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Top 4 Best COBOL Online Courses Of 2022-2023

Best COBOL Online Courses

Best COBOL Online Courses: Programming languages are not trendy. They serve a purpose. Businesses around the globe need COBOL-savvy application developers to create new features, modify logic, integrate it with other applications, and implement modern development practices.

This course aims to teach participants how to create basic COBOL programs. Best COBOL online courses are a great way to learn COBOL programming language by learning it at your own pace. It is still essential for many systems used in government and corporate organizations.

The recent pandemic highlighted the need for COBOL programmers. The world is dependent on COBOL so there has been a lot of excitement around it. Here are some ways to get started with best COBOL online courses. In this article we will provide some best COBOL online courses of 2022-2023.

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How We Tested The Best COBOL Online Courses?

We searched the web for the best COBOL online courses and also sought out recommendations from COBOL-savvy people. We then followed the tutorials to see how easy they were, how easy it was for us to learn the essential tools and processes and what level we were targeting.

Which Are The Best COBOL Online Courses?

Before you decide which COBOL online course is best for you, consider your current level of proficiency. It is recommended that you start with the beginner course if you have not yet learned COBOL or you are new to programming languages.

These will give you the foundation you need to move on to more advanced topics. If you have some programming experience, particularly with COBOL and other languages, then you can try the advanced courses.

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1. IBM – Best COBOL Online Courses

IBM recognizes COBOL as “important language on modern mainframes” and has set up the COBOL resource hub for students. IBM’s resource centre has many videos about COBOL. It is staffed by people who have worked in the mainframe industry. Watch the webinar “A Beginner’s practical approach COBOL” to get started.

It answers basic questions and provides some insight for those who are not familiar with the language. The recording will give you an overview of COBOL concepts. However, the “Introduction COBOL programming language”, where you will learn how to create your first COBOL program, is the place to do so.

The company has also developed a COBOL training course in collaboration with the Open Mainframe Project. It teaches students how to interact with COBOL through the Visual Studio Code editor.

2. LinkedIn Learning – Best COBOL Online Courses

The “Cobol Essential Training” course will give you a deeper understanding of the language. Its instructor learned COBOL in college. It lasts just over three hours and helps you to get familiar with the basics. Before you take the course, the instructor assumes you have a good understanding of programming principles and concepts.

This course is designed for someone who knows how to program and can follow her instructions. She uses complex multipage programs to explain COBOL features in each section. Although there is more to COBOL than the course covers, experienced programmers will be able to read and execute COBOL programs.

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3. University Of Limerick – Best COBOL Online Courses

The University of Limerick’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems has created a comprehensive list of COBOL resources. The “COBOL examples programs” and “COBOL programming project” are two of the most useful resources. You can access dozens of COBOL-based sample programs. Each category contains a specific aspect of COBOL.

The programs for selection and iteration, for example, show how to use the EVALUATE, IF and PERFORM operators. The Direct Access Files section also has programs that demonstrate how to process Indexed or Relative files. If you feel confident in your COBOL skills, solve the programming projects and don’t look at the sample solutions.

4. Derek Banas – Best COBOL Online Courses

“Derek Banas’ COBOL tutorial” will help you if you are able to set up the COBOL development environment. Derek claims that in just 2 hours you will learn all there is about COBOL programming. This is more than you would learn from a 500-page book. YouTube hosts the free tutorial. It also includes detailed bookmarks that are time stamped to make navigation easier.

This video covers the basics of writing code, including all operators and functions. This video includes instructions for both Windows and Mac OS X on how to download Visual Studio Code and equip it to process COBOL code.

It takes some time to compile GnuCobol. This will only work on Windows via Cygwin or Mac OS X via Homebrew. You can download the cheatsheet to help you follow each section of the video.

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