Blinds Vs. Shades- What’s The Difference?

Blinds Vs. Shades
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Redecorating the home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Everybody wants the interior of their home to look appealing. With the right choice of everything, you can set a style statement for your house. However, with a huge variety of embellishments and, of course, the never-ending choices to choose from, it’s quite obvious that you’ll be under pressure to make the right choice.

Designing the house comes as a challenge, and among these challenges lies the right selection for the window treatment for your house. To overcome this challenge, you first need to make the difference clear between the two basic window coverings; blinds and shades. Both of these window treatments have a number of variants for you to pick from according to your wants and needs.

Most of the shopkeepers use the words “blinds” and “shades” to address these two styles of window coverings. Many people don’t even know the difference between blinds vs. shades. However, blinds and shades are two distinct window coverings with different features and benefits. Let’s figure out this difference in clear and precise words.

Blinds are the window coverings that are basically made with horizontal slats, while shades are made up of fabric (one or more pieces).

Let’s have a look at how these two window coverings differ in terms of their features.

1. Privacy And Light Control

When it comes to making a choice between these two window coverings, the first and the foremost question that you need to ask yourself is: How exactly do I want to block the light and control privacy?

Both of these coverings carry out the function of blocking light and privacy in different ways. Shades are made from soil fabric, and with them, you just have two options; whether you want to open them or close.

Some shades have light filtering fabric, which allows the light to come in a while at the same time, giving you full privacy. Blinds have horizontal slats that can be tilted to adjust the amount of light entering.


2. Durability

Blinds are mostly manufactured from solid material that resists wear and tear better than shades. With shades, you need to be very vigilant because if a window is located near a very high traffic area like a door, the shades can be caught in the door.


3. Installation

Blinds are much easier to install as almost all types of processes have the same bracket. After you are done installing them, you’d know how to carry out the rest of the process. However, the installation of shades can vary between styles.


4. Cleaning

Shades, if they get dusty, can be cleaned with a brush or a vacuum. You can even clean them with hot water. On the other hand, blinds can be cleaned by wiping them down with a brush or any furniture polish. However, if you live in a house crowded with pets and kids, who are mischievous and often make messes, then blinds are more preferred for you.

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