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Azumi Liu is a famous actress and model from Tajikistan who has captured the hearts of many with her incredible performances and stunning looks.

Born in 1996 in Tajikistan, At this time her age is 27 years olf as of 2023.

Azumi has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry at a young age. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 52 KG, she is a true beauty.

Who is Azumi Liu?

Azumi Liu

Azumi Liu is like a shining star in acting and modeling. She was born in Tajikistan and is now a famous actress and model. Just imagine, at the young age of 27, she’s already a star! Isn’t that cool?

She’s known not just for her acting skills but also for her striking beauty. She’s pretty tall, too, standing at 5 feet 6 inches! But don’t let her height fool you. Azumi is also very kind and loves to make people happy with her performances. She’s truly a superstar.


NameAzumi Liu
Born (Date of Birth)1996
Age (as 2023)27 Years Old
Zodiac SignGemini
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Early Life and Education

Our star, Azumi Liu, was born in the beautiful country of Tajikistan in 1996. As a little girl, she loved to play dress-up and pretend she was a famous actress. She spent hours in front of the mirror, practicing her lines and perfecting her poses. She was also a bright student who loved to read and learn new things.

Always curious, she asked many questions and tried to understand how things worked. Azumi showed a passion for learning and a flair for performing, even at a young age. She was a happy child, always seen with a big smile.

When it was time for school, Azumi was just as excited to learn as she was to play. She always participated in school plays and loved to act. Her teachers saw her potential and encouraged her to pursue acting.

As she grew older, she followed her heart and chased her dreams. She attended a famous acting school where she learned how to be a great actress. It was hard work, but Azumi was determined to shine. And shine, she did! She is a famous actress and model, loved by many worldwide.

Azumi Liu Parents and Siblings

Azumi Liu comes from a loving family in Tajikistan. Not much is known about her mom and dad, but they’ve always supported her actress dreams. She’s got siblings, too, but their names are a bit of a secret. They must be proud of their sister, Azumi. Even though we don’t know much about her family, they’ve helped her become the superstar she is today!

Azumi Liu Boyfriend

Azumi Liu Boyfriend

Azumi Liu is pretty private when it comes to her love life. She has not shared any details about having a boyfriend. She may have a special someone or is focusing on her acting and modeling career. No matter what, it’s essential to respect Azumi’s privacy. When she’s ready, she’ll let us know. Until then, let’s enjoy her outstanding performances on screen and her beautiful pictures in magazines!

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Azumi Liu Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Guess how old Azumi Liu is? She was born in 1996, which makes her 27 years old! She stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, just like a queen. Also, And she weighs around 52 KG, about as much as ten big bags of dog food! 

Also, Her skin is always glowing, just like a movie star. With her beautiful hair and sparkly eyes, she looks like a princess from a fairy tale. But remember, Azumi is not just beautiful on the outside but also kind and loving.

Azumi Liu Achievements and Recognition

Azumi Liu is like a superhero in the acting world! She’s won lots of excellent awards for her superb acting skills. Also, You know how you get gold stars for doing a good job? Azumi gets shiny trophies!

And not just people in her home country love her acting. People worldwide love to watch her in movies and on TV. And let’s remember her modeling! She’s graced the covers of many big-time fashion magazines. Just like a queen! Isn’t that amazing?

Azumi Liu Modeling Career

Azumi Liu is not just a fantastic actress; she’s also a superstar model! She’s been in many prominent fashion magazines, showing off pretty clothes. She works with talented photographers and walks on long runways like in a princess parade.

Also, It’s not always easy, but Azumi loves modeling. She enjoys trying on new outfits and meeting new people. Like in her movies, she brings magic to her photos with her beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. She truly is a modeling queen!

Azumi Liu Net Worth

Guess what, little readers? Azumi Liu has done so well in her acting and modeling career that she’s earned quite a lot of money! Just like a piggy bank full to the brim, Azumi’s net worth is estimated to $10million!

But remember, Azumi got only some of this money overnight. Like a busy bee, she worked very hard to earn every penny. It shows that you can achieve anything when you follow your dreams and work hard!

Azumi Liu Social Media Presence

Guess what, kids? Azumi Liu is also a superstar on social media! Like a bird tweeting in the sky, Azumi shares excellent photos and fun updates with her fans. Also, She has many followers who love to see her posts.

Also, She likes to share pictures from her acting and modeling jobs; sometimes, she even shares photos of her favorite foods! Isn’t that fun? But remember, kids, always be kind and respectful when using social media, just like Azumi.

The Future for Azumi Liu

What’s next for our superstar Azumi Liu? The future is as bright as a sunny day for her! With her fantastic acting skills and beautiful modeling pictures, she will keep shining in the sky of fame.

Also, She may act in more cool movies or grace the covers of more fashion magazines. Or perhaps she’ll try something new and exciting! Whatever she does, we know it’s going to be awesome! So, keep an eye on this superstar, kiddos. Azumi Liu is just getting started, and she has much more magic to share with the world!


  • Also, She loves to read! Just like you love your storybooks, Azumi enjoys diving into a good book.
  • Did you know Azumi is quite the artist? She likes to draw and paint beautiful pictures.
  • Also, Just like many of us, Azumi enjoys spending time in nature. She often goes for walks in the park.
  • Also, Have you ever tried dancing? Azumi loves it! She likes to move and groove to her favorite music.
  • Lastly, Azumi adores cooking. She enjoys making delicious meals, maybe even some yummy cookies!

Interesting Facts About Azumi Liu 

Azumi loves to travel! She enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people. Just like a brave explorer!

  • Also, She’s not just a fantastic actress and model; Azumi can also speak multiple languages! Just like a secret agent, right? 
  • Her favorite color is purple, like a pretty purple butterfly.
  • Azumi loves animals. She even likes to visit animal shelters and help take care of the furry friends there. So kind! – Guess what? She’s a big fan of chocolate ice cream.
  • Also, Yummy!Even though she’s super famous, Azumi likes simple things. She enjoys watching the sunset and stargazing. 
  • Azumi’s first name means “safe” in Japanese. Just like a superhero keeping everyone safe! 
  • Also, She loves to play the piano. She can make beautiful music, just like a maestro!
  • Azumi enjoys yoga. She says it helps her relax and stay strong like a peaceful warrior.
  • Also, Her favorite fruit is the apple. Just like the one you might find in your lunch box! Isn’t Azumi cool and exciting? She’s just full of surprises!

Favourite Things

  • Also, She’s a big fan of the color purple. It’s everywhere in her house!
  • Chocolate ice cream is her go-to sweet treat. What a delicious choice! 
  • Also, Azumi loves to travel and discover new places. Adventure is out there! 
  • When it comes to music, she loves to tickle the ivories on her piano.
  • Also, She enjoys nature walks. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine!
  • Also, Azumi’s favorite fruit is a crisp and juicy apple. Healthy and tasty! – Lastly, she loves the magic of a beautiful sunset or starry sky. How beautiful!

1. How old is Azumi Liu?

Azumi Liu was born in 1996, so she’s 27 years old!

2. What does Azumi like to do when she’s not acting or modeling?

Azumi Liu loves reading, drawing, dancing, cooking, and spending time in nature.

3. What’s Azumi’s favorite color?

Azumi Liu loves the color purple, just like a pretty butterfly!

4. What’s her favorite food?

Azumi Liu a big fan of apples and chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

5. Where was Azumi born?

Azumi Liu was born in a beautiful place called Tajikistan.

6. What languages can Azumi speak?

Azumi Liu is brilliant and can speak multiple languages!

7. Does Azumi have any pets?

We don’t know if she has any pets, but we do know that she loves animals and likes to help at animal shelters.

8. What does her name mean?

Azumi Liu first name means “safe” in Japanese.

9. What instruments can she play? 

Azumi Liu can play the piano and make beautiful music like a maestro! 

10. Is Azumi on social media?

Yes, Azumi Liu is! You can find her sharing fun photos and updates with her fans.

So, little readers, isn’t Azumi Liu just terrific?  She’s a superstar actress and model. She loves to read, dance, cook, and draw. She is super intelligent, speaking different languages.

Azumi loves nature and even helps animals at shelters. Also, She makes beautiful music on her piano. Remember, just like Azumi, you can reach for the stars and achieve your dreams, too! Let’s keep cheering for her and watch out for more of her fantastic adventures.

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