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Benefits of playing casino games online

Best Benefits Of iGaming
Written by James Smith

The benefits of iGaming compared to in-person gambling are abundant and well-known. The quantity of games, comfort and convenience, lucrative bonuses, and responsible gambling tools all absolutely dwarf the offerings of brick-and-mortar casinos.

Not to mention the immense number of payment options. Check out this list of casinos using this unique digital payment method: eCheck Casinos Canada.

Benefits Of iGaming

It may surprise you to know that the benefits of gambling online extend to both your personal life and society at large. Before getting into this it is worth acknowledging the risks involved with gambling and that the benefits can only be reaped through a healthy interaction with casinos.

Fortunately, authorities and regulators have made sure that for the iGaming industry to enter Canada, it has to do so in the most benign way possible.

This includes sites like Cepheus Star Casino, which offer responsible gambling tools built into every licensed site so that users can govern themselves, not to mention funding going towards debt relief schemes and addiction treatment. So, the first benefit is that issues are resolvable!

Benefits Of iGaming

1. Winning

The most obvious benefit is that winning is great. You get paid in money and glory and, if you played a game involving skill, then there’s some pretty sweet pride in the mix too. Plus, iGaming in Canada has the added benefit of no taxation on winnings – it is the most lucrative country to gamble in!

2. Happiness

Less obviously there is a good argument that gambling can be a form of self-improvement. Having anything to look forward to at the end of the day is going to make work that little bit easier.

This is because dopamine (a neurotransmitter that relates to reward and motivation) is released more in anticipation of a reward than the reward itself. So if you hit a jackpot on a Thursday evening and have satisfied a ‘feel it in my bones’ feeling you have had all day, then your overall happiness has gone up.

Even if it’s not your lucky night, you still had the dopamine in anticipation of playing. Of course, it cannot be stressed enough that users need to monitor themselves – if you are thinking about gambling all day in abject anticipation and it is affecting your life then you need to start paying attention to that or potentially getting help.

3. Productive downtime

iGaming is escapism and thrills at once, meaning you can take breaks from work to relax but come back switched on and engaged. Studies comparing performance after gaming breaks and TV breaks saw the gaming participants performing better after the break.

That is because they were unwinding without shutting off – gaming kept them casually problem-solving throughout the break, and the rush of chance is stimulation for the coffee crash.

4. Risk assessment

Risk taking is a part of life, and more importantly so is calculated risk taking. Many people never move forward in life because they are too afraid to go out on a limb. Of course, it isn’t unreasonable to be like this but in the big picture, there are potentially huge consequences.

iGaming responsibly is a way to practice taking calculated risks in order to hone your judgment and enhance confidence. That’s because the consequences of being wrong are not huge, provided you are being responsible. Some people even try gambling with pretend stakes first before they put down a dollar or two.

Caution outflanks cavalry I suppose. You never know when a good bit of risk calculation will come in handy too. Maybe you just won a round of blackjack on your break and then calculated that finally flying a raise past your boss might be worth a shot.

5. Skills

If you want to get serious about regular income from iGaming, then card games would be the first and probably only port of call. By gambling with cards, you will increase your ability to read a room and have numerical comprehension, and short-term memory.

If this is a route you want to go down, then it is definitely worth playing all the different games available to find the one that best suits you. This is much easier to do online as all card games will be a click away.

6. Economy

Now that’s all the personal benefits out of the way let’s take a look at some societal ones. The tax revenue generated from gambling in Canada has always been reinvested in infrastructure and charitable organizations.

Only the future looks to be doing that more effectively, without all the money disappearing offshore (a product of outlawing iGaming: it inevitably still happens, only it is neither regulated nor taxed).

The lottery is perhaps the most famous for reinvesting profits but given the current turning of the tanker regarding who owns and develops the gambling sites, there will be a new philanthropist in town.

Education, city projects, and much more are the destinations of the industry’s taxed revenue. iGaming is set to bring a tremendous amount of money into the Canadian economy, which is beneficial for everyone – iGamers or not.

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