Top 50 Best Horse Names for BOTW: Enhance Your Zelda Adventure

Top 50 Best Horse Names for BOTW: Enhance Your Zelda Adventure - A beautiful white horse standing in a grassy field with a baby hoHorse (foal) by its side. The foal looks playful and curious. The background is a peace
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Unleash your inner hero in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (BOTW) by choosing the perfect horse name. Your horse is not just a means of travel; it’s your steadfast ally through every challenge. A powerful name can elevate your bond and make your journey unforgettable.

Consider the legendary bond between Maharana Pratap Singh and his brave horse, Chetak. Known for his courage and loyalty in the Battle of Haldighati, Chetak is a symbol of heroism. Naming your BOTW horse after such a legendary steed can add depth to your adventure.

In this guide, we offer the top 50 best horse names for BOTW. These names are inspired by cultures, myths, and famous horses. Whether you want a name that conveys strength, elegance, or magic, you’ll find the perfect fit. Enhance your Zelda journey with a name that truly stands out!

Why Naming Your Horse Matters in BOTW

Breath of the Wild throws open a vast world for exploration, begging for a loyal companion at your side. While trusty steeds are readily available, there’s a crucial step many players overlook: giving your horse a name. It might seem like a minor detail, but a name can surprisingly elevate your Hyrulean adventure.

However, simply taming a horse isn’t enough. To truly forge a bond, to make those long journeys feel less solitary, giving your horse a name is crucial. It’s a small detail, but it has a surprising impact.

Think back to history’s most iconic heroes. Alexander the Great wasn’t just riding any horse – he was mounted on Bucephalus, a magnificent black stallion whose name echoed alongside his rider’s victories. Similarly, Joan of Arc wasn’t just astride any steed – she rode on horseback with “Greyhound” by her side, a symbol of her unwavering spirit.

Here are a few reasons why Naming Your Horse Matters:

1. A Name Personalizes Your Experience

When it comes to personalizing your experience. It transforms your horse from a nameless mount to a partner with a unique identity. Whistling for “Ember” as you chase a fiery sunset across the Gerudo Desert feels far more meaningful than calling for “Horse”.

2. Horse’s Qualities Reflect on Your Play Style

The horse’s qualities can also inspire the perfect moniker. A swift and agile mount could be named “Galeforce” or “Lightningstrike,” while a powerful workhorse might earn the title “Ironhoof” or “Steadfast.” This synergy between name, playstyle, and horse creates a deeper bond, enriching your Hyrulean adventure.

3. Rich Lore of Hyrule

Breath of the Wild isn’t just a vast landscape to explore – it’s a world brimming with ancient legends and forgotten heroes. Naming your horse after these whispers of Hyrule can weave your loyal companion into the very fabric of the game’s rich lore. Imagine the thrill of calling out for “Naydra,” echoing the Spring of Courage, or “Satori,” a nod to the Lord of the Mountain. These names aren’t just labels, they’re a subtle tribute to Hyrule’s history, imbuing your horse with a touch of legendary magic. Every ride becomes more than just a journey – it’s a chapter in your own Hyrulean saga.

So, the next time you tame a majestic steed, don’t settle for a generic label. Take a moment to consider its appearance, your playstyle, or even the world around you. Choose a name that resonates, a name that transforms your horse from pixels on a screen to a cherished companion on your Hyrulean adventure.

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Best Horse Names for BOTW

Which Is Your Favourite Riding Style in the Game?

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Horse

Image of a brown horse with a white blaze standing in a grassy field, next to a wooden sign that says "Thunder Thunder Spirit" and "Shadow Blast" written on it in black letters. There are also other faded words written on the sign that are difficult to make out. In the background, there are rolling green hills and a blue sky with white clouds.

Choosing a name for your horse is a special moment. It should reflect your bond and enhance your gaming experience.

Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Personality of Your Horse

Consider the horse’s behavior in the game. Is it calm or spirited? Brave or timid? A name that reflects its personality will feel more fitting and enhance your connection with it.

Some horses are gentle giants, while others are speed demons. Think about your horse’s temperament and choose a name that matches. “Gently” for a calm horse, “Swift” for a fast one, or “Spirit” for a horse with a wild streak all add a personal touch.

2. Horse’s Appearance and Traits

Is your horse a majestic white stallion or a feisty chestnut mare? Look for a name that complements its –

1. Colors:

Coat ColorSuggested Names
White“Snowdrift,” “Moonshadow,” “Pearl”
Black“Midnight,” “Shadowfax,” “Obsidian”
Brown“Chestnut,” “Mocha,” “Sable”
Spotted“Dapple,” “Patches,” “Freckles”
Multicolored“Mosaic,” “Calico,” “Pippin”

2. Markings:

MarkingSuggested Names
Blaze on Face“Comet,” “Starfire,” “Spark”
Socks (White Ankles)“Stocking,” “Socks”

3. Traits:

TemperamentSuggested Names
Fast“Zephyr” (Greek god of the West Wind), “Swift,” “Dash”
Calm“Serenity,” “Gentle,” “Peace”
Spirited“Ember,” “Spirit,” “Wildfire”

Shorter names are easier to shout during Hyrulean adventures! With a name that reflects your horse's unique character and appearance, you'll create a deeper bond with your trusty steed, making your BOTW journey even more epic!

Top 50 Best Horse Names for BOTW

DALL·E 2024-05-23 18.06.46 - A majestic horse galloping through a beautiful sunset scene. The sky is filled with vibrant colors of orange, pink, and purple. The horse looks powerf

Fantasy and Mythological Names

  1. Epona
  2. Shadowfax
  3. Sleipnir
  4. Pegasus
  5. Brego

BOTW Inspired Names

  1. Ganondorf
  2. Revali
  3. Urbosa
  4. Mipha
  5. Daruk

Nature and Elemental Names

  1. Thunder
  2. Storm
  3. Blaze
  4. Frost
  5. Zephyr

Royal and Noble Names

  1. Majesty
  2. Noble
  3. King
  4. Queen
  5. Prince

Fun and Quirky Names

  1. Speedster
  2. Flash
  3. Whirlwind
  4. Dusk
  5. Stardust

Classic and Timeless Names

  1. Spirit
  2. Wind
  3. Star
  4. Beauty
  5. Ranger

Heroic and Legendary Names

  1. Hero
  2. Legend
  3. Champion
  4. Valor
  5. Braveheart

Cute and Playful Names

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Marshmallow
  3. Buttercup
  4. Sugar
  5. Jellybean

Powerful and Strong Names

  1. Titan
  2. Hercules
  3. Atlas
  4. Thunderbolt
  5. Ironclad

Unique and Exotic Names

  1. Zorro
  2. Astra
  3. Orion
  4. Phoenix
  5. Kyros

Tips for Naming Your Horse

Selecting a name for your horse is an important step in establishing a strong bond. Here are some professional considerations to guide your decision:

  • Aligning with Physical Characteristics: Consider the horse’s coat color, markings, or build for inspiration.
  • Reflecting Temperament: Does your horse exhibit a spirited nature, a calm demeanor, or a preference for speed? Opt for names that align with their personality.
  • Utilizing Online Resources: When creativity wanes, reputable online horse name generators can provide a springboard for inspiration. Alternatively, delve into mythology for names that evoke specific traits.
  • Ensuring Practicality: The name should be easy to pronounce and remember, especially during gameplay.
  • Avoiding Confusion: Steer clear of names that closely resemble common horse commands like “Whoa” or “Walk” to prevent training difficulties.


So there you have it, adventurers! With a trusty steed by your side and the perfect name ringing in your ears, you’re ready to conquer the vast landscapes of Hyrule. Remember, your horse is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s your loyal companion. Choose a name that reflects your bond and enhances your Zelda experience. Don’t be afraid to get creative – after all, the possibilities are endless!

Now, saddle up and let your BOTW adventure begin!


Q: Can I rename my horse after I’ve already given it a name?

A: Unfortunately, no. Once you’ve named your horse, that name sticks! So Choose wisely, adventurer.

Q: What if I get bored with my horse’s name?

A: The beauty of Breath of the Wild is that you can always tame another horse! This gives you the chance to experiment with new names and create fresh bonds with your steeds.

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