Top Bookcase Lighting Ideas For Your Study Room

Bookcase Lighting

Well, Books are truly magical and you’re fast friends. If you love them they can visit you in your dream place in seconds. If you truly love to read books then you have a bookshelf at home.

For those who are book lovers and bascatecage about collecting books, here are a few tips to make the bookcases look magical and ethereal. It is essential for the reading room to be absolutely comfortable and well-lit.

It is just an added advantage when we can use the lights to create a magical feel to the study room.



This sort of enlightenment suits best when your cabinets comprise of single expanded selves without allotments. The vast majority of the vintage bookshelves are planned precisely like this, with considerable wooden cabinets with long retires. For such retires, lighting each individual rack with LED lighting in the center or putting it a good way from one another through the length of every rack will make your investigation room look extravagant.


For those of you who have modern study rooms, and bookcases made up of multiple small shelves, random shelf lighting could be a great choice. Multiple shelves are always more comfortable and handy when compared to single long shelves.

You can arrange books as well as decorate the study with other home décors like vases, picture frames, collectibles, bookends, paperweights, etc. For such shelves, you can play around with the lighting as per your mood.

You can either go for placing a small LED light on each shelf, or you could get a little creative by lighting the shelves randomly for a funky, trendy look.


Bookcase lighting can be made creative based on the positioning of the lights too. One of the positioning ideas is placing the lights either in front or at the back of the bookshelves. LED light strips can come in handy in this kind of lighting idea.

You can put the LED strip along the lengths of the cabinets, or numerous LED light strips in a good way from one another all through the length and broadness of the bookshelf. You can do this by either situating the flex LED light strips in the front of the racks.

This will give the bookshelf an all-around easily lit look and feel. Then again, you can put these strips behind the racks. This will give the entire bookshelf a backdrop illumination and sparkle that makes the investigation look mysterious.


Another way of positioning the lights is by placing them on the bottom of the shelf with the light flow upwards or on top with the light flowing downwards. With this positioning, you can decorate the bookcases creatively.

For example, if the shelf consists of any home décor products like vases or collectibles, placing the lights on the top would be the best choice. This way, the light will form a focus on the object on the shelf, creating a spotlight effect.

On the other hand, if the case consists of books, then you can try positioning the light on the bottom of the shelf and arranging the books on top. This kind dulls down the focus and creates an ethereal look.


One can play around with lights in many creative ways. Lights are not only to light up space anymore. They are now essential decors to make space look a lot more luxurious and trendy.

Creativity is the first step towards taking simple lights and transforming a room with them. So here are a few creative ideas to use lights to spice up your study.


Using LED lights that emit warm white lights and encasing them into a book-like lantern is a creative way to add lighting to your bookshelf. You can place these lanterns randomly in the middle of your books and voila! Your bookcase looks a lot more magical!


Fairy lights are one of the most extensively used lighting arrangements when it comes to decorating. Be it birthdays, get together, wedding receptions, or just turning your room around and giving it a quirky look, fairy lights are your best friend.

You can use these fairy lights study too, to decorate your bookcase with random patterns. You can also use them to create shapes like stars, circles, rectangles, etc. on the walls of your study.


Lamps are like a basic necessity when it comes to a study. However, they do not need to be the vintage, plain and dull-looking ones. You can add some fun patterns to the lamps for your study.

Ornate-looking lanterns with a flame-like LED light are a cool way to add a magical touch to the bookshelf. On the other hand, ornate bird cages can be fitted with LED bulbs for bright and yet, quirky-looking lighting.

There are still a lot of creative DIY projects when it comes to lighting up your bookshelves. Play around with your creativity and imagination and of course, bear the budget too in your mind!


While brilliant outlets aren’t super-modest – they do cost significantly not exactly a circuit repairman making a house call to wire things up.

Presently, this depends on WIFI and generally a cell phone App or a SMART home center point to control the lights, so in the event that you would prefer not to consistently be asking Siri or Alexa to diminish the lights, this probably won’t be impeccable.

Likewise, you’ll need to keep the SMART outlet open so you can reset it when the WIFI constantly needs a revive.


While improving the bookshelves and your examination with lights, try to make an atmosphere of fixation and imagination. While more splendid lights may appear diverting, hotter lights will make us feel torpid. Consequently, in such cases, it is ideal to go with LED lights that discharge nonpartisan white light.

This makes the ideal and calm vibe that is fit for such spaces. In this way, light up your cabinets with these thoughts and get moved to a mysterious universe of musings and minds the minute you venture into your investigation room.

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