Carry Minati Defies MS Dhoni For Pubg Match

Carry Minati Defies MS Dhoni For Pubg Match

SportsTak – Carry Minati, of course Ajay Nagar God of gaming industry defies MS Dhoni for playing a PUBG match..

CarryMinati’s exclusive interview with SportsTak , Where he reveals some interesting facts so enjoy reading –

Que 1. How Many YouTube channels CarryMinati Have?

CarryMinati has two YouTube channels on which there are 10 million and 5 million subscribers.


On asking the question, how CarryMinati gain That many subscribers? Is it any magic?

He reveals – To gaining the subscribers, is the support of their fans and little bit of efforts.


Que 2. How Much Time Does It Take To Change CarryMinati From Ajay Nagar?

It is approximately five years.


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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also a big lover of Pubg and he used to play PUBG game with colleagues and defeat them one by one.

Carry Minati says – Play PUBG at once with MS Dhoni.

CarryMinati once challenge to Mortal in PUBG which breaks all the records. Many people say that this is a scripted game?

On this, CarryMinati says – I don’t understand how to script the game. At the time Mortel has 187K Watching and CarryMinati have more over 200 K watching at the same time.


Next Question To CarryMinati – Why More People Watch Their Live Stream?

Carry replied – There’s a Word in Hindi “BakLol” We used to do bakloli too much on my stream.We used to like pulling each other while playing that’s why people enjoy to watch all this.


Que 3. Will Be Gaming Used As A Career In Upcoming Years?

On this carry said, today giving a Luxury, when it comes to necessity then it becomes a professional career.


Que 4. Who Is Carrie Minati’s Favourite Cricketer?

Sir, MS Dhoni – Carry replied.


Que 5. How Much Time You Can Play PUBG In This Lock Down Period?

Around 5 to 6 hours in a day.

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