Top 5 Best Advantages Of YoWhatsApp

Best Advantages Of YoWhatsApp
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There are many advantages of YoWhatsApp that you should know. WhatsApp Mods are the generally forked version of the official WhatsApp application.

There are so many WhatsApp Mods available on the Internet and YoWhatsApp is one of them. It has some unlocked premium features which are not available on official WhatsApp. Here are some advantages of YoWhatsApp for you.

What is YoWhatsApp?

Many users still doubt in their minds what exactly is YoWhatsApp Apk. In conclusion, as stated above, YoWhatsApp is one of the top WhatsApp Mods which offers great features to its users.

The app is developed by the team of YoMods which is owned by Yousef-Al Basha, who is an acclaimed developer. The application is unique in the characteristics that distinguish it from similar WhatsApp Mods.

Advantages Of YoWhatsApp

1. Exclusive Feature

The application has a few features that are available exclusively this application. For instance, the ability to send messages to anyone and not save their number in your contacts list.

YoWhatsApp can also alter the layout colors of WhatsApp Groups so that you are able to easily identify a particular group.

2. Privacy

In terms of security, YoWhatsApp is always careful regarding privacy. It has a variety of privacy enhancements that will help users secure their WhatsApp more effectively than the official version.

For instance, you can stop voice calls, video calls, and text messages for anyone or all. In addition, it is also possible to hide the status of last seen double ticks, blue ticks, status seen online status, and many more like you do in WhatsApp.

3. Customization

If you’re a fan of customization this app must be considered as a possibility. This application is loaded with hundreds of themes. You can download and choose the themes available. You can also upload your own custom themes to this application.

In addition, the application lets you alter the color of the layout, the icons for the app, background images, and many other modifications are also available. These will be clear these features once you go through the app.

4. Unlocked Limits

You are probably aware that the ability to send media files is limited on official WhatsApp. For instance, you are able to upload up to 50MB of video to any individual.

When using YoWhatsApp you can increase the limit and send media files up to 1GB in size. Not only that, but it also allows you to write your status in more than the limit of 256 characters.

5. Security

Nearly every WhatsApp user would like to protect their chat conversations, particularly with regard to WhatsApp. Users share a lot of personal data with other users using this application. However, YoWhatsApp is extremely careful with security.

It has an inbuilt app lock that lets you secure the app using a PIN and password or Pattern Lock. In the next update, YoWhatsApp will surely come with Fingerprint App Lock. If you do not want to lock the app, however, there’s another intriguing feature that you can avail of. You can lock the conversations of any specific Contact.


In the end, Yo WhatsApp is a modified version of the well-known messaging application WhatsApp which offers a broad variety of extra options and features for customizing.

The most important features include the capability to alter the look and feel and design of the application, the ability to hide the status of online users, blue ticks, a higher limit on file-sharing as well as advanced messaging options along with privacy features.

It is important to be aware of the fact that Yo WhatsApp does not function as an official WhatsApp version WhatsApp it isn’t approved or accepted by WhatsApp.

By using this version, you may be considered to be in violation of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions of service, which could result in being banned from the account.

Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious when using such applications and to ensure your personal information is secure. Always adhere to the official version of apps to protect your security and security.

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