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Editor N4GM

He is the Chief Editor of n4gm. His passion is SEO, Online Marketing, and blogging. Sachin Sharma has been the lead Tech, Entertainment, and general news writer at N4GM since 2019. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online technicality flows the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for Technical issues, Sachin also provides content on Entertainment, Celebs, Healthcare and Travel etc... in n4gm.com.

Time To Show Your Baby Bump


It’s a massive differentiation between being pregnant and being noticed with the baby bump that tells the story. Therefore, your growing abdomen is your personal representation of your wonderful experiences without using a phrase. That is not ideal for certain…

6 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy At College

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Staying healthy (mentally and physically) at college can be more difficult than it was when you were a high-school student. With lots of different classes, studying for tests, numerous homework assignments, and maintaining a social life, many students forget about…

Redtail CRM Review & Product Details

Redtail CRM

For financial professionals a software is designed which is web-based known as Redtail CRM. Financial advisers and financial management firms used this software to track their clients’ data and the activities they are performing for their clients. This software also…

ShareNote Review & Product Details


A web-based medical practice management solution designed to help behavioural healthcare organizations consolidate their data, which simplifies the operations of healthcare organizations that are providing mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services. ShareNote is EHR certified; therefore, it organizes…

Skyslope Reviews & Product Details


A real estate transaction Managing Software known as “Skyslope”. This software is designed for transactions and neatly organizing the documents of users to ensure the complience to real estate laws.   WHAT IS SKYSLOPE? SkySlope streamlines the transaction process, enabling…