Can Cannabis Cause Psychosis?

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If you are familiar with the use of cannabis or smoked pot and have gotten high then you know how it can change the perception of reality. But the question of concern is that, can regular use of weed or death bubba strain cause psychosis?

Several studies and “YouTube Medical Experts” state that long-term use of marijuana can have some physical as well as mental effects. But after the legalization of cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes, researchers have got enough space to conduct studies to find various effects of marijuana on the human body.

In this time when people can easily buy weed online, it is important to pay attention to the effects of consumption of weed. The concept depicted in the 1936’s movie “Reefer Madness” of marijuana driving people crazy may seem exaggerated today but was there any truth to it?

If you are dealing with psychosis then there are chances that there is truth to it. Studies were done on people of age 15 and 25 years which showed that regular and heavy weed users were more likely to develop psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia in later part of the life compared to those who didn’t use marijuana at all. And the evidence may be mounting.


10 studies in 2016 that showed the long-term connection between marijuana use and psychosis were reviewed and 7 of those 10 studies shown a link between heavy pot use and later psychotic disorders. CIN (cannabis-induced psychosis) is not usual and normal but real side effects for users who use cannabis to treat medical conditions as well. Loss of motivation and unorganized thoughts, catatonia, and paranoia can be the symptoms of CIN. But can the use of weed always cause severe psychosis disorder?

The answer is no. The real reasons or factor can be genetics. People who have a family history of psychosis or have had symptoms in the past and who are genetically predisposed are more likely to suffer from psychosis by the use of cannabis. Another factor responsible for psychosis and cannabis can be the age.

At what age you have started consuming marijuana or what age you are currently, plays a significant role in it. Teenagers are more susceptible than adults to psychosis with the use of weed. Young people who are using other drugs and Dianabol cycle with cannabis can have adverse effects in case of heavy consumption.

Another report by some prominent scientist states that a particular gene can be the reason of psychosis as that can make a person more vulnerable. People with the gene named COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase) may have 5 times more chances of developing psychosis as a teen due to use of cannabis versus a normal person who hasn’t this gene in his body.

So remember that about 1% of people who use weed ever develop schizophrenia and weed was the main reason is not proven yet. So the most people who use pot are not likely to always develop psychosis except if they are genetically predisposed or have a history of psychosis in the family or close relative then heavy use of Barrie dispensary can trigger this mental condition. If not then there are fewer to no chances of developing psychosis with the use of marijuana.

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