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How Does Big Gambling Wins Affect Lifestyle Of The Winners?

Big Gambling

Everyone would have dreamt about winning the big jackpot at the casino. The entire idea of playing gambling is to win seven or six-figure amounts. Though people try to reach their dreams of winning the big million jackpots, one should make sure to plan and spend money in a way that nothing goes out of your hands.

Particularly if you have an average income then it’s a great thing to have such a huge amount getting deposited in your account that can change your life completely. You can clear all your debts and loans that you have till now and can enjoy your life the way you wished for.

But it might be confusing for some people as they have a complete change in lifestyle which they used to follow earlier. And for a few, it could be hard to undergo the transition period. That is why Malaysian casinos sometimes offer large payments in installments.

Most of us would have heard about the lucky gamblers who have won unexpectedly and came down within a few years. Though people consider winnings at gambling as the best ever experience most of those who have seen loss after winning say that it’s a depressing experience and it’s not a great one, as they expected earlier. Janite Lee won $18 million dollar in the year 1993.

She has been spending a six-figure over gambling each year while contributing huge amounts for charities. In the year 2001, she has been filed for bankruptcy as she might have overdone her charities. The same way in the year 2004 Sharon Tirabassi had won $10.4 million but as he kept spending his money over expensive vacations, luxury cars, etc the amount just lasted for 9 years.

After the entire amount was spent, she is now working for a part-time job to meet her needs and support her family. Some people who had won gambling price had also attempted murders, suicide, and other things.

Big Gambling

The main problem that one would face from winning the jackpots and lottery is that they get huge amounts suddenly into their hands. Whether they wish to spend the amount on their interests or it’s the others who would like to grab from them it goes wrong in the end. Most of the winners have shared their views about luck and that it’s actually a curse as they have become lonely due to the disruption that has raised among the family members, friends etc as they aren’t able to meet the expectations and demands of each individual. And even if they have spent on those whom they loved they ended up being alone and broken as they were left with no more money.

Winning is not a bad thing but one should be able to know how to deal with it and what are dangers one may face and how one can avoid them. Though it’s not a good practice to lie to your close and dear ones it’s always better to hide and keep it anonymous when you win big. When people know that you have a lot of money, they tend to come close to you and it’s just for the money.

Even those with whom you haven’t spoken for long will try to communicate with you after they got to know that you have won the big jackpot and you are lucky. And you might not feel comfortable saying no to everyone and every time. So, it’s always better to keep the matter to yourself and be safe.

When people win huge amounts, they feel that they can buy anything of their choice that they don’t have bought before. But one might realize slowly after they lost huge amounts from their bank as they keep spending. So, the winners should be very careful while spending. Don’t make any rush decisions when you win in gambling.

Make it a point to take some time and digest that you have won the amount and its all yours which is safe in your account. Hiring a financial advisor can also be a great idea so that they can advice about the risk proportions. It’s also important to check the track record of the financial advisors before you choose them.

Also, one should be careful while planning to invest in any kind of business proposal. People always are ready to spend others’ money and the winners should always analyze the business opportunities and make wise decisions.

Big Gambling

Advice alone might not help you to handle those who expect and are around you. It will definitely affect the relationship between you and the other person. So, you should be able to understand how you can maintain the balance between it and lead a peaceful and stress-free life.

One point which you should keep in mind is that the entire money is yours and if at all if you wish to give someone something, make sure to give it as a gift. If at all they come back to you, again and again, to request money from you then it’s time to keep such people away from you. And you need not be unhappy or guilty for being away from such kind of people.

You just need to make sure to make your life better than before from your winnings. If you are not happy even after having money then it is pointless. Always see that you manage your happiness and sadness. Don’t let anyone influence you and take control of your happiness. And always be with those people who can be with you when you are sad as well as happy.

They are real friends whom you should never miss in life. They will be with you when you have money and even when you don’t have any money. One cannot change their luck or fate. The only thing which everyone should consider is taking care of themselves. Don’t let money show its influence on your emotions and life.

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