6 Best And Useful Tips To Train A Puppy Quickly

6 Best And Useful Tips To Train A Puppy Quickly

Today I will tell you some useful tips to train a puppy quickly. Dogs or puppies are not born understanding English, Hindi or whatever language you speak.  A new puppy you brought home has no idea what the words “no”, “yes” means. Rather than anticipating that he should drop anything it is he’s doing, show him what you want him to do.

Just as puppies do not know what sit or leave means until you have taught them, they may also display other unwanted behaviors. This could be going to the toilet inside or pulling on the lead. You will want to prevent these before they can become an issue. Here are 6 best and useful tips to train a puppy quickly.


1. Give Them A Reward

Give reward to your puppy

Few puppies are food inspired and will answer excitedly to any kind of palatable treat as a reward. Others are pickier: frequently, delicate, chewy treats are liked to hard, crunchy one.

Few puppies, in any case, simply are not that keen on food by any means. If so with your little puppy, take a stab at trying different things with different prizes, similar to a fast play meeting with a most loved toy, or even only a lot of fondness.

A combination of food reward, petting, interactive play, and verbal praise can be highly motivating and rewarding to your puppy. Reward is more important than correction. One of the best and useful tips to train a puppy quickly is giving them reward. It is most useful tip to train a puppy in very few days.


2. Always Be Consistent And Patience

Always Be Consistent And Patience while train your dog

By the way, puppies learn everything very quickly. Everything settles in their mind very quickly. But there are some things and some such commands which are a bit difficult to learn. Puppies take some time to learn these few things and for this reason their owners start getting a little worried about their puppies.

It is most important to teach puppies that you should have both consistency and patience. You have to give some time to train the puppies. They will gradually understand and learn all your commands. It takes some time to learn anything or teach someone, just like that everything cannot be learned immediately.


3. Praise For Every Small Things

Praise your puppy For Every Small Things

Just as we give praise to ourselves and any other human being for some good deed, similarly dogs are also entitled to it for many things. Remember that whenever your puppy learns something good from you and tries to do something good, then always praise and motivate him.

Now you must be thinking that how the puppies will understand that you are giving them a appreciation. So for this, let me tell you that by caressing or scratching the puppy’s head, and at the same time some words should be spoken. This lets the puppies know how happy their owner with them and is giving us compliments.


4. Hire A Dog Trainer

Hire A Dog Trainer

If you are nervous in teaching your puppy or your teaching skills are not good and you cannot teach So, you should hire a good professional dog teacher. This is one of the fastest and best ways to teach puppies. Because they have years of experience and know better tips.

With the help of this experience, they can give a good and better education to your puppy. All the things that you cannot teach your puppy can be taught by a teacher very easily and in a very short time.


5. Name Your Puppy

Name Your Puppy

For a puppy to learn or to get its point across, it needs to have a nice and short name. If your new pet is an older dog, they’re probably used to their name at this point. However, changing it isn’t out of the question. And if your new pal is coming out of an abusive situation, a new name may even represent a fresh start. Dogs are extremely adaptable. If you decide to give them a new name, use it consistently and soon enough your pup will respond to it.

Whatever their name, be sure to associate it with fun, pleasant experiences as much as possible, rather than negative ones. Ideally, your pup should think of their name in the same way they think of other fun stuff like walks or dinnertime.


6. Do Not Punish Your Puppy

Do Not Punish Your Puppy

If you have a puppy and you want to train him, then whether it is an animal or a human, always treat them well and with love. If you punish your puppy for any mistake of any kind, then it will not make your job easy but it becomes more critical.

By punishing them or beating them, they do not learn quickly, but they start learning some bad habits. Bad habits like barking, biting, and being more aggressive. Punishment doesn’t keep your puppy social, and it can hurt you too.



Before, individuals followed the possibility that the best way to prepare your puppy was through compliance orders and preparing. All the more in this way, through forceful or ponderous procedures that were discipline based as opposed to through uplifting feedback.

Likewise, it was something that individuals accepted must be finished through an expert and keeping in mind that that might remain be part of the way evident, today there are numerous new convictions and strategies accessible to the overall population that new canine proprietors can find out about which permits them to assume on the liability of preparing their own puppy.

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