5 Best Alternatives Of MovieBox – The Best Streaming App

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MovieBox is the best streaming app, but the problem is, they upload copyrighted content and thus they app gets shutdown. You don’t need to be worried about its Shutdown because there are many other apps that are present and you can watch every movies and TV shows you love.

These apps allow you to safely view your favorite shows and movies that you want to watch.

This is the list of 4 best apps that work best when MovieBox app is closed or it is in maintenance mode.

1. ShowBox


ShowBox is its best alternative of MovieBox and it is available in almost every device like Android, PC and IOS. This app is popular because of its graphical user interface and a good user experience. This is a free app and you can use it when MovieBox app is down.

This app contains endless streaming content and you can watch every video on it. The best part is, you can even download the videos you love and watch them offline.

This is the only reason ShowBox is the best replacement and you can visit to download it.




This is another free app that contains almost every feature that is available in MovieBox app. You can enable subtitles of the video when you are watching it. This app is compatible with every platform like Android, IOS, Windows and Mac.

There is no need to make an account before watching any movie, just you need to download and install the app to watch free content.

Every video is categorized and it is your choice to watch the video you love, you can visit the official website of PlayBox HD app.

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3. Cinema Box

Cinema Box

Cinema Box is also known as Cinema HD, this is the best app ever rated by its users. Netflix is also popular, but its paid, but when this App came into market, users forgot Netflix and thus they started watching every movie freely.

There is no need of registration, just open this and use it, moreover it is also available in every version including Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Roku and Fire Stick.

This app has also the same features that ShowBox has, you can also download the videos of your choice and then watch them offline.


4. Stremio


The last app that I am going to mention is Stremio, this app lets you stream from Amazon Prime, iTunes and Netflix. You can also stream content from different streaming websites because its streaming system also supports streaming websites.

You can easily create your account on Stremio and use it on your Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

The interface of this app is amazing and you can download it from its official website.


5. ShowBox APK

ShowboxShowBox is a universal multi-platform application that allows you to get free access to video content. Use the Android, iOS, PC or FireStick app for non-stop access to news, movies, and other content. Streaming provides great sound and quality.

You can also share your content with others. Upload your data to the platform and share with all users of the service. Thanks to ShowBox, you no longer need to spend a lot of money on various platforms. View new funny content, movies and TV shows for free. This is a revolution in the world of digital streaming.


6. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD

Megabox HD is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices that is almost a “carbon copy” of PlayBox HD. The app specializes in HD content versus low-quality streams. However, Megabox HD often gives you the option to choose the quality once you select a stream, so you can watch films in lower resolution if you like. This feature is great for those with slower internet connections.

Megabox HD looks and feels like the other options on this list and has no distinctive features that make it stand out. However, that also means it has no glaring issues. The design is simple and effective, content is quickly populated, and the range of content available is huge. Streaming is smooth and seamless, as long as your connection is up to the task.


7. Crackle


Crackle is another well-established movie and TV streaming service with a couple of standout features. It does what many other apps in this list do: play movies and TV shows for free in high quality. However, the app also allows you to save favorites and create playlists, which is a nice bonus for binge-watching your favorite TV shows or for keeping track of where you are in a series.

The Crackle app is simple and straightforward like the others here. The UI is simple and easy to navigate. Streams appear on the front page and you can sort and search through content as you would expect. It is easily as good as Showtime in terms of content and usability.



These were the 4 best MovieBox alternatives, you can use these apps to watch free anime, movies, TV shows and cartoons whenever you want. They are the best source of time pass and if you are bored and want to be entertained, then please use these apps.

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