved as MP4 video files that include any text, stickers, music or other elements from the original post.

So there you have it – three awesome apps that let you download Instagram Stories complete with the music. Pretty sweet! Now you don’t have to worry about missing out on those Stories with catchy songs that expire after 24 hours.

Maybe you need these simple apps for making memes, saving moments, or just jamming out to that music you like, those Instagram story savers have got you covered. Simply download one to your mobile and you’re good to go.

Now get out there and use that new power to rescue all the musical Stories your friends post!

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