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10 Best IT Companies in Ukraine

Best IT Companies in Ukraine
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Ukraine’s IT services continue to grow at a rapid pace. The number of IT professionals has increased by 52 thousand in only four years. Ukrainian IT services are growing at an exponential rate: despite the pandemic-related obstacles of 2020, Ukraine’s IT services exports surpassed 5 billion dollars.

By 2026, the amount of IT businesses in Ukraine is predicted to treble, with industrial world exports of US$8.4 billion. Currently, the world of software development is moving at a breakneck pace, companies are changing the world, and there are still plenty of excellent ideas waiting to be realized.

Moreover, recruiting, teaching, and maintaining your own team of engineers is a difficult operation that takes a long time, and it makes little sense when the program is short-term.

Outsourcing is done for these reasons, as well as to save money and streamline company procedures. It’s an excellent alternative if you want to save money, time, plus work with specialists in this sector.

This method has been used to start a number of successful projects. Ukraine IT outsourcing can provide you with whatever you want.

In this article, we will go through the top 10 IT companies in Ukraine.

What Are IT Companies For?

  • Using complex databases to store information about items, like stock control.
  • Using spreadsheets to do business estimates such as pricing and profitability calculations.
  • Utilizing computer graphics software to create marketing and promotional material.
  • Word processing software is used to process data, and write letters, as well as other documents.

10 Best IT Companies In Ukraine

While IT outsourcing to Ukraine keeps growing in popularity, customers may find it difficult to pick among so many possibilities. We’ve compiled this list based on credible rankings to assist you in finding the best software development business Ukraine has to offer.

1. Intellias

Intellias has been providing software development services since 2002 and has grown to 1,500 employees.

Customized software consulting engineers in Fintech, Automobiles, Commerce, Power, Healthcare, and ICT are available through engineering facilities in Ukraine, Germany, and Berlin. Digital consultancy, highly technological (Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and IoT), computer programming, software developers, and solutions orientation are among the services provided by Intellias.

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Lviv, Ukraine-based ELITEX is a web development and IT firm. Custom JavaScript software development and the formation of specialized development studios for corporations and startups are the company’s major areas of competence.

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GBKSOFT recently became a part of the Altamira group. With offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, the company GBKSOFT operates in ten countries. The company’s services and consultancy include software development, cloud computing, Data Management, AI, RPA, Ms, and SAP.

It offers software solutions for the banking and finance, automobile, insurance, telecommunication, and manufacturing sectors, among others. To enhance client pleasure, the organization also provides security and safety management methods.
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4. Soft Serves

Soft Serves, which was established in Lviv over 20 years ago, is the state’s largest IT outsourcing provider and is one of the biggest in Eastern and Central Europe. It employs approximately 8,000 people in 35 locations across 12 countries.

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5. InVerita

InVerita is a custom software development firm situated in Lviv that was founded in 2015. The firm focuses on online development (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript), smartphone development (Flapping, Mobile, React-native), Testing, and staff extension services for customers. Above everything, InVerita places a high priority on staff and customer connections, with many clients sticking with them for generations.

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EPAM, a worldwide leader in IT outsourcing in Ukraine, is based in the United States. It opened its first development centers in Ukraine in 2005 and currently has offices in Dnipro, Khar, Lviv, Luhansk, and Vinnytsia, where it provides high-end IT products. Five thousand experts in financial products, healthcare, economics, and other fields make up the technical workforce on the ground.

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7. Altex Soft

Altex Soft specializes in software design, mobile application development, web design, and IT planning and is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

It has distribution hubs in Galicia and Kremenchuk, as well as in Ukraine and the United States (Ukraine). Software development, UX/UI advising, information science, and technical consulting are the company’s primary industry strengths.

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8. Ciklum

Since 2002, Ciklum has been providing IT outsourcing services in Ukraine. It now has 24 offices and service centers spread across Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Romania, and Pakistan. It has more than 3,500 employees and partners such as IBM, MS, and Nvidia.

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ELEKS has been around for more than twenty years. The company offers bespoke software and web development, product development, proof-of-concept development, and feasibility studies, as well as blockchain technology, security financial advisory, capacities services, and intelligent teams.
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10. Sigma Software

Despite its current standing as a worldwide corporation, Sigma Software first entered the Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry in 2002. It still maintains six locations in its home nation, but it has established a dozen additional centers around the world, from Norway and the United Kingdom to Australia and the United States.

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Ukraine is among the most popular outsourcing locations for global enterprises due to rapid technological infrastructure development, numerous chances for technical education, and a vibrant tech community.

Aside from these factors, Ukrainian engineers are ranked among the best in the world, proving Ukraine’s worldwide standing in the information technology sector. In addition, there are over 3500 software development organizations in Ukraine that can provide software engineering support for any sector while utilizing the most recent technological breakthroughs.

The top ten best IT companies in Ukraine are listed above, and they can give you what you need by using cutting-edge technology.

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