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Few Apps Which Can Help You To Earn Some Fast Cash

Lost your job in the down economy? Your boss has cut down your salary and you are not getting better options? Do not worry as many apps have come up in the market which can help you to earn money quite easily.

You can earn some easy money by taking a survey or watching some videos. Here is mentioned a few apps which can help to earn money. You will have to just download these apps in your Smartphone and start earning money.

Just go through the apps and see which type of work will suit your mindset and you can choose accordingly. Some people prefer to play casinos through the app. There are many reputed casinos like bcasino which has got a customer-friendly app for their customers.


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1. Swagbucks

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If you are looking for a legitimate survey app that really pays, then visit Swagbucks website. They offer various fun ways to make money at free time. For example, you can use Swagbucks Search option to start making money or watch videos.

They serve as another interesting way to earn money while doing your usual online shopping at places like Walmart, Amazon, Target etc. You can also get high paying surveys with Swagbucks. Just redeem SB earning anytime for $5. You can receive plenty FREE gift cards from Swagbucks as well.


2. MyPoints

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MyPoints is a well-known rewards website that gives its members the opportunity to accumulate points through completing surveys and several different ways. Once you have accumulated some points, exchange them to earn prizes or cash.

You can also shop online as MyPoints offers a list of more than 2,000 popular online retailers so that you can redeem points after making purchase.

Some other ways to earn money from MyPoints are reading emails, using local deals, watching videos, web search through MyPoints Yahoo! based web engine as well as playing games. They also offer referral earning once you refer a new member to MyPoints.


3. Worthy Bonds

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If you are inexperienced in investment business, but willing to earn more interest on your funds than high yield savings account offers, without investing in stocks, then choose Worthy Bonds app.

This investment platform lends money to small businesses. It is very simple to purchase Worthy Bonds and get a 5% interest rate.


4. Rakuten

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Rakuten which was formerly known as Ebates offers earning opportunities in various ways. It has a list of over 2,500 stores which will give you cash back every time you purchase through Rakuten.

Besides this you can apply promo codes to save money on every purchase. The Rakuten app is available on both iPhones and Android smartphones. You can earn a $10 bonus when you make a purchase of atleast $25 within 90 days of signing up.


5. Surveys On The Go

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You can earn real money by downloading Surveys OnThe Go app to earn real money for surveys.

More than 500 companies, the entertainment industry as well as other brands need your feedback on their products or services and they pay the reviewers in cash.

You can redeem your reward once accumulated $10.


6. Google Opinion Rewards

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This is a wonderful app from Google which ask people to participate in surveys. Questions are placed at Google Play Credit and you will have to answer those questions.

After downloading the app, you will have to answer certain basic questions about you confirming your identity. After confirmation, you will get surveys from them around once in a week. Once a survey is sent, they will be sending you with a notification on your phone.

Chances are high that you may earn up to $1 per survey. Questions will be quite easy like when you are planning to travel next or say, which online you have liked the most?


7. Money Machine

Money Machine is another authentic site that helps you to earn money. Just download this app on your smartphone and start making money. You need to complete simple offers.

These offers include downloading various apps or taking online surveys. You can also play games and earn. There are plethora of videos which you can watch and earn cash. This app pays through Paypal, which is another plus.


8. iPoll

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iPoll offers you chance to earn bucks while shopping at stores or buying buy coffee. You can even watch a movie and earn at the same time? This app makes your Grocery shopping way more fun as you can still earn some cash while roam the aisles.

This iPoll app is free for Apple and Android smartphones, and pays you real money for completing surveys. Apart from cash rewards, you can earn other rewards like gift cards, and even airline miles in some cases.


9. Foap

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Businesses and reputed brands often buy photographs for commercial purpose. The Foap app is a good platform to bring potential buyers of your photographs from all over the world.

You can submit a video or picture to Foap app to make your hobby a profitable endeavour.


10. Perk Pop Quiz

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Perk Pop Quiz is a free mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices. You need to answer trivia questions using this app and earn points.

The more questions you can answer correctly, more points you will earn. Automatically you will be entered to win daily cash prizes which can be up to $50 if you play challenges & get high scores.

There are more than 400 categories you can choose from. For example you can choose popular shows like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead & More. There will be Picture games or Movie Quotes, Word Scramble, Spelling and Vocabulary quiz as well.


11. Snapwire

If you have passion for photography and willing to get paid for your work, Snapwire is there to help you earn money by selling your images through this app. Photographers can earn points when a buyer nominates their images.

Even you can earn once your images are licensed by a buyer. The more points you earn, the higher levels you will be able to unlock.

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