Average Cost Of An Hvac System

Cost Of An Hvac System
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HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. HVAC systems are equipment that regulates indoor temperature, humidity, air quality. This guide will explain the costs of an HVAC system as well as what it consists of.

Parts An HVAC System

Interior climate control systems, baseboard heaters and ceiling fans are all part of home HVAC systems. This buying guide will concentrate on central HVAC system components.

They have the following:

  • Furnace: The heat from an HVAC system is usually supplied by natural gas, oil-fired furnaces, and stored in a designated closet, basement, or attic. It is often located within the furnace unit, and is responsible for heating the air.
  • AC Conditioner: This is a furnace-like device that is outside your home and powered with electricity. The compressor and coolant are used to remove heat from the air. The hot air is then taken outside.
  • Ductwork:  This is also known as Ventilation ductwork. It moves heated and cooled air throughout your home.
  • Thermostat:  This thermostat is the brain of an HVAC system. It controls its on/off and turns it off. You can either set it to a temperature the system can maintain or manually operate it.


Cost Of A New HVAC System By Unit

HVAC systems come in many sizes. The more square footage in your home the better. You will need air to circulate to any areas that have been added to your home or completed in the garage. Let’s first look at the components of an hvac system.


Cost Of A Furrnace

The furnace is part of your HVAC system that keeps you warm and cozy during cold nights. To show the power of the HVAC system, furnaces use British thermal Units (BTUs). Yes, even though you are in America, BTUs still get used.

These are the most common furnace sizes and their respective prices:

  • * 40,000-60,000 BTUs: $3,250
  • * 75,000-100,000 BTUs: $4,200
  • * 120,000-140,000 BTUs: $6,000


Cost Of A Ac Unit

Cost depends on how big the unit is for your home. A AC unit can be purchased in tons. Some people may need a unit that weighs two tons. Others might require a unit that is five tonnes. You risk losing energy efficiency and reducing the unit’s lifespan.

The prices and sizes of common AC units:

  • * 2-ton: $2,250
  • * 3-ton: $3,000
  • * 4-ton: $4,250
  • * 5-ton: $5,500

These prices are only for AC units. Prices for labor and ductwork are separately billed.


Cost Of A New HVAC System Near You

Rural prices tend to be lower than those in urban areas. But, just because you live in a warmer state does not mean that your HVAC system will cost more. Florida, for example, is known as the Sunshine State. However, it tends to be less expensive than New Jersey when installing an air conditioner.

The average price of an HVAC system for a 3.0-ton in some parts of the country is:

  • * Florida: $8,300
  • * Arizona: $10,400
  • * Washington: $11,600
  • * Montana: $8,300
  • * Iowa: $10,700
  • * Ohio: $9,900
  • * New Jersey: $12,000.
  • * New Hampshire: $11,300


Factors Influencing The Cost Of A New HVAC System

Other than the location and size of the unit you should also consider whether or not your HVAC system needs new insulation and ductwork. There are many brands available.


1. New Ductwork

The entire HVAC system must be replaced, including the ductwork. Your winter can be made more enjoyable by ductwork. Ductwork costs approximately $15 per linear feet depending on the amount of work required.

The first HVAC installation on a multi-story home requires that the vertical ducts be enclosed or hidden. This involves extensive work such as framing, sheetrock and finishing.

Your contractor can assist you in this regard, such as installing corner bookshelves with vertical ductwork behind them,” states Bob Tschudi Expert Review Board Member and general contractor.

Ventilation and ductwork are required for any home additions, such as a garage or enclosed patio.


2. Labor

It is difficult to install an HVAC system, remove and replace ductwork, and ensure everything runs smoothly. On average, labor costs around $1,500 for this project. If you don’t have an HVAC system, you will likely pay more.


3. Insulation

You will need insulation when installing an HVAC system for your first time. The average cost of insulation is $1,500, but this only applies if you have no existing insulation. You can get more information from your local HVAC company.


4. Brand

There is a lot to choose from in the HVAC industry. There is more competition which means lower rates. The average HVAC system cost is $4,750, regardless of the brand.

Here are the average prices for hvac systems from the most well-known brands.

  • * Amana/Goodman: $2,750
  • * American Standard: $3.750
  • * Bryant: $3,000
  • * Carrier: $4,250
  • * Coleman: $3,000
  • * Lennox: $3,500
  • * Magic Pak $4,750
  • * Mitsubishi: $4,500
  • * Trane: $6,000
  • * Rheem/Ruud: $3,250
  • * York: $7,500


5. Position Outside Of The Home

The AC unit outside your house typically equals one-half of the AC unit. The unit cools your house and then takes it back inside via a compressor.

Many people place their AC units outside the house. This is not always true. Some people, like a multi-family or townhome, might need to mount their AC units to the roof. A roof-mounted AC unit will cost you around $1,000 more if you have to pay an AC contractor for a space that can support the system’s weight.

You may be asked to cover the roof unit with a decorative fencing in some states. You will need to secure the roof materials. It is important that you get a qualified roofer involved.



It is not easy to estimate the cost of cooling and heating systems because there are many variables. It is important to take into account the size and quality of the home, as well as the energy efficiency and size of any upgrades, such multiple thermostats or programmable thermostats.

It is important to keep in mind that HVAC system costs are not based on the equipment but rather on installation fees.

If your home has unique layouts or difficult access areas, you will pay more than someone who purchases a similar system, but doesn’t have such issues.

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