Best Things About IObit Screen Recorder

IObit Screen Recorder

IObit was created back more than a decade ago to give security solutions to the current computer devices. This app’s manufacturer gives many different software systems that will elevate computer systems to the next level. Moreover, you can use this online screen recorder to do a lot of recording jobs for you.

This app is one special tool created by the business, and it also becomes available if you want to download it for free. All the features are also free as well. There are no restrictions on how long you want to use this screen recorder.

Features of The Screen Recorder:

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The whole software also has interesting and special features that are rather simple to use. Moreover, the business is improving on different features and popping in new features as well.

  • Screen Capture Flexibility: Record only the part that you need. Properly adjust the recordings to take down the screenshot of a certain part. Capture the part that you need and edit it accordingly.
  • Audio Screen Recording: You can also record your stuff with or without audio. It is your choice. You can also connect the whole microphone for properly recording the audio.
  • High-Definition Recording: The whole software will use up to 8% of the whole CPU and memory to properly do screen recording and make a video recording. There will be no video lags, errors, or glitches as well. Do not worry about the final output.
  • Different Output Formats: You can also save the video output in any format and do a conversion to make it to different types of formats, as long as it is one of the available formats.
  • Take Proper Screenshots: Why do you have to stop recording your screens? If you want to take a proper screen capture, take one right away!
  • Editing: Why do you have to edit recordings? You can also do the same thing on the video recording app. The basic features are for you to use all the time!


What Is New with IObit Screen Recorder

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  • Pick and record any part of your phone screen and turn it into a good-quality video easily. Don’t worry about the whole process; just do it naturally, and everything will fall into place by itself.
  • It supports audio recording from different mics and speakers into videos at the same time. You don’t need different features to achieve this.
  • It is a rather lightweight editor made out of different features that you can edit, record, highlight, add in voice effects, etc. If you are a beginner, check out the reviews so that you can successfully edit and make full use of your app all at one go.
  • Share all your recordings on different social media platforms. You can upload the end recordings like YouTube, Facebook, or other apps like Vimeo, and you can watch Nintendo 3DS on TV, etc. No matter what platform, it is all in the app features.
  • It supports different video file formats like MP4 or AVI. Most commonly used videos are all supported, so you don’t have to worry about converting your files before uploading them.
  • There is no watermark. Record as many videos as you like.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

Final Verdict

The IObit Screen Recorder app’s best thing is that it is versatile, free to use, and has no watermark. A good recorder that is multi-purpose. Try it out today!

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