Best Highly Featured QR Code Generators

Best Highly Featured QR Code Generators

Best Highly Featured QR Code Generators: Have you ever wanted to make an QR code, but weren’t sure what to do? Maybe you’ve discovered an amazing QR code generator but it was missing certain features that you require.

Our list of options includes the top and most popular options that allow you to make custom codes that take you to the desired destination. Here are some best highly featured QR code generators.

1. Scanova QR Code Generator

Scanova QR Code maker is a excellent option to create QR codes easily. With Scanova it is easy to create high-quality dynamic and static QR codes. However, the templates for use in cases and options for customizing Scanova QR codes are limitless. This means that you might not be able to design the perfect QR code that conveys your brand’s message or image.

You can’t even target users who have scanned the QR codes using ads from Google or Facebook pixels. With a large number of potential customers it is a crucial feature that you should not overlook! But despite these limitations Scanova QR codes can still be useful to share information and making it simple for people to get access to your information.


  • Easily generate QR codes in high resolution
  • Support both Static and dynamic QR codes
  • Limited use-case templates and scope of customization
  • You cannot retarget users who scan your QR code with or GoogleAds, or Facebook Pixel

2. QR Code Chimp – One Of The Best Highly Featured QR Code Generators

If you’re looking for an QR code generator that comes with distinctive characteristics, QRCodeChimp is the perfect tool. With this amazing QR Code maker you are able to effortlessly create dynamic and static QR codes. Static QR codes work great for QR codes with a simple design that don’t require updating frequently and the dynamic QR codes work ideal to use for QR codes which have to be changed regularly.

Additionally, thanks to its bulk upload and bulk download options making it easy to create QR codes in huge quantities. It is easy to upload QR codes into an Excel sheet, or download them in pdf or zipping format. The most appealing feature is QRCodeChimp it is possible to create unique QR codes that feature amazing designs, colors, logos, shapes stickers, as well as 3D effects. This is a fantastic method to enhance your QR codes to be visually appealing and memorable.

There are many beautiful stunning, captivating designs you can choose from. If you’re looking to be creative then you can design your concept by scratch. You can even personalize your domain’s name with white label branding. You can design simple web addresses and landing pages to reflect your branding. As first impressions matter important and this is an excellent method to ensure that your brand is perceived as credible and professional.

Furthermore, with its advanced analytics, you’ll be able to track the time, place your QRs are being used. Find out who’s scanning your QRs, and on what devices they’re using. Additionally, you can connect the data with Google Analytics for even more specific information. Additionally, with the basic plan that is free you can design unlimited static as well as interactive QR codes. This makes it an excellent choice for small-scale businesses or people who are just beginning to.

However, if you wish to make QR codes in large quantities, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan. All in all, QRCodeChimp is our top choice due to its outstanding features with ease of use. It’s the ideal QR code creator for people who are looking to design QR code that is useful and attractive. If you’re searching for the QR code maker with every bell and whistles, look no farther than QRCodeChimp.


  • Create Static and dynamic QR codes
  • Bulk upload & download
  • Customizable QR codes
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Easily customize your domain with white labeling
  • Free basic plan

3. QR Code Generator Pro

QR Code Generator Pro is a great alternative for creating QR codes that have unique features and customizable options. It is possible to create QR codes at no cost using this online tool, however premium plans are also available for those who require more options.

The QR Code Generator is unable to extend beyond the basic functions. Analytics and security are essential and templates for use cases aren’t there and their customer service is very poor. By reading G2 review and comments on Facebook we were able to get this information.

There have also reported instances of overcharging as well as QR codes that don’t function after printing. In general, QR Code Generator Pro isn’t the most efficient option to choose from, however it could be worth considering if require QR codes for a single usage and you do not mind the absence of features.


  • Support different types of QR Codes
  • Limited Customization options are available
  • Does not support essential functionalities
  • Security and analytics are basic

4. Flowcode

Flowcode is another web-based QR code generator that offers users the ability to generate QR codes fast and easily. With its user-friendly interface you can design QR codes in few clicks. You can also personalize your QR code by adding logos, colors or even animated. The company claims to be the most effective of the bunch However it isn’t quite as good in many crucial areas.

In the first place, the security features as well as the analytics engine are both basic. That means that the QR Codes tend to get read by users who are not authorized and that you’ll have lesser data in trying to monitor the use of your QR Codes. Additionally, QR Codes cannot be easily created and managed by teams using collaboration tools.

This could be a huge issue when working with a lot of individuals. Additionally it is also the case that The QR Code content customization is very limitless. Overall the flow code app is a great QR Code generator, however there are better alternatives available.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable QR codes
  • Limited security features
  • Basic analytics engine
  • Limited collaboration tools
  • Limited QR code content customization.

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