Best Documentaries on HBO Max

_Best Documentaries on HBO Max
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HBO Max has a variety of movies and its library of documentaries has every gem in it.

Before writing this article, we have searched hundreds of documentaries on HBO Max and then we have picked the best ones for which you should take out some time and watch.

Below mentioned are some of the best documentaries to watch on HBO Max.

1. Marc Silver Documentary 2015

Marc Silver Documentary 2015

This documentary has recalled the death of a teenager which happened in the year 2012 named Jordan Davis, who was killed in the parking lot while listening to music with his friends and was shot many times. The attacker of him was guilty in front of the police, his family and friends, and the media.

2. Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant

It is the original documentary of HBO Max. Andre the Giant is an example of the word that defines it to be larger than life. In this documentary, Andre was given credit for contributing to sports.

They considered him as a pioneer who know how gigantism is. He also gave interviews with various wrestling personalities and got inspired by them. After that, he owed a WWF franchise is showing an outstanding performance in wrestling.

3. Action Park

Action Park is a new amusement and water park. However, this park was the cause of many deaths and injuries.

The story behind the action park is insane and it was revealed by the class action park. Action Park was a mixture of Funny actions and comedian interviews.

The people who attended the action park as children would consider Action Park as humorous and light. However, Action Park is a wild documentary about a very strange place.

4. Everything is Copy

Everything is Copy

Everything is copy is the best love letter movie on HBO Max. In this movie, you will watch the experiences of love, career, and death of the girlfriend of the journalist Jacob Bernstein.

He was known as a writer and a filmmaker. The documentary shows the interviews with his family and friends. Don’t miss this documentary and do watch it on HBO Max as it is streaming live on it.

5. Rolling Stones’ legendary 1969

Rolling Stones’ legendary 1969

This documentary is based on the original scenes happening behind The Rolling Stones’ legendary 1969 USA tour.

Many circumstances transformed Gimme’s shelter and spread around it. However, the film has many scenes from the UK side.

The movie value the historical documents which were most evident in the account of the free infamous Altamont concert in 1970. The Film making team of this documentary was lead by David Maysles, Albert, and Charlotte Zwerin.

6. Grey Gardens 1975

Grey Gardens 1975

Grey Gardens was filmed in 1975. This documentary was based on brothers, Albert, and David visited a dilapidated mansion in the city of Hamptons.

There they experience the tragic life of a reclusive daughter and mother that was in a strange character. The story is about a little Edie and a Big Edie.

However, there were many issues regarding the film as it has a huge impact on mental health conditions. This documentary is a must-watch.

7. Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams

The documentary hoop dreams were about the lives of William Gates and Arthur Agee, were the two young men from the inner city of the USA named Chicago.

The two boys were recruited to play for the Basketball program of high school. But after that, they took completely different parts after the four years of school.

The documentary hoop dreams are at the level of intimacy and is a must-watch for teenage people who love basketball or programs related to sports.


The production of documentaries is different from the movies. The documentary shows the real events in great detail and helps you in examining issues that happened in the past.

All the documentaries are real-life stories. All the above documentaries of HBO Max are present on the spectrum TV channel list.

If you don’t have spectrum TV cable, then do contact the service providers of spectrum TV and grab the services as soon as possible. There are various channels present on spectrum TV which provide live streaming of movies, games, sports, and news channels.

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