Best Bike Insurance Companies in India 2022

Best Bike Insurance Companies

Two-wheelers are a favorite choice in India due to their narrow roads and high traffic. Two-wheelers are the most popular mode of transport and demand for them is increasing every day. Two-wheeler insurance is becoming more popular as the demand for them grows.

Bike insurance is not a necessity in India. However, it is given preference by a small number of people. The Motor Vehicles Act was introduced by the Indian government in 1988. It requires that every owner of a two-wheeler must have valid insurance.

A total of 25 general insurance companies now offer online bike insurance to their customers. Bike insurance can help you deal with financial losses resulting from an accident, theft, earthquake, etc.

Let’s take an in-depth look at top Indian bike insurance companies that offer both online and offline bike insurance.


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

The renowned insurance company was founded in 2001. It has over 200 branches across the country. Customers can get bike insurance through the company. The company’s top features include:

* Customers with long-term plans are welcomed by the company

* It is possible to purchase online bike insurance

* This plan covers both man-made and natural damages

* A quick and easy claim settlement process

* NCB cover available

* Outstanding customer service

* The company has over 4000+ network garages and a 62% ratio for incurred claims


Bharti AXA General Insurance

Another prominent insurance company was founded in 2008. These features include:

* The company offers additional coverages like personal accidents and zero depreciation.

* Payments can be made digitally via net banking, debit/credit card payment, Google Pay, and other methods.

* Instantly purchase online bike insurance

* The company has 5200+ network garages and a 75% ratio for incurred claims


HDFC Ergo General Insurance

The company offers many insurance products, including travel, motor, and health. Among the most notable features are:

* The company offers discounts up to 70% on insurance premiums

* Simple claim process even for minor claims

* Unlimited claims are available to customers by the company

* Customers can enjoy a variety of add-ons from the company

* The company has 6800+ network garages and an 82 % ratio for incurred claims


IFFCO Tokio General Insurance

This joint venture is between IFFCO and Nichido Fire Group. The company was established in 2000 and offers unrivaled services and products for its customers. Some of the features include:

* Within 4 hours, the company settles all claims.

* Our company provides 24X7 customer support and service

* The company has 4300+ network garages and an 87 % ratio for incurred claims


Oriental Insurance Company

The company was founded in 1947 and has over 1800 offices located in different parts of the country. These are some of the most remarkable features:

* The company offers customers lucrative discounts on premiums

* The company offers customized protection plans

* To get more coverage, you can buy add-ons

* The ratio of incurred claims is 112.62%


Reliance General Insurance

The company offers many products, including motor insurance, travel insurance, as well as health insurance. There are more than 139 branches in India.

* Customers can get easy video claims and custom add-ons from the company

* The company provides long-term plans

* Free repair services for 1200+ garages

* Policyholders can also get NCB discounts up to 50% for each year of no claims.

* The ratio of incurred claims is 85%


SBI Insurance

The company sells high-end products and has many branches in India.

* The company offers add-on products for its customers

* The company creates products based on your profile

* It has many network garages and an 87% ratio for incurred claims


ICICI Lombard Insurance

Another Indian insurance company that is a leader in its field, this one also has a remarkable portfolio.

* Efficient renewal and purchase

* Personal accident Cover

* 24X7 customer support


National Insurance Company

In 1906, the oldest insurance company was founded. Its outstanding products and services earned the company many prestigious awards.

* Customers can get additional benefits through add-ons

* The company provides easy and convenient claims processes

* It has many network garages and a 127.50% incurred claim ratio


New India Assurance Company

The company was founded in 1919. It has branches all over the world, including in Japan and Australia.

* Additional covers are available from the company

* Quick and easy claim process

* It has many network garages and an 87.54% ratio for incurred claims

These bike insurance companies are among the most reputable in India. They encourage you to buy bike insurance online. allows you to compare and choose the best bike insurance for you.

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