Top 8 Best Biscuit Brands In India 2023

Best Biscuit Brands In India
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If it comes to tea time you can not complete without some snacks. You can never avoid these best biscuit brands in India if you love snacking. In India, biscuits are a common delight, and they are the subject of all discussions and gossip. They are available in a wide variety of flavors that cater to the different tastes of each individual.

From old favorites which have existed for a number of years to the latest international brands and more, the Indian buyer is overwhelmed when it comes to buying biscuits these days. What we’re talking about today is what we will discuss the best biscuit brands in India within this post.

Best Biscuits Brands In India

1. Priya gold

Best Biscuits Brands In India Priyagold

Priya Gold is a well-known Indian biscuit maker. Its products are offered in more than 20 countries, solidly establishing Priya Gold as one of the leading players in the industry. The company was established in 1994.

The brand offers low-cost cookies confectionery, cakes, beverages, and juices. Noida is the home of the largest manufacturing facility of Priya Gold.

Additional Priya Gold products are Buttermilk, Jeera top, Snack Zigzag, Cashew Chatpata, CNC, Crackle Coconut, Choco Checkers, Snakker Choco Sandwich, and many more.

2. Parle


India is a place of diverse cuisines, ranging with famous meals and ending with delicious desserts and snacks. Numerous corporations have contributed to this stunning country.

The one company that has contributed to the country is inexpensive is Parle. Parle is the second oldest company in India following Britannia. The company was established in 1929.

the headquarters of the company is in Mumbai. It is among the best biscuit brands in India.

3. Britannia

Britannia 1

Established in 1892, and headquartered in Kolkata It is among India’s oldest operating companies and is widely known for its biscuits. It is considered to be an extremely reliable brand for Indian customers.

The company has thirteen factories and four franchisees that sell more than one million loaves every day in over 100 towns and cities in India.

4. Sunfeast


Sunfeast is the ITC business’s Indian brand that promotes quality and provides innovative and healthy biscuits. It arrived in India in 2003 and operates in various industries, including goods, hotels, paperboards and packaging, agriculture, and information technology.

Sunfeast biscuit is one of the well-known biscuit brands in India that evokes happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure. It’s an Indian traditional brand. Sunfeast’s other food items are Marie lite, Mom’s Magic, Bounce, Bourbon Bless, Dark Fantasy, and others.

5. Anmol


Thanks to its tremendous effort, Anmol has become one of the most popular biscuit brands in India. The Anmol biscuits business located in India was founded in 1994. In the year 2020, it celebrated 25 years as known as a prominent name in the Indian food industry.

The cookies baked by Anmol vary in texture and flavor due to which many people all over the world prefer the Anmol biscuits with afternoon tea. With a variety of delicious treats, Anmol has emerged as the most popular company to offer biscuits that are branded in the nation.

6. Haldiram


It is a well-known biscuit brand with a huge following in India and has outlets across India. It is known for its tasty sweets that are packed with sweetness, Namkeens, pickles, papads, Diet snacks dry fruit, as well as plenty of other everyday essentials that you desire.

Haldiram also produces high-quality biscuits for its large client base. Haldiram always puts hygiene first and makes the finest products. It has been acknowledged as one of the best bakery brands available in India.

7. Ceramica Biscuit

Cremica Biscuits

Ceramica is another well-known biscuit brand in India. Ceramica is a global brand with a presence in more than sixty-one countries. They have always maintained its high quality and offers the most beautiful and high-end products.

Due to their high content of oats, this biscuit is the perfect combination of flavor and health. The company has top-quality recipes that will satisfy everyone’s palate. You should try its Magic Cream biscuit if you like chocolate.

It is a chocolate lover’s dream. The biscuit company never uses preservatives or artificial colors. The brand’s biscuits include Choco Bico, Coconut Cookies, Butter Gold, Oatmeal, Glucose, Golden bytes, Butter cookies, Pasta Almonds and others.

8. Cadbury Oreo Biscuits

Cadbury Oreo Biscuits

Oreo was first introduced around 1912, and soon became a well-loved biscuit brand because of its unique flavor and quality. Cadbury introduced the word “oreo” in India in 2011. Oreo is now a well-known cookie manufacturer in India.

Oreo cookies are available across more than a hundred countries. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, Cadbury Oreo Strawberry Sandwich, Oreo Mini Egg, Oreo Vanilla Sandwich Biscuit as well as other products are offered.

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