Top 10 Best Open Source Fleet Management Software

Best Open Source Fleet Management Software

The process of managing fleets is used to manage and facilitate transport-related activities. Open Source Fleet Management software is process that is designed to handle commercial vehicles, such as vehicles, trucks automobiles, etc. It also helps manage private vehicles to serve the purposes of government, including aircrafts, boats, and more.

Software for managing fleets is that is designed to assist users with numerous tasks related to vehicles of a company or government agency. The services offered include everything including vehicle availability, the disposal of vehicles and their maintenance.

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Best Open Source Fleet Management Software

1. GoFleet

GoFoleet is the leading supplier of fleet management as well as GPS solutions for fleet management and GPS. Since its inception the company has been able to set the stage for success in fleet management by providing high-quality and secure solutions for its customers vehicles.

It is the top and most robust GPS car tracking software on the market and also has mobile applications for different studies and analyses.

2. Fleetio

Fleetio is a well-known software that manages fleets and keeps accurate details for your entire fleet. Boat operations can be complicated to handle and often get chaotic. Fleetio was designed to help bring peace into this Chaotic Fleet world.

It is a system that automates key operations of managing the fleet, including maintenance, fuel transactions, scheduling, and many more.

It gives boat owners specific information regarding the cost of fuel and costs per Meter, pending inspections open issues, service costs, and many other details. It is among the most impressive open source Fleet Management Software.

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3. Fleet VIP

The free version is limited to two vehicles If you’re a small-sized business it could be covered. Like Odoo and Fleetio they offer a number of important features, like GPS monitoring and reports, length of the vehicle, and cost management for vehicles, as well as a data block.

What makes Fleet VIP apart is its day forecast technology. The technology for predicting due dates “can generate future due dates, reducing or avoiding the need for repeated odometer readings or expensive GPS systems to capture readings of the odometer”.

4. GPS Wox

GPS Wox is another fleet management program that is helpful for small companies. It’s completely free for one piece therefore if you own one vehicle or have something you’d like to use it will accomplish the task.

Although it’s only for only one vehicle or truck it will still provide the ability to monitor your equipment in real-time as well as custom applications that are available through Apple, Google Play and the Microsoft Store are all free.

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5. Open GTS Project

If you’re in need of a way to monitor your car’s progress and also be able to input codes then using the Open GTS project may be the ideal choice for you. One word of caution to be aware of: The Open GTS project is not an all-inclusive program, like the one described above.

It tracks the location of the vehicles within your fleet, however, it’s not designed to keep track of things like maintenance, fuel use, fees, or warranty expirations.

However, there are numerous ways to modify Open GTS for your needs including custom XML reports and integration with a variety of graphics programs as well as customizable web page design. It is open source. GTS program is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Free BSD, and Open BSD.

6. Traccar

Traccar is yet another completely free GPS monitoring system. Similar to Open GTS, it is an easy application. It can tell you the location of your car, however, it doesn’t address any other issues in business for example, such as scheduling to reduce costs.

Traccar offers a server-based version and mobile apps. The software can be used with an array of tracking devices. It also works into Open GTS. It is one of the top Open Source Fleet Management Software.

7. Odoo

Odoo is an open-source program and its program for managing fleets is the few software that is unique that is among them. It has more than 3 million users and is expanding by the day.

It is an customized and integrated open-source software that is also used in areas like accounting, inventory management, CRM and many other business requirements. It is one of the top Open Source Fleet Management Software.

8. Fleetco

Fleetco is a completely free web-based system for managing fleets that are licensed by the GNU General Public License. It’s written in PHP and comes with the MySQL database.

Version 1 and 2 of the program are available to download, while version 3 is set to go live. It’s a simple and easy-to-use fleet management program accessible from any computer, without the requirement for installation and network setup.

9. FleetWise VB

One of the top solutions for managing fleets, FleetWise VB is widely utilized by the government, industrial, and private sectors. It is able to handle an infinite number of vehicles and other equipment. The thing that makes this program is the variety of software that meet different kinds of needs.

For instance, SafetyWise VB is for security systems and FleetWise Lite is to maintain an efficient fleet management system for fleets with small numbers. It is among the most impressive open source Fleet Management Software.

10. KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is the most popular software for managing the fleet of the trucking industry of today. More than 4000 fleet owners and managers depend on this platform to provide GPS tracking and fuel tax reporting surveillance via video compliance, and much more.

It has 1,000,000 drivers registered, 50K drivers, and 250,000 trucks within the KeepTruckin network. The company’s Glassdoor score is 4.8 stars, and they’re one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies ever.

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