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Can you find Scratchcard Games at Casinos?

Scratchcard Games At Casinos

Whereas in the early days of casino gambling there were only a handful of different table games that gamblers could get their teeth stuck into, these days there are genuinely all manner of options to check out.

The old guard consisting of classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker are still there of course, however in the modern casino world there are absolutely loads of niche options for gamblers to take a look at – check out Pragmatic Play.

The brick and mortar casino world has been advancing steadily for quite some time, however it is the emergence of online casinos that has really made the amount of choice of casino games explode. And anyway, can you really be surprised when you consider the amount of revenue coming in from the online casino part of the industry?

Why wouldn’t the developers make as many games as possible! But here’s a question – can you find scratchcard games at casinos? Read on to find out!

The interesting history behind scratchcards

Before we get into the concept of scratchcard games at casinos, it’s well worth exploring the history of scratchcards in general, because it is actually a lot more interesting than you might first think.

The first thing that usually surprises people here is the fact that scratchcards were only invented a matter of decades ago, with the first scratchcards only arriving in 1974.

A particularly entrepreneurial chap called John Koza is who we all have to thank for the invention of scratchcards, as he succeeded in his aim to create a lottery style ticket that would have instant results, rather than having to wait each week for the draw to happen.

By now scratchcards are commonplace in most shops across the UK and USA, and are also getting very popular elsewhere too.


What are scratchcard games at casinos?

Okay, so we’re pretty sure that most of you will have seen the scratchcards you can get in real life, but did you know you can also find scratchcards at online casinos?

That’s right, the online casino has long been known as a world in which everything is possible, and the inclusion of online scratchcards is a perfect example of this.

When you play online scratchcards the general idea is pretty much the same as with normal scratchcards, the only difference being that you cannot physically scratch the rubber off, doing it with your computer mouse instead.


The best ways to find scratchcard games at casinos

Right then, and what is the best way to find these scratchcard games at casinos?

Here are a few top tips:

  • Read casino site reviews to see whether or not they have good scratchcards.
  • Browse through as many casino options as possible and note down the scratchcard selection.
  • Read online casino blogs to keep up to date with the best new scratchcards.


Other great casino games to play

Although online scratchcards are great fun, they’re not the only online casino game you can play nowadays. Here are a few other great online casino games to play:

  • Online slots
  • Live Baccarat
  • Online video poker

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