What are the benefits of using security roles in Dynamics 365?

benefits of using security roles in Dynamics 365
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Any modern ERP system collects and stores an immense amount of information, which fuels the workflows and allows companies to accelerate their operations in the digital space. Still, this inevitably raises concerns about data safety, which can be severely threatened by uncontrollable access.

Companies relying on Microsoft software can address these problems with D365 security configuration and role manipulation.

Here are even more advantages of security roles.

1. Data Leakage Protection

The most important advantage of security roles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is data protection.

Some of the records stored in your system are highly confidential and should be visible only to a very narrow circle of users. Other data is necessary for workflows executed by a broader group of employees and yet, should still be protected from others.

While cases of ill-intentioned employees are not rare, even honest staff can cause data breaches. Third parties trying to steal your data or break into the system and manipulate records can do it with social engineering and cyberattacks. Their task becomes much easier if all the system users have maximum access to all records.

Controlled access with security roles significantly reduces such risks.

2. Avoiding Data Loss

Limited privileges coming with different roles can also save data from accidental loss.

Maximum access available in D365 system is not mere visibility of the entire information stored in the application. It also allows for different types of record manipulation. D365 security configuration limits privileges for certain activities, ensuring that users who do not need features for editing or deleting in their work, will not have such a level of access.

3. Flexibility in User Management

When used properly, the security roles config in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool for user access management.

With security roles, you do not have to handle every user of the system separately unless there is a need for some specific privileges. Instead of creating functionality for every person who is going to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can manipulate the access granted with security roles. After such an adjustment, the roles can be assigned to employees.

Security roles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 have a cumulative effect. Since you can apply several different roles to the same user, the final level of access this person gains is the highest access provided by one of the roles.

Such functionality saves a lot of time spent otherwise on fitting the system to be in sync with employee retention.

4. Clarity in Hierarchy

Proper D365 security configuration creates a clear hierarchy of users with different privileges for data manipulation. The possibility of establishing such a structure of business units and teams in the system helps to visualize interactions between security roles.

Depending on their job responsibilities, users can gain different levels of access, starting with no access to any records at all and ending with global access to all the information stored in the system. With different privileges and access levels, it is possible to share data with employees and ensure they will not be able to change it.

5. Licensing Cost Optimization with Security Roles

When Microsoft D365 security Configuration is completed properly, it brings one more important benefit, which is cost reduction.

Security roles in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system also determine the licensing costs. Unlike many other software suites, Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires payments based on the number of users. In addition, costs per user depend on the level of access granted. Since extended access means more possibilities for interaction with the system’s functionality, the price is respectively higher.

It is a fair approach that does not impose predefined payments for redundant features on companies. At the same time, it motivates organizations to take even better care of their security configuration to enjoy savings.

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