Benefits Of Traveling Around The World

Benefits to starting a traveling the world
Written by James Smith

Augustin of Hippo once said that The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. In my opinion, this quotation is right in as much as traveling is able to reveal many puzzles and mysteries of the surrounding world.

When you start traveling around the world, you move to a world with its culture, worldview, preferences, history, and language. If you prefer staying at home, you will not see the beauty that hides in other places.

Although your native country is picturesque, genuine, and splendid, it does not possess all the marvelous features that can be found in numerous exotic places and undiscovered parts of our planet.

You can learn about other countries from books, television and the Internet. However, you will learn much more if you just visit this place for a few days. Therefore, it is of vital importance to travel a lot if you want to be broadminded and be a smart personality.In fact, many people are too lazy to travel actively.

Thus, you need to take effort to start this process and make it your habit. As Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I will try to persuade you in the usefulness of traveling with the help of these arguments.

Many people think that traveling around the world is a very expensive and time-consuming thing. On the one hand, they are right forasmuch you should organize your journey wisely if you want to cut your expenses.

To save money and do everything right, you sometimes need to spend money first. Being in college or university and planning the trip abroad, think about all the writing assignments you have. Students think they will write essays on their way, fast and efficiently, but it never happens this way.

Everybody has access towards the Internet. You are able to find the most considerable and spectacular places, routes, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can easily find an affordable option in any place. So, what are the major advantages of traveling? Firstly, it opens your eyes and makes you a freethinking and open-minded person.

When you travel to several countries, you are able to compare them with one another. You can define any strong and weak sides of every state. Bear in mind that your conclusions that seem to be clear and obvious are unnoticed by the native people of these countries.

A person who has never left her native place does not have the opportunity to compare things. She does not know that there are much better places in this world. This idea is supported with the quotation of Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Secondly, traveling helps you discover who you are. Moreover, it helps you become stronger. When you face various challenges and obstacles on your way, you begin to act unpredictably. You learn about the unknown sides of your own character.

You will not be the same as you be when you return home. It is far more difficult to cope with the problems in another country and in the different environments. When you return home, you will understand that you can solve your daily problems easily inasmuch as you have managed to solve them abroad.

Thirdly, you are able to meet new people and establish long-lasting and beneficial relations. When we meet someone abroad, especially in a complicated and strained situation, we become connected with this person.

It is always rewarding to have friends abroad whereas you can visit them and learn about their culture intensively. Furthermore, you can accidentally find a reliable and hardworking business partner who will help you develop your international company.

Fourthly, you have a good chance to learn foreign languages. Of course, you will not be able to communicate like a professional but you will know at least a few basic words and phrases that will help you survive in the new place. Although you can speak in English, it is pleasant to know how to say ‘Thank you’ in Japanese or Italian.

Next, traveling can provide you with a new perspective on the surrounding world, especially if you visit exotic places.

When you meet the representatives of the local tribes and get to know about their lifestyle, you will understand that people possess extremely different world-views and values. Nonetheless, you will be surprised that such different people are still able to communicate and get on with one another.

Then, traveling helps you do something new. Undoubtedly, modern people are tired of their daily routine and greyish everyday life. A short trip to another country can change your mood for the better.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” – as Rumi once mentioned. You can taste new extraordinary local dishes, visit various native festivals, explore the flora and fauna of the chosen place, etc.

As you see, you can organize your free time in numerous ways. Traveling is a universal activity that helps you rest, entertain and study at the same time.

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