Can Amazon Firestick TV Replace Traditional Cable TV?

Amazon Firestick TV Replace Traditional Cable TV

This question is likely to arise if you wish to get rid of the traditional cable TV cord without compromising the quality of your movies and shows. Undoubtedly, the Amazon Firestick is becoming an increasingly popular option over streaming boxes and services.

With this device of Amazon, it is easy to cut the cable cord without missing any live TV stream or access to popular channels such as Hulu and ESPN, as well as famous game apps. To know whether it is a better option than cable TV, it is essential to know its working and pricing.

So, let’s explore!

1. The Working of a Fire Stick

The Amazon Firestick allows streaming content to your TV directly via an Internet connection. This means it needs an internet connection. You can even use it through a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi.What’s great is the fact that you can visit websites like The FireStick Master and get guides that show you how to watch free movies, TV shows, and even play games on the device.

Once connected, the device initiates the setup process and prompts you to log on to your Amazon account. After successful login, you can access any media content such as audio, video, or app that is free or purchased.

With the device’s Alexa Voice Remote, you just have to press the button and tell Alexa to search for the desired show or movie and play it. So, Firestick is the epitome of technological advancement, unlike cable TV.


2. Knowing the Cost of an Amazon Fire Stick

A Firestick has no monthly charges. You only need to incur costs in buying its physical equipment. Right now, its cost is also reasonable.

Apart from the purchase price, you may choose to pay for premium channels and subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. However, this is optional.

Still, overall, the cost incurred for the Amazon Fire Stick device is much less than what you incur for a traditional TV cable service of one month.


So, Should You Replace Your TV Cable Service with Firestick?

The Amazon firestick device is there to last, although its new models may comeup soon. So, it is a wise decision to replace the traditional TV cable or satellite subscription.

However, it is wiser to decide based on some more factors so that you save more as well as get more. One of the factors to consider is the availability of favorite shows.

For this, you just list down the shows that you do not want to miss and see how much cost you will have to pay by subscribing to them through Firestick.

Are they available on Firestick, or are they accessible only via a cable service? How much will you have to pay if these shows are on multiple streaming channels? Is it so that you will end up paying more than what you are paying now?

Another factor to consider is live streaming. Many shows become available through Firestick only after 24 hours of a live stream on the traditional TV.

One more factor to consider is the sports channels. If you are a fan of sports, Firestick may not be a suitable option. Very few streaming services allow watching sports, but the choices are quite limited. So, for enjoying live sports, cable service is a better option.



The Amazon Firestick is ideal if you are not a great fan of TV and want to save significantly. On the other hand, the expensive cable service can be affordable if you choose the right package mix (sports and other desired channels, not all). So, do not hurry to cut the cord; just choose the right option.

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