Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones Alternative In 2023

Best Game Of Thrones Alternative In 2023

Game of Thrones is the best web series or TV show till date. We will talk about the best game of thrones alternative TV show because Game Of Thrones is one of the most loved and successful TV shows ever in the world.

People have liked this TV show so much that everyone wants to see more of it. But due to the non-availability of further shows, fans are not able to watch it but to overcome this problem, this article has been presented for you. Here, in this article, you will read the top 10 best Game Of Thrones alternative in 2023.

Best Game Of Thrones Alternative TV Shows In 2023

1. House of the Dragon

The story is set around 200 years prior to what transpired in Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is a prequel show that centers on the civil war which occurred in the Targaryen Dynasty.

The King who is aging Viserys is no longer heir apparent and conflict ensues when the kingdom competes to claim an Iron Throne.

2. The Wheel of Time

The bravest of them all embark to explore the globe to discover who’s the famous “Dragon,” a being that is at the heart of a mysterious prophesy that either causes the devastation of the universe or even saves it.

The Wheel of Time, taken from the popular book series of the same name, is starring a familiar face, the actor Michael McElhatton, who played Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones.

3. The Rings of Power

The world of fantasy that Tolkien adores returns with The Rings of Power, the prequel series to the massively popular The Lord of the Rings films. As the dark Lord Sauron is able to cloak himself in Middle-earth darkness The elf Galadriel is set to take on Sauron.

4. Vikings

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is an aspiring farmer, farmer’s son, and father of a family who is irritated by the actions of Earl Haraldson the local chieftain who has sent his Viking raiders to the east of the Baltic state and Russia where the inhabitants are just as poor as Norsemen.

Ragnar is determined to travel to the west, across oceans, and discover new cultures. With the help of his companion Floki, Ragnar builds a quicker, more elegant fleet of vessels to aid him in his journey to the Western world.

Through the years, Ragnar is believed to be the direct descendant of Odin, the god Odin and continues to fight with Earl until the two meet one another in a final struggle to determine who is the best. Then, Ragnar goes on a hunt for new lands to besiege.

5. The Last Kingdom

As a youngster, Uhtred witnessed his father being murdered and the Saxon army being defeated by the invading army. Danish warrior Earl Ragnar captured Uhtred and placed him in the Danish camp with other captives Brida who was a sharp-tongued young woman.

A few years later, Uhtred is a valiant soldier who suffers a devastating blow when his house is burned to the ground and his family members are killed and including Ragnar.

Exiled and without a family member except for the presence of Brida who is by his side, He vows to take revenge for Ragnar’s murder and return to his home country.

However, he has to choose between his home country and those who brought him up. If he plans to aid in the birth of an entirely new nation, and eventually take back his homeland, the path he takes must be treacherous between the two sides.

6. Rome

A tw0-season gem that was under-appreciated in the 90s, Rome was a lush and violent, sexy, and twisted HBO show that followed many of the most notorious historical characters of all time.

The show focuses on the reign of Julius Caesar as a dictator, and his betrayal of Marc Anthony, culminating in Marc Anthony’s romantic and political relationship with Cleopatra.

7. Medici

The story is set in the 15th century in Florence, Italy, Medici is a drama of family politics that centers around the famous Medici family, one of the biggest patrons of the arts.

Although there aren’t dragons or even the Iron Throne, there is a succession issue and the massive Medici inheritance once their patriarch Giovanni died. The show also stars Richard Madden and Sean Bean who played both prominent Starks in Thrones.

8. The Witcher

Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia Henry Cavill is the lead character in The Witcher, Netflix’s adaptation of the Polish fantasy show that also inspired several well-known video games.

The Witcher is a magical creature that is a solitary character who roams the forests and towns in search of monsters, as well as interacts with powerful sorcerers.

9. Spartacus

It follows the story of Spartacus who was a Thracian man who is sentenced to death at the arena. He is able to beat the executioners and reincarnate as an enslaved gladiator who led a revolt against the Romans.

From his days as an ally to the Romans through his deceit and his transformation into a gladiator to the revolt which he is a part of and its final result.

10. Outlander

Based on the popular series of novels written by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe as a World War II nurse who gets quickly transported back to 1743.

Then she is introduced to a Highland warrior known as Jamie Fraser, which sets the stage for a time-bending story, a hot love story, and a lot of battles.

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