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25 Best-Selling Video Games

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Video games are a favorite hobby of millions of people around the world. It is a popular way of having an interesting pastime. While many games have come and gone, others have remained popular.

Since the late ’70s, there has been a boom in the home gaming industry. Then the market began to grow, and now video games have a special place in people’s lives. They can provide the opportunity to explore adventure, to participate in competitions, to communicate, to feel fear.

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Millions of video games have been released over time. Some of them have become phenomenons. They have stood the test of time and become the best-selling games in history. There are other definitions as well:

Video game consoleA household radio electronic device that is designed to display game data on a video monitor or television set
Computer gamePlayed on a TV screen using a game console

You can find out about the history of the origins on the Wikipedia page  

Video games are classified by genre and number of players. There are games with elements of several genres.

Nowadays video games attract large audiences, and some game projects are used for teaching in universities. They are even defined as an art form.

Over the years of video game creation, users preferred certain types of games. The most popular ones are:

  1. Minecraft is considered the most popular, advanced virtual constructor in the world. It has conquered millions of children and adults. Here you can build an airplane out of slime, an iPhone. You can also create a small city. This game can develop imagination and creativity. Therefore, many players have switched from a real constructor to this one. It works on platforms such as MS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, and PS Vita. Minecraft is very powerful, as you can do anything you want there. Gameplay is guided by the player’s imagination. 
  2. Dark Souls is an inventive simulation game. Here, any opponent can take down players. The battle with all-powerful bosses can last more than 2 hours. This kind of game is all about mistakes, incredible patience, and overcoming difficulties. 
  3. Tetris is released for almost every electronic gadget. Despite the fact that this game is more than 40 years old, it remains popular today. It is a simple puzzle game that is exciting and fun.
  4. Super Mario Bros is a game that does not get bored. Its high sales have kept it at the top of the most popular games for 40 years. It is a cult classic.
  5. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was released in 2015. It is considered the best game of the decade. It is an infinitely beautiful game, an exciting story.
  6. Doom – appeared in 2016 in the shooter genre. From the first minutes, the game captivates with dynamism and brutality. The main character fights his enemies with a chainsaw and a rocket launcher. The game reveals itself best on challenging levels. 
  7. PUDG/Fortnite are two games that have many fans. Both popularized the “battle royale” genre.
  8. FIFA is a soccer simulation game, released every year. It is one of the popular ways to solve sports disputes peacefully. It is considered to be the main soccer simulator, which has no equals.
  9. God of War – In this game the rugged demigod Kratos tries to mend his relationship with his son. They go on a journey together. It is a brilliant game that grabs you from the first minutes.
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an adventure role-playing game created in 2017. It is an atmosphere of adventure and you want to run from the beginning of the game to explore secrets and mysteries.
  11. Pokemon GO – an online game with additional reality. It was created in 2016. At that point, players went out and caught interesting Pokemons.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V is a combination of action, combat, and world exploration. This game is the best-selling game of all time. An interesting article about this game can be found at
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that allows gamers to complete missions and side quests in the open world. All the action takes place in the wild west.
  14. Firewatch is a walking simulator. The main hero Henry is running away from himself. Here he wanders through a beautiful park. You will remember all the time that is spent in the game for a long time. The finale will amaze the players. 
  15. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the last part of the trilogy about World War III. 

Other top ten popular games include:

  • Wii Sport;
  • Mario Kart Wii;
  • Kinect Player Adventures;
  • Unknown’s Battlegrounds;
  • Pac-Man;
  • Animal Crossing;
  • Human: Fall Flat;
  • Duck Hunt;
  • Nintendogs;
  • The Last of us Remastered.

These games have become the most popular of all time. Gamers do not stop turning to them when they want to spend their free time in an interesting way.

If a gamer likes not only to play but also to make a profit for it, then it is possible to play at an online casino. Today slots are the most popular games in virtual casinos. Many experts highlight the top most popular games:

  • White Rabbit;
  • Snow Slots;
  • Yatzy;
  • Slots Heaven;
  • Farkle;
  • Big Money Bugs;
  • Bingo.

Despite the fact that the range of slots is constantly increasing, it should be noted that the providers of game programs are a significant detail. This is the clear difference between one game and another.

Playing in a casino can be fun, but before you play for real money, it’s better to try a few free slots from different developers. When choosing where to play, you need to find out the most reliable casinos.

Also, Starburst is a very popular online casino game today. This slot machine has 5 reels and 10 paylines. The symbols of the game are gems, the BAR emblem, and the lucky number 7.

Another favorite of gamers is a slot in the style of treasure hunting in the desert. It is distinguished by its simple design. Symbols: scarab beetle, camel, compass, scorpion, cobras, oasis, various cards. 

Those who like to play slots with a dark design prefer the game A Night Out. The slot accepts bets from 0.01 cents to $20.

Advantages of Online Casino Games

The online casino has a number of advantages due to which the gambling world is popular for customers. The main pros of casino games are a huge selection of models of different genres and brands, constant innovations, a wide range of bets, accessibility from anywhere in the world, pleasant drawings, and tournaments.

Each casino has additional privileges. Any customer can take advantage of bonuses, and participate in promotions. All this makes the games profitable and more interesting.

Interesting Fact About the Video Game

For the first time ever, there is a game that doctors advise as a treatment for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Over a period of seven years, studies were conducted. More than 600 children participated in them. 

EndeavorRX is the first game that can be prescribed as a medicine in the United States. The improvement for children with this diagnosis was maintained for up to one month after treatment. Children had common side effects – headache, and frustration. But these are less important than the side symptoms from the medication.

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