Top 10 Best Apps For Text Animation In 2023

Best Apps For Text Animation

As you saw in the title itself, today we are going to talk about Apps for text animation in this article. One of the main reason for its popularity is the fact that animated text and videos have altered the notion of storytelling and have made it more engaging and delivering it at a reasonable cost.

Numerous companies who are trying to bridge the gap in conversion have come across the buzz about animated text videos as an option for sound solutions.

The concept of animation is often associated with using advanced technology, which many of us are not experts at. In reality, you don’t have become an animator expert in the field to create these engaging animated text and videos. Here are the list of 10 best apps for text animation in 2023.

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Top 10 Best Apps For Text Animation

To assist you in finding the best apps for text animation that is the best fit for you We have put together our top apps for animation using text for Android as well as iOS.

1. Hype Type Animated Text Videos

Hype Type allows users to create attractive visual text animation stories. With hundreds of styles for text animation it can be a fantastic tool for creating introduction and final animation. In addition, the app gives its users a custom motion typography.


  • A wide range of text layouts This makes it ideal for students who are just beginning
  • Regular updates
  • Modification options to modify the mojo of text layouts

2. Animated Text in Video & GIF

“Legend: Animated Text in Video and GIF The ‘Legend: Animated Text in Video and GIF’ app is option for text animation as well as other features such as intro videos for social media apps as well as short videos.

With its variety of features to help create an excellent quality output, this application is a great choice for those who want to promote their services on platforms like Facebook as well as Instagram.


  • Text animation styles
  • Short animation clips that you can customize
  • Options to save videos in video format
  • Simple integration via social media networks

3. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is an application suitable to be used by all kind of. Apart from being an animated messaging application, it gives users powerful tools to begin editing at all levels. It offers design editing, designing, and several different levels for editing in addition to other things.


  • Auto resize and color
  • Numerous layout options
  • Easy integration to social media networks
  • Options to eliminate the background

4. Animated Text – Text Animation Maker

Animated Text is one of the most popular applications. The application comes with a variety of editing options for users of all levels. It offers endless possibilities with numerous background options as well as animated GIF texts that you can choose from. In addition, the app includes templates for beginners.


  • Incredible text animation styles
  • Option to add photos to the background
  • Make sure to save your content in GIF or video format.
  • Make animated GIFs within Messenger conversations

5. Tomo

Tomo is a renowned animation text app. The application provides users with an array of animation options. The variety of animation options with background choices helps to create top-quality content.


  • Options to add music the background
  • Simple sharing features
  • Integrating social media with accounts
  • Text that is animated can be added to the video application

6. Steller

One of the top animated texting applications on the Apple store for 2019. Steller is another popular application that lets users create impressive pieces of work. The app for animation of text has a user-friendly interface which allows editing at various levels.


  • Background music selection
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Retrieve Stories from our feed.

7. Vimo

Vimo is a professional-grade application for text animation that provides the most advanced features for text animation as well as editing videos. Vimo’s moving text application allows the user to customize their cut editing and clip-adjustment options.


  • Music with no royalties
  • Ratios for social media platforms
  • Effects of mirrors and rotating
  • Audio fade in/out

8. Quik

One of the most unique animated messaging applications, Quik, is an ideal editing tool to GoPro users. Its simple compatibility with a variety of applications guarantees a top-quality production experience.

Furthermore, the program provides over 23 themes as well as it supports HD editing in 1080 or 720p. It makes a fantastic software for professionals.


  • A wide range of formats are supported including MOV and WAV.
  • A variety of personalization options using Slo-mo videography
  • Flashback feature
  • User-friendly UI

9. Text To Video

Then, the ‘Text To Video’ is a different software for animating text. It offers users an array of editing options. The application offers various editing levels and supplies its users with the capability to include music in the background.

If you’re a beginner looking to take an animated text apps or animation a step up, this app is the perfect app for you due to its user-friendly interface.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • The color options to select for the Background And Text
  • Text styles – Font size – Font color – Face
  • Multiple slides of text with delay options

10. Textro: Animated Text Video

Another excellent choice of applications for text animation included in the list are Textro which allows users to explore various levels of editing features.

The app has amazing features that are simple to use and provides quick sharing across multiple digital platforms. It is also suitable for experienced and beginner users.


  • A myriad of combinations of colors
  • A wide range of fonts to choose from
  • Option to add your own music or use existing ones libraries
  • Options to use custom pictures as backgrounds for animations

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