10 Best Leave Management Software in 2023

Best Leave Management Software

Managing employee leaves can be a daunting task for HR departments, especially for large organizations. Fortunately, leave management software can help organizations automate their leave management process, reducing errors and streamlining HR operations.

In this article, we will present the top 10 leave management software in 2023 that can help your organization manage leaves effectively.

Best Leave Management Software

1. Kissflow

The ideal platform for managing your leave procedure is Kissflow Workflow. More than 10,000 clients trust it since it is simple to use. A full solution for continuous vacation management is offered by Kissflow Workflow.

Enhance your culture by implementing a simple vacation management system. It is included in the top leave management software list.

2. Jibble

Jibble is a completely free tracking program. Keep track of your employees’ attendance, payroll, and job responsibilities. Utilization is simple. forever unrestricted. users indefinitely.

Users log in and out via mobile, tablet, online, Microsoft Teams, or Slack, and can employ biometric identity and GPS position. For work in manufacturing, retail, restaurants, startups, remote work, gardening, offices, schools, and other corporate enterprises. It is among the most incredible leave management systems.

3. Akrivia HCM

Based on your needs and the culture of your workplace, plan your vacations. Set up each method’s specific rules, acceptance standards, loading intervals, and forward balance for the benefit of your staff.

See every team member’s access from one dashboard, all at once. Workers are permitted to access our vacation management system from any device to manage projects, schedule team meetings, and view team members who are away from the office.

4. Oracle Cloud HCM

A comprehensive cloud solution, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management links every HR procedure and employee in your company.

As a result, you get a uniform user experience across all devices, a source of truth for HR data to help you make better decisions, and new innovations to fit your needs now and in the future. It is among the best leave management programs.

5. BambooHR

BambooHR was created with an easy-to-use interface for vacation management. Workers can use the web or a mobile app to request time off, and their boss will immediately receive messages that are simple to review and authorize.

BambooHR will have your vacation management running like clockwork with tools like a vacation calculator that assists employees in planning their vacations and an out-of-office widget on the bamboo home screen that shows who is out of the office today or in the future.

6. Rippling

Companies can manage IT, HR, and finance thanks to Rippling. It unifies all of the operational procedures, including payroll, expenses, revenue, and computer systems, which are frequently dispersed throughout the company.

For the first time, the entire user lifecycle can be managed and automated by a single system. Take integration as an illustration. You may hire a new employee anywhere in the world with Rippling, and in only 90 seconds you can set up their salary, business card, computer, benefits, and even other applications.

7. Buddy Punch

It’s simple to take time off with Buddy Punch for both you and your staff. Build custom forms, indicate whether they have been paid for or not, and produce custom reports as needed. Utilize our free iOS and Android applications or a browser.

Buddy Punch enables you to design vacation confirmations that can inform users whether a vacation request has been accepted or rejected. It is included in the top leave management software list.

8. Ukg Ready

KRONOS/UKG Workforce Ready is a set of human capital management tools on a single unified cloud platform that enables you to manage the whole employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to retirement.

Products for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and more. are conveniently accessible through a single easy interface.

Automatic and scalable systems give a single source of truth with uniform reporting, dashboards, and sophisticated workflows. Access is made simple at any time thanks to integrated mobile applications and self-service capabilities.

9. Bqe Core

With the help of BQE’s strong platform and professional assistance, A&E firms can meet their organizational needs, empower their staff, increase revenues, and give better customer results with the help of smart solutions.

BQE CORE, developed by architects and engineers for A&E offices, makes your business simpler and more successful by automating repetitive operations and instantly producing actionable insights.


Review time off requests and easily manage balances with a straightforward approach for managing paid time off. Employees can lessen vacation stress by using’s flexible collection choices and user-friendly vacation calendar. makes time management simple, quick, and enjoyable so you can do it from anywhere.

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