10 Best Free MKV Video Players For Windows 11

10 Best Free MKV Video Players For Windows 11
Written by James Smith

Best Free MKV Video Players For Windows 11: The majority of people’s preferred form of entertainment is typically watching videos or films. These movies and videos mostly come in MKV format.

This is because, in comparison to other media formats, the MKV format saves high-quality video data at a smaller size. Videos in the MKV format are supported by Windows 10’s default video player. However, it has been reported that a number of Windows 11 users have encountered a problem while using the built-in video player to view MKV files.

Free MKV Video Players For Windows 11

We have chosen to give a list of the top free MKV players for Windows 11 in this article. These media player apps have no trouble playing MKV videos.

1. KM Player

If you’re looking for a small media player app that can play MKV files, KM Player may be your best option. MKV, FLV, AVS, WMV, and other video file types are supported by KM Player.

Furthermore, KM Player for Windows offers a vast array of customization options. In addition, KMplayer for Windows enables the downloading of films from streaming websites like YouTube, Instagram, Daily Motion, etc.

2. FreeSmith Video Player

The best option if you’re seeking free MKV video players for Windows 11 may be FreeSmith Video Player. FreeSmith Video Player can play practically all popular video formats, including DivX, WMV, MPEG, AVI, and more, in addition to MKV files.

In addition, users of the program can stream videos from URLs. For anyone who values a simple UI over all else, FreeSmith Video Player is a fantastic option.

3. VLC Media Player

One of the greatest and most highly regarded media player applications for Windows 11 is VLC Media Player. Almost all file types, including the MKV format, are playable. More than only playing MKV videos is possible with VLC Media Player.

It allows you to capture the screen of your computer, convert videos into multiple formats, and perform other tasks. It features superior video playback controls and a clean UI. In addition, VLC Media Players are capable of recording displays, transcoding media file formats, and many other things.

4. SMPlayer

SMPlayer’s UI resembles that of Media Player Classic and has a vintage appearance. In comparison to all the other media player apps discussed in the post, SMPlayer is also quite quick. SMPlayer is a lightweight media player that includes all necessary functions.

You may customize it with skins, icon styles, and the opportunity to look for and download subtitles. SMPlayer can also play YouTube videos in addition to that.

5. DAPlayer

DAPlayer may be the finest option if you’re looking for a feature-rich media player app for your Windows 11 PC. Numerous video and audio file formats are supported with DAPlayer. It is simple to play MKV videos. Additionally, it supports add-ons, which aid in increasing the media player app’s feature set.

6. GOM Media Player

One of the best media player applications for Windows 11 is GOM Media Player. The GOM Media player’s ability to play practically all media formats is one of its strongest features. Additionally, the GOM MediaPlayer stands out due to its capability to conduct online codec searches.

7. Media Player Classic

On Windows 11, Media Player Classic provides all the crucial codecs required to play incompatible file formats. It can play practically all modern video and audio file formats in addition to MKV. Additionally, because it includes a codec pack, it can enhance the media compatibility of other media players.

8. DivX Player

You can use it right now as one of the attractive MKV players for Windows 11. The fact that DivX Player is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android is its strongest feature. MKV is one of the most popular video file formats that it can play. In addition, the DivX player supports 4K videos.

9. ACG Player

Another top media player for Windows 11 that supports MKV files is this one. ACG Player provides a tonne of useful capabilities, such as the capacity to set up shortcut keys and stream online videos.

It also supports subtitles, background music, and gesture. The media player app, ACG Player, is available for free download and usage from the Microsoft Store.

10. Potplayer

It’s another one of the greatest media player utilities on the list that pre-installs any necessary codec packs. Potplayer almost always supports all media formats, including MKV, if we’re talking about that. The capability of Potplayer to play incomplete or broken MKV files by skipping the damaged frames is one of its strongest features.

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