Best Authentic Indian Handicrafts That You Must Buy

Best Authentic Indian Handicrafts

Handcrafts may just be one of the most fascinating terms that you come across when you buy handicrafts from India. High-quality handmade ethnic wares from India are considered among the best and most desirable products around the globe.

India is a vast and diverse country with an equal amount of colorful handicrafts in every region.

From Kangra to Kashmir, every little corner has special handcrafted products that are an integral part of India’s culture and lifestyle. Indians who still believe in preserving their traditional art and craft intact make these handmade products.

India is one such country where artisans are known for their excellent skills in producing amazing handicrafts, which when gifted to the esteemed dear ones will make them feel special.

Here is our list of 15+ best Authentic Indian Handicrafts For Your Home Decor

1. Blue Pottery from Jaipur

Blue Pottery from Jaipur

Blue Pottery from Jaipur, India is used for making vessels for storing water, milk, butter, and other items. The pottery has a bright blue colored background with designs done in white and red color.

It attracts the attention of people with its unique design and attractive colors. The pottery is available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns.

These Blue Pottery from Jaipur always bear an impressed seal on them which would indicate its authenticity proving it as the original one.

2. Block-printed table runner

Block printed table runner

Block printed table runner is an original handicraft from India. When it comes to Indian handicrafts, nothing can be more authentic than block-printed table runners.

This product gives you the option of choosing from a wide variety of colors. You can mix and match the color combination as per your requirements.

Block-printed table runners will give a unique look to your place. It will decorate your table lightening up your mood when you have guests over for dinner.

3. The Hometalk Cotton and Jute Braided Floor Rug

The Hometalk Cotton and Jute Braided Floor Rug

The Hometalk Cotton and Jute Braided Floor Rug gives an exotic touch to any room as it is in shades of golden, silver, ivory, and white color. The triple-braided cotton doormat has a beautiful traditional look to it. Ideal for giving a final addition to any interiors or entranceway, the doormat is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s washable, durable, and easy to clean.

There are several reasons why you should buy an Indian handcrafted rug. They’re beautiful, classy, and most importantly, affordable. In addition, since these rugs aren’t made by machines and are mass-produced, the chances of them going out of stock are very low. These rugs are often made by small business owners situated in India’s interior areas which cater to their local communities.

4. Kantha Cushions

Kantha Cushions

Kantha Cushions are without any doubt, the most popular and iconic handicraft that originates from India. They create a distinct look that makes it stand out against other decorative items in your room.

Checkered and with embellished Indian motifs, Kantha Cushions are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Countless designs are available online but to be picky and choosing the best one is always a tricky task.

Kantha Cushions are made from cotton and decorated with beautiful stripes. Kantha quilting was usually done by young girls who wanted to show their love and devotion to a sweetheart or husband-to-be, as part of the marriage preparation. This is the reason why Kantha designs used to be very simple at the center and more embroidered around the border.

5. Warli Art

Warli Art

India is an amalgamation of many cultures and civilizations that have over the years gone on to shape one of the most beautiful destinations. Given India’s rich cultural past, it is thus no wonder that there are handicrafts and other artifacts in existence that too hold a particular value. Traditional art pieces are both aesthetically pleasing and hold a historical value as well.

Warli art is an unusually colored painting art that was developed by the tribes of India. This art form can be considered India’s very own folk art. It has been a tradition for the Cherdwas tribe of Maharashtra but has gained recognition beyond its region since the late 80s.

The most striking feature of this art is the use of bright and vivid colors. Above all, its non-Indian origin has always fascinated collectors across the world. It is a specialty that combines both colorations with carving on wooden surfaces.

6. Multicolour Fabric Floor Lamp

Multicolour Fabric Floor Lamp

The best floor lamp must be selected with care while laying the accent on the requirement of lighting and style of your home decor. These are the best multicolor fabric floor lamps that you can buy online in India are the ones that offer sturdy structure, lightweight, and have compartments for storage.

The best part of this authentic Indian handicraft is that these lamps provide you a place armed with a holder for keeping books, table clocks, and magazines apart from being used as a lamp.

A floor lamp is a perfect addition to your home, especially in the living room. It can be used in the bedroom too when you have some late-night reading to do and don’t want to disturb your partner. No matter how you choose to use it, this multicolor floor lamp will bring some brightness into your life.

7. Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

Shop for terracotta pots, the best authentic Indian handicrafts to buy. Terracotta pottery has an immense collection that covers a variety of decorative durable bathroom and dining ware accessories. These hand-painted home decor items have been sold in the market for years with good-looking value!

In addition, you can decorate various styles of your homes with these fashionable plastic planters. These beautiful pots will enhance your home as well as give you peace of mind while they adorn your interiors or terrace, balcony, and garden with stunning beauty. They just draw attention and carry a heavy appeal in them.

The magnificently hand-painted terracotta pots are our favorite and if you are looking for a perfect gifting option, these would do well. Terracotta Pots are one of the popular Indian handicrafts that are great for gifting to loved ones. Terracotta pots add a dash of color and beauty to your home. These handcrafted terracotta pots can be used as planters.

8. Wooden handicrafts

Wooden handicrafts

When it comes to wooden handicrafts, Indian handicrafts are something that you must consider buying. There are various reasons and purposes for which one buys handcrafts, be it gifting or for personal use. While we have numerous such shops around us, there are certain shops that you need to visit and check out the best wooden handicraft products.

Wooden handicrafts are the most unique and traditional Indian products. The wooden handicrafts speak volumes about the artisanship of India. Wooden handicrafts are painted or polished, it has mat finishing and a hand-carved pattern that makes them more beautiful.

They are ideal gifts for any occasion like weddings, birthdays or festival celebrations. The wooden handicrafts include a huge variety of decorative items like wooden plates, trays, wall hangings, paperweights, boxes, etc.

9. Metal Handicrafts

Metal Handicrafts

Metal handicrafts in India are used to decorate doors and walls. These handicrafts have replaced the traditional designs that we used to see in villages across India. One of the main factors for this change is the introduction of new technology in this field.

Metal handicrafts are very popular in India and make unique and traditional presents for friends and family. Metal is strong and durable, which makes metal handicrafts perfect for everyday use.

In the Indian scenario, handmade products are still a matter of pride for all Indians. Despite the trend of going for machines, handmade things today still rule the market thanks to their natural touch and customized nature. These goods also add color to our dull lives.

Handicrafts from India are icons of handicraft tradition and are treasured for their aesthetic appeal. The creation of handmade products is essentially the livelihood of the craftsperson and plays a central role in the preservation of traditional social values and practices.

10. Coconut products

Coconut products

India is a land of artisans and craftsmen. The craftspeople in the country have a tradition of centuries, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

The handicraft items made by traditional Indian craftsmen are testimony to their zeal for innovation and perfection. Traditional handicrafts are made using locally available raw materials like beads and cloth.

Coconut plays an important role in Indian homes. They are used in rituals and daily life. They are widely available in the markets. Coconut products are made from the husk, kernel, seed, and leaves of the coconut tree. All one needs to do is just make use of what is readily available at home to customize them for their daily needs.

11. Paper mache toys

Paper mache toys

Paper mache toys have a lot of advantages over other forms of toys, mainly because it’s extremely easy to make any kind of toy you like with this material. This can be done by just using your hands and a small amount of water, then later you can varnish them to make them seem more realistic.

Paper mache toys are considered to be one of the best authentic handicrafts in India. These toys are hand-made using primary materials and are most suitable for gifted kids.

Paper mache is a technique of modeling objects using paper soaked in a paste made from fiber and glue. Objects are constructed from flat sheets of paper which are folded, glued together, and then painted. The final product may be decorated with dyed pasta or candies that represent fruits and vegetables or small shells that represent seeds.

12. Bamboo And Cane Craft

Bamboo And Cane Craft

Bamboo And Cane Craft is a unique and authentic handicraft made in India. We make all types of handicrafts using bamboo and cane. When people think of handicrafts what usually comes to mind is a very rural item used by some tribe. Unbelievably many rural types of handicrafts come from India. Bamboo and Cane Craft is something that is quite easy to make but looks quite good in the home.

Bamboo is one of the most adaptable and versatile plants in the world. The length, thickness, density, and color of a bamboo stalk vary widely. These differences have resulted in thousands of years of craftsmen using bamboo to make a variety of items from flooring and furniture to various types of handicrafts.

Traditional bamboo is made from ‘Dendrocalamus strictus’. This type of bamboo is similar in appearance to grass and easily bends with your palm. Bamboo crafts are very easy to make, as they require no sewing, thread, or chemicals.

13. Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is among the list of oldest paintings done by the Indians. It featured the use of free-hand drawing and brushwork styles.

Madhubani painting in the style of the Jaina religion is an art that originated in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The name of this beautiful painting originated from the town “Madhubani” in Darbhanga district in Bihar, India where most of the paintings originate.

Madhubani paintings are one of the best Indian handicrafts which are being made by the Madhubani artists in Bihar. These Madhubani paintings are known for their wonderful color usage and awesome design which is one of the primary reasons behind their popularity among art lovers all over India.

14. Zari Work

Zari Work

Zari’s work is an embroidery technique, using gold or silver wire with colorful sequins or glass beads, to create intricate patterns and images. Zari applique and Zari embroidery add a royal touch to Indian clothing items.

If you are fond of Indian handicrafts and Indian culture, Zari’s work is one artwork that you should have in your home.

What makes it even more special is the intricate design which covers the complete handiwork. The best part is that you can choose between different materials such as silk, cotton, woolen, jute, and synthetic.

Whether you wish to serve food on them or use them as cushions, these are always appealing and perfect for gifting as well.

15. Durries Weaving

Durries Weaving

As we all know there are many handicrafts present around us which are famous because of their use and they also look stunning in look.

If we talk about Indian handicrafts then there is many outstanding products available in the market. One of them is Durries Weaving which is also counted among the top crafts work in India.

Durries are famous for their unique pattern and Indian traditional stitching. Durries can be of any color, shape, and size depending upon the creativity of the weaver. As we all know each part of India has its craft and personality because of the local materials available there.

16. Korai Silk Mats

Korai Silk Mats

Korai Silk Mats make awesome gifts for any occasion. One of the most popular designs is the one that features a map of India with intricate borders for every state. These jute and acrylic weavings are handmade by skilled craftsmen in West Bengal and Karnataka at traditional looms called naksha.

Korai Silkmats made from the old temples and palace outfits is a very interesting concept that can attract people to buy the product. Made from the clothes of kings and mahatmas, the product carries a charm of its own.

The colors and patterns as well as detailing are no less than a work of art. People like to have them as decorative items.

Role and Importance of the Indian Handicraft Industry

The role and importance of the handicraft industry in India are one of our age-old traditions. Handicrafts represent popular art and design. It contains an aesthetic value, cultural significance, and traditional elegance that give immense pleasure to the beholder.

These days’ handicrafts are extraordinary fashion accessories for home decor and clothing in urban communities. Handicrafts can be recognized very easily for their uniqueness, which is based on their origin, sales volume, and designs applied in the making process.

The handicraft industry is very important in India and it plays a vital role in the Indian economy. For centuries, India has produced a wide range of crafts, made from different materials like wood, metals, glass, and clay. Some of the prominent Indian handicrafts include decorative items like textiles, carpets, and pottery. India is one of the top exporters of handicrafts in Africa, Europe, and America.

As a consumer, you should know how to buy authentic handicrafts. A genuine handicraft is an item that has been made by a person or a small group of people who may use natural dyes, old techniques, and traditional hand tools to make it. Being an authentic artwork, handicraft needs artisans with a deep appreciation for tradition, culture, and technique. You can Buy the best Authentic Indian Handicrafts.

India is a land of artisans and craftsmen. Handicrafts are imbibed into the Indian psyche with India’s cultural diversity. The handmade products made by these artisans usually reflect beauty and intricacy that can only be appreciated when seen and felt right in front of you.

This article will help you realize the beauty and intricacy through artisanship in detail of authentic Indian handicrafts that must be purchased for their astounding beauty.

In case you’ve been wondering where to find some good quality handicrafts, look no further. It is believed that when buying a handmade product, is an investment in something of great value, something that will be handed down from generation to generation with pride.

While buying an authentic handicraft, check the overall appearance and make sure every aspect looks perfect – this way you can be sure about the quality of the product.

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