Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen
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A modular kitchen has different modules or units that are combined and installed in the kitchen area. All units can be put in or dragged out of the holding area completely. This can be very advantageous when it is time to repair anything as the unit is completely untouched.

Each module has 4 legs to be moved around. These legs are adjustable so that the module can be balanced even when the floor is uneven. The kitchen area should be completely devoid of any fixtures for it to be converted into a cost-effective modular kitchen. In the various types of modular kitchen material available, stainless steel modular kitchen designs are not advisable as they affect the movement of drawers and cause other problems in the long run.

Almost everyone is opting to go for different types of modular kitchens because of how stylish and chic they are. Even basic modular kitchen designs come with a lot of customizable options. The design for the kitchen should be planned first before implementing it. The best material used for modular kitchen, best modular kitchen designs in India, which plywood is best for modular kitchen in India; etc. should be researched so that one can make informed choices.

Keeping the following in mind while planning your modular kitchen can be very helpful-

1. Kitchen Work Triangle

This is a guideline about kitchen designing that can help in efficiently planning the workspace and free areas in the kitchen. The triangle includes the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink, and considerable thought is put into how these three aspects are laid out. Proper planning regarding these three aspects is necessary as one needs all these areas to be accessible. Sketching out the design may help to keep in mind that as a rule, these three areas should be at least 4 feet apart.

2. Layout

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are multi-functional, so planning how the kitchen layout should look based on the activities that are likely to occur is helpful.

3. Countertop Length

The standard height of a countertop is supposed to be around 32 to 33 inches. The kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be placed too high as the upper shelves can be difficult to reach. Your designer can also customize the height of the countertop and the placement of the cabinets based on how you want them.

4. Picking A Colour Scheme

The colour scheme can affect how the kitchen space looks. White colour is not recommended to be painted in the kitchen area as it requires a lot of cleaning and upkeep. Heat is an issue if one opts for darker shades. Designers usually provide samples of different colour combinations which are ideal for the kitchen area. Try going for a colour scheme that matches the rest of the house.

5. Ventilation

Modular Kitchen_1

Cooking generates a lot of heat and smoke. Having a chimney or exhaust fan may help but a door or a balcony can be advantageous as it ensures regular air circulation and prevents smoke from gathering inside the kitchen.

6. Lighting

Natural light is an important factor to consider and so is artificial lighting. The lighting should be dominant in the countertop area as that is where most of the work is done. Cabinet lights are being preferred of late.

7. Safety

All steps should be taken to prevent gas leakage and gas piping should be regularly checked. The kitchen flooring should also be slip-resistant and also should be easy to clean. All electrical appliances should be kept at a safe distance from the basin and the stove area.

8. Corners

Even the corner areas can be utilized by installing blind corner cabinets.

9. Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

Depending on your choice, the trash can be kept in a large bin outside the kitchen or you can have built-in bins built. These bins can have two containers for dry and wet waste.

Apart from the above suggestions, you can gain new ideas by viewing modular kitchen designs and adding your style to them. You can make your modular kitchen as unique as you want by taking a designer's help and customizing all aspects of your kitchen.

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